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023414 – 2013 Victory 8 Ball Hammer – Used motorcycles for sale

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Hey guys nick here with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas i’ve got a really nice 2013 victory eight ball hammer with me today this pike is bad to the bone it’s got a 106 cubic inch v-twin motor it’s fuel-injected it’s also got the six-speed overdrive transmission this power plant is just phenomenal i think it makes about a hundred and ten

Foot-pounds of torque right out of the box this thing is a tire shredder if you want it to be it’s got forward controls here nice chrome on it i think these are upgraded pipes i don’t see any markings on them the pretty wild i mean there’s no way they’re factory pipes they really like they look like the freedom performance pipes that i’ve seen before that curved

Radius tone beautiful balance between the black and the chrome this is one of our certified preowned bytes we do a multi-point inspection on it a 15-mile test ride to make sure everything working properly let me give it a professional detail it’s got really nice wheels on it the five-spoke kind of a saw blade look good balance between the brushed aluminum in the

Black it’s a single brake setup it’s not a real heavy bike still has excellent stopping power shows off that really nice wheel beautiful gloss black paint job took a bunch of pictures of this bike and i didn’t see anything to point out to you as far as any rock chips or scratches this thing’s just been very well taken care of it’s also got the optional victory

Saddlebags here goes our victory brand saddlebags so you got some good storage area on this bike it’s got a fat tire on the rear i think that’s a 240 i love how it looks just real beefy i bet you get some pretty good traction with that tire and you know what with 110 foot-pounds of torque you’re gonna want it it’s also got a nice-looking seat on it beautiful

Stitching kind of got a flame pattern here it’s also got a spot right here see if i can pull that up just a little piece of velcro got spot right there we can put a drivers backrest so that’s nice to have it’s got about a medium link to windshield on it kid wind protection it’s also got a gps mount right here one of those ram mounts real versatile you can put any

Kind of phone mount anything on these little balls right here pretty handy to have nice handlebars with the black finish they got good pull back and rise real comfortable you can see how stretched the tank is the gas tank this bikes just got really good lines to it and i’m really digging the headlight on this eight ball hammer as well how it looks like a shark to me

It’s also got the led light that looks pretty cool it shows off a really nice bright white light you’re not gonna have any trouble seeing with that on their beautiful forks good tire on the front i mean this is one of the nicest victories i’ve ever seen see how many miles we got on it this one’s only got 4,600 miles on it and i really like the gauge set up on the

Victory’s all your indicator lights i guess this one i’m not sure i don’t think it has cruise controller abs brakes i think that might just be how all the victory plates are the cross country is gonna have abs brakes and cruise control to think they just use the hall the same back plate but this one’s cool at nighttime it’s got a blue backlight to it so it looks

Really cool at night it’s got a pretty aggressive sound to it they’re definitely gonna hear you coming i love it i want to have it any other way you’d like to know more about this victor you can contact our sales team toll-free at 888 411 51 or you can check out a website at clean harley’s comm and see our full inventory we offer excellent finance and extended

Warranty options take almost anything in on trading and selling ship bikes all around the world so be real easy to get this one to you this is nick with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas the freedom to choose

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