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Detailed review of the maisto Victory Vegas jackpot bike dicast

So here we go guys welcome back to the channel so guys today we are doing a review a very special review not all the cars for the diecast but today we are doing a scale model review for my own one and only a bike diecast model yes guys so this is the model from the maesto and that bike’s name is the victory vegas jackpot it is only available in the america and

The yamaha manufacture that bike in the real world guys before starting the review of in this video let me introduce to you the company about the viktor vegas jackpot that company is owned by the yamaha group especially in north america and guys that’s in the review before i plug this model from its stand let me just show you the stand that is the maestro the

Brand who manufactured that i cast the pike diecast the name of the model victory vegas checkpoint so you can see how good is this model and see guys the detailing over here here here and the tires that were insane so much insane so guys let’s get take this bike away from us this stand and see what it looked like lower it guys that’s the model itself and let

Open its stand you can see this stand is open it’s movable so insane i told you guys but let’s stand it here and here’s the plate where it gonna be placed there it placed with a screw from here and yes guys let’s get start here for the motorcycle so guys as you see this bike has a movable stand like a real bike so you can understand how insane is that casting

You can stand like that like a real motorbike so guys in the review let’s take about to the it’s logo of the victory vegas jackpot and you see how insanely it crafted over there the victory design the redesign the victory vegas checkpoint and its oil tank has also graphics flaming graphics here is the old fitting cap and guys if you check out this engine

You can say that is the engine that has the 106 the 106 cubic inch and here’s the gear level guys and we can see here freedom v twin so it’s a v-twin engine twin turbo you can see and here it is side mounted but they can’t open and here is the another reporting so guys in this bike everything is movable every part is joined with a single part and guys in the

Front yes in the front if you try to see so in the front we can easily see the headlight but that was the plastic headlight not the you can say glass or something like that but it got the graphics over here and then the painted side lights to get indicator lights and here are two indicator lights and here you see the disc brakes the tire revolving disc brakes

Also revolving so i tell you that is this so insane model and it also got suspension like a real model you can see so here this suspension it moves like from here like that so you can see how beautifully it is crafted you can’t imagine that like a real model or toy model let’s see that and at the back we see the indicators here and here they are so pretty so

Well crafted and my stove you can say my store number plate here is the back reflectors backlight with flaming design and here is the side panels these are plastic but it’s look like a chrome and this seat guys that seat is not a plastic that is seriously a leather kind of thing it is so soft and bungee i can’t let you sew like that but it is and the on the

Handles guys those handles are the real rubber handles you can say it’s a painted one it’s real rubber handles insane i love this model and if you talk about the tires guys so these are not the plastic ones any guesses these are the real rubber tyres you can see these are the rubber tires so it’s so pretty and here is the exhaust pipe to an exhaust which are

Coming from the engine we can easily see yes they were trying to attach these pipes to engine at here and at here you can see the six speed free drive yet six gears there guys at the back we again see the disc brake it’s revolved with the tire tires are also rubber tires so guys here is the victory vegas jackpot the bike and you see if i try to revolve like a

Bike it can easily move like a real bike and this bike it’s just like miniature of that bike and it also has roll cage over here so guys that’s it that’s the bike let’s open it stand and place it here like that i don’t like that so guys that is the victory vegas jackpot i hope you like this model from the house of my store and that was so you can say special

Reviewing for a diecast model that’s it guys that’s the wrapper for the video i hope you liked the video and subscribe the channel share with your friends and do let me know you like the bike or not and i’ll catch you in the next till then bye everyone

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Detailed review of the maisto Victory Vegas jackpot bike dicast πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ By amandeep singh