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GSXR vs Victory Highball in Pedernales Falls TX Part 1

Met up with my buddy Mitch on his Victory Highball and had a fun afternoon. It was 110 degrees but we made the most of it. We swapped bikes a few times and get got the GSXR to its highest speed yet!

Look at that guy yo dude you are out here yeah no you’re not wrong dude yeah once you’ve been fishing and some waiters or what these are the best pants ever are they hell yeah they’re solid mesh oh those are your riding in huh oh oh they’re great dude it is hot as it is so hot yeah i know i’ll show you some tricks i’m about to just dump my dump water

All on the inside of my helmet oh cool it’s like ac for like 30 45 minutes i might not do that actually why because i have like a whole system of like wiring inside of here oh you do yeah like a headset and um i was gonna drench my shirt here or something oh yeah dude i’m about to take my helmet and freaking soak it soak my hair uh i rode from college station

On a day about this hot and my buddy just hoes me down yeah i hold my whole body yeah and for like 20 minutes it was great yeah damn yeah about 20 minutes that’s like a badass dude i haven’t seen this you’ve never seen my bike oh yeah thanks man that’s soaps you can ride it if you want to i would love to oh hell yeah yeah it’s uh it’s a lot of fun it sounds

Insane i’m sure it does yeah i’ve been only riding with well i’ll take it back i have one friend that has a support bike not exactly like mine a little bit more uh naked i guess but he’s in houston and then i have his co-worker that has a harley and i’ve been riding with him constantly yeah and uh they’re loud and annoying but badass loud pipes save lives

I guess yeah sick you’re gonna laugh at my motorcycle vest why i have the same patch on my motorcycle yeah dude that’s amazing i love that yeah nice come check out the house man yeah dude i would love to yeah it’s cool super cool actually this little hose down soaking wet let’s go what the are you doing goddammit use your brain damn i am already

Sweating and my shirt’s dry all right come on no more red lights wow no proodies i think we’re out of luck it’s locked yeah cool this should be open i think any place that’s that makes more than 51 of their correct food that’s right this place it’s up like about a mile on the right okay and then we’ll come back down this way to that chevron we pulled in

Take that road and we’ll take b creek road which is twisty and awesome okay and it’ll pop us back out on this road that we’re on right now up there okay so that’s a sick ride you uh want to let me ride that to the to angels yeah all right all right all right how are you on twisties uh i’m good i mean i’m i’m don’t think that you’ll i’m sure you’ve got

A little bit more nimble in this to you than i have but i went down lime creek road a couple times yeah okay cool this will probably be easier for you to ride than your bike really hop on it i had a honda shadow in high school it’s super low oh wow man yeah oh it does have any on the porch yeah like unlike your bike where you got to be in the power band

Uh-huh the whole thing’s a power band nice it’s not as fast as yours but it’s a lot quicker from up you have a pretty stiff uh clutch right here yeah yeah it does all right oh this thing is heavy my bike’s like 400 pounds this bike’s got to be so much more than that oh oh after riding my bike this is kind of unpleasant ah so dude you can ride it

For longer after you get back this place is just right well i mean that’s not considered different man that is different i want to rip this thing hard i didn’t do it yesterday because i was it wasn’t wearing my ears dude um yeah do it man i mean that thing is like that’s like freaking big block muscle car yeah this thing is like a rice yeah this is still

Fast though definitely has a whole lot more torque than mine yeah he does and it doesn’t need rpm to get it yeah it’s just only tiger sauce it has a big tiger on it how do you know it’s tiger sauce uh i gotta get your take on something yeah where’s my license plate i don’t know dude i don’t have one that’s cool okay i was waiting for that oh dude you gotta

Do this you know it’s actually cool right now yeah exactly 100 like when i get my honda since like is it uh march 16th to now you can’t you can’t even go to the tax office yeah it don’t worry about it yeah i’m not worried about it i got everything that proves like yeah all you need i’ve got insurance i’ve got a pass inspection i’ve got the bill of sale i’ve

Got everything in there that makes it you buy it brand new brand new put the first miles on it and everything tony got on there now uh 1200 i think okay cool yeah i can really send it then oh yeah go for it dude yeah this one’s got 35 000 on it so you can do whatever you want to all right you got a key oh yeah should i take it i think it’s so light i laugh like

Every single time i get yeah like i said when i got on this thing i was like that via so you can see me i had to rip a couple of twisties on it yeah dude uh your bike will do 167. you did not go 167. just oh just down the road oh really that’s the fastest that bike’s ever gone then uh yeah i just sent it you went 167. man made me feel like

A dude just get in it when you get like over 130 it’s dead smooth yeah it’s it feels like it’s up oh i’ve gone to 136 on like a toll road before but never 160. dude honestly i was enjoying the of that bike man that was a lot of fun this thing is great yeah so fast yeah dude you you pulled away from me i i don’t mean i’m new bike new road but damn i

Was like he’s already gone oh yeah yeah i would have shredded that way harder but i’m not used to the bike yet yeah this thing’s great dude it really is there’s a lot of bike yeah i almost bought a 1 000. i’m glad i didn’t that 600 is all you need but yeah that is nice it’s hard like dude i was in the second year oh by the way your bike will do 65 in first

Really you tested that out too yeah when are you shifting on the on the on the power band when it hits the red line that’s when you’re shifting yeah when you’re at 1400 14 000 yeah sorry yeah 14 000. man i’m shifting like seven or eight every single time red line’s there that’s a shift light that’s the shift light yeah that’s where it’s ready to go all right

All right you have a ship light by the way um somewhere up here it was like i wasn’t paying attention because i was ripping that’s a beautiful bike boom thanks man i love it dude yeah dude you can write it whenever you want to man i love it it’s like cheating on this road i was like if i rode this road three times i would be dragging me and 100 miles an

Hour average through this road with this thing this is like cheating man honestly that bike is that’s a cheat code shark kirby road game shark i forgot about that oh man shred dude let’s go dude

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GSXR vs Victory Highball in Pedernales Falls TX Part 1 By RadicalBlazer