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2017 victory highball battery replacement

Replacing the battery on a 2017 Victory Highball. Duracell battery works amazingly

2017 victory high ball last year they made them replace the battery today pretty simple kind of pan has since i got this mustang seat because it goes down so far but take the cover off here like so put it away you have one of my buddies actually wrap it with the state flag good old texas flag anyway i’ve already taken the battery out it’s not that hard to do you

Can find it so there’s two little bolts on each side take the nuts off once you’ve done that this plate comes out all right now getting the battery out was kind of hard you did have to really lift up on it to get it out put these back in here there okay so the battery isn’t clinging around too much all right all right so i disconnected the cables you know red

Goes on the right positive black goes on the left of these batteries you don’t want to move them out of the way it’s kind of hard to do this one-handed but nevertheless whatever see if we can get something to hold the phone while i do this let’s see gonna be a lot easier if brought my tripod kind of works so once you get your battery removed for the new one this

Could be easy it should be but i have a hell of a time finding a battery with the same dimensions so what i got was a duracell from batteries plus cgm battery two year warranty like 140 bucks but matched up to my battery pretty damn well and with the same cold cranking amps so that worked out pretty awesome what i like about this battery is that they’re already

Threaded you know those little things that go inside the screw with and it should oh it does after two go arounds it does fit first i got a battery that didn’t quite match up which sucked so i had to return it and now i have one that does so what i’m do is put it all back together all right so we have the battery in here it comes with all the little things so

We’re at our red terminal and my trickle charger it’s kind of hard to get up underneath here and get this in but nevertheless we’re going to go through the middle and then push it back here see if we can get it started in your battery never quite works out the way you want it but i do believe i got it in there also it’s a 10 millimeter that goes on there to

Tighten it so a little ratcheting 10 millimeter here makes a lot easier to deal with get it pretty tight put the cover back on all right now the negative shouldn’t be as hard actually see this side of it can’t find therapeutic to work in my motorcycle well really on anything so this comes pre-charged ready to rock and roll should have any problems with it we

Have batteries plus and bulbs or whatever it’s called you’re that kid in there smart my mistake last time i was eyeballing the uh battery and i was off but nevertheless so you got that in negative hook up positive hookups this puts those back on you don’t want to ever alter this because this is where your plate goes on your side cover goes on i should say right

Here this little grommet okay so if that doesn’t go on and you’re kind of screwed and these will do things you gotta line up this is the one that’d be not touching if you altered this to get in your battery if it didn’t fit i thought about doing that but that wouldn’t fit that sucked and i looked dumb of course no trails it’s funny because my phone that i’m

Recording this with is sitting on the box for my socket set this sometimes faster but why not do it the hard way you want to get that failure snug all right uh just takes your cover here pops back on recognition it seems little start we’re in neutral it starts and that’s how you change your battery

Transcribed from video
2017 victory highball battery replacement By Ryan Mauldin