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Why should you buy a Triumph Tiger 850 Sport? | 5 Reasons to consider

Why should you buy a Triumph Tiger 850 Sport? | 5 Reasons to consider: At the beginning of the year I borrowed Triumph’s new for 2021 Tiger 850 Sport for review and considered what makes it worth your money…should you buy one? Stay tuned for 5 reasons why I think maybe you should……

Hey folks it’s the piston fly here hope you’re well and welcome to another video now the 2021 trop tiger 850 sport is kind of the value for money brother of the very popular tiger 900 but just because it’s a bit cheaper does that make it any less out of a bike well stick around stay tuned in this video i’m going to uh give you five reasons why i think you might

Want to consider purchasing one of these machines instead of the more expensive tiger 900 if you’re interested in this bike stick around and stay tuned okay so let’s crack straight on with why i think the tiger 850 sport should be on your shortlist if you’re in the market for this type of bike here are five good reasons for why you should consider this bike in

No particular order okay so one reason why you might want to consider buying the tiger 850 sport of course is it’s great value for money price 9 300 pounds it comes in at so way less than 10 grand for a bike that has all the good bits of its more expensive brother it doesn’t work with some of the bits that maybe you don’t need so it does away with things like

Lean angle sensitive imu so you don’t get lean angle sensitive um abs and traction control but you do get abs and traction control just a simpler type you don’t get quite as big a tft you get the smaller five inch one i think the 900 comes with a seven inch one you don’t get uh adjustable suspension but i find the suspension on the 850 sport absolutely fine

It’s mainly electronic bells and whistles that you don’t get with the 850 sport well for me i’m not too bothered about those things the great thing about the tiger is the handling the looks of the engine all those good things you still get so from a pricing and value point of view i think that’s one great reason to consider the 850 sport okay on to my next

Reason why you might want to consider buying a tiger 850 sport over the competition and that is is excellent comfortable riding position the seat on here nice and padded all day comfy under your backside the riding position itself is great you’re set up right you’ve got good protection from the screen handlebars are nice and wide it just is a really comfortable

Place to be thank you ladies and that i think is another great reason to consider buying the tiger 850 sport let’s take this nice and easy this horse looks a bit skittish not sure what that hand signal means but seems to have got away with that it is one chilly old day to be out riding i’m actually recording this in early april although you’re watching this i

Suspect in the summer uh so i’m hoping the weather’s warmed up somewhat by now because about five degrees centigrade out here today not warm okay next uh reason i think you should consider the 850 sport is this brilliant engine on here the triple cylinder engine it sounds great and it’s got loads of real world punch it’s got this slightly different tune to the

Tiger 900 in that it’s got uh it has a slightly less php slightly less torque but they peak hello this looks interesting but they peak at their at a lower part of the rev range so actually a much more real world spot thank you lady very nice and for real road riding i think actually that’s an advantage over the 900 i mean in reality i mean i’ve ridden both

Bikes quite extensively i can’t really tell the difference in terms of power between the two bikes i do know that this has got fantastic or just the right amount of power if you like for real road riding it can easily hold motorway speeds and way way more and actually out on the roads it feels peppy punchy sounds great and that is another reason why i think the

Tigers should be considered over the competitors the engine on here is just fantastic trying to really know how to make triple cylinder engines okay on to my next reason well i think you should consider the tiger 850 sport as a possible purchase decision and that is because it’s tremendous ease of handling now i don’t just mean on the road where it’s you know

Lovely and light and flickable you know you just feel under control all the time the bike’s not in charge of you i like that about the bike but also i mean it just feels like when you’re moving around good to speak a lot of dog walkers outside it’s uh very light when you’re moving the bike around like in and out of your garage that sort of thing lugging it about

On the driveway it’s not hard and that ease of handling means it’s easy to live with if it means you’re more likely to get your bike out to go for a ride when you want to rather than something that’s you know heavier or more ponderous and that’s a great thing and a good reason to consider buying the 850 tiger sport i think next reasons then why i think you should

Consider the tiger 850 sport ah how does it stack up to the competition well i’ve made some notes here about uh about the competition or at least the bikes that i consider are the competition so the first one i’ve noted here multistrada 950 now it’s a lovely lovely looking motorcycle but when i last checked the base multistrada 950 was 11 800 pounds so a significant

Price increase on that bike but maybe one to worth considering if money is no object next up bmw f750 gs now i love that bike when i rode it’s got a beautiful um tft and it’s got all sorts of uh bmw loveliness on it but in its basic form actually it comes in 8 600 pounds so great price but that bike is so heavy to lug around i just found it even heavier than my

1200 gs to move around the garage i just couldn’t live with that bike so uh i’ll strike that one off the list next up maybe something like what about a suzuki dl650 v strom a great bike but again a bit old school now and up against these more modern offerings i don’t think it stacks up anymore well that’s still a good bike and then last but not least the yamaha

Tracing iron of course out brand new for this year 2021 uh i haven’t ridden it yet so i can’t really comment but uh the price looks okay 10 199 so maybe in with a shout but all that said stacked up against that sort of competition i still think the tiger 850 sport represents outstanding value for money okay so there we have it that’s five good reasons why i think

The tiger 850 sport is well worth considering buying if you’re in the market for one of these sort of uh middleweight adventure bikes or indeed any bike the thing is comfortable it’s punchy it’s great value for money it’s easy to handle it’s easy to live with i think it looks great it sounds great there’s nothing about it that you don’t need there’s no extraneous

Electronics that you’re not going to use i think triumph have played a blinder with this one for a proper honest modern motorcycle that you can do anything on and the tiger 850 sport is it i commend it to the house an excellent motorcycle all around i’ve really enjoyed riding it alrighty so that’s a hit for this time hope you enjoyed that little video i look

Forward to speaking to you again soon until then this has been the listener okay so let’s crack straight on with my five reasons why i think you should consider the tiger 850 sport as a possible bike for you to consider if you’re in the market for this type of thing let’s do that again

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Why should you buy a Triumph Tiger 850 Sport? | 5 Reasons to consider By TheMissendenFlyer