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How to Install Arlen Ness LED Signals on a Victory Cross Country

Watch how easy it is to install the Ness LED marker and signal lights in a Victory Cross Country even though the part number says it fits Harley. Arlen Ness 12-761, 12-741, 12-743, 12-740

Hey jonah twitch doctors wanted to show you today a little bit about the new arlen s led turn signal running lights for a victory even though they had a harley part number they will work on a victory pretty easy they’re also a universal type light so if you don’t have a harley or a victory and you have a kind of a flat mounting surface it’ll work perfect on there for

You so they come with no ends on the wires and that’s kind of why because you put your own end on it the other thing is from a victory that turn signals on a victory are just that they’re a turn signal on the on the cross country’s this enables you to put in a marker light running light and a turn signal so it’s kind of cool if you don’t want to use the running light

Feature you can just not hook the wire up you can put it on a switch you can put it a bunch of different ways you can wire it into if you have the running lights you can wire it into the running lights so when those come on the marker light comes on you can put it into just the headlight like the low beams so when the low beams are on it’s on when you put the high

Beams on they shut off you can just do it so many different ways that’s what’s cool about not having the connector on there is you can wire it up the way you want now you say well will i do without the connector well two different things you can do on your stock light okay you can just simply cut the connector off and put it onto here now you say the stock light

Has two wires and this one has three well like i said it’s the running light so what you have to do on your bike is you can use a test light or a wiring diagram whatever you want to do and you figure out on the cross country one wire is the hot wire it’s the signal wire and the other one is the ground wire so if you notice on here these are labeled really nice you

Know with the little stickers you have the the ground the negative and the positives the two positives here if you could see those okay so usually and pretty much always the black is the ground so you would hook this into the connector that you cut off you hook that into the ground then the other wire to the turn signal and then the third wire if you don’t want to

Hook it up don’t hook it up if you want to hook it up like i said before into the headlight into the running lights into a switch whatever you want to do you hook that one up and it’ll work just fine the other thing we offer is we offer the pigtail connector so if you don’t want to cut the connector off of your light you can buy the pigtail connector and it is the

Same connector as that’s on your turn signal again two wires red and black so you would hook you know the black to the black and then the red again to the turn signal or however you want to do it so it’s really pretty simple these lights come with a big stud on the back okay the stud doesn’t come in the in the screwed in so you have to screw it in so you just screw

It in and also comes with a nut stainless steel so you can mount your light into the faring or into the back fender so it’s very easy to install people are worried about the connector but like i said it’s so easy it’s not a big deal at all so we’ll go over to the bike and i’ll show you how to mount this in there again we have them in chrome and black the housings

Chrome black and we also have the colors in red and amber so you can do the the back the front you can do kind of whatever you want so it’s really pretty cool so these things are selling like hotcakes so i do think that knesset’s said at one point that these are going to be discontinued i’m not sure how many we have left but i know they they were discontinuing

Them so if you’re looking for a set that we we figured out that these would work and how they work so grab a set pretty quick because i’m almost positive they’re gonna be gone so we’ll go over the bike and we’ll show you how to a so we got the light so all we got to do and we got this all apart already so we have videos on how to take the fairing off the headlight

You don’t really have to take the headlight out but it’s almost impossible to get your hand in there to get the bolt for the stock light and then also to put this one in there so the only thing you have to do on this which is a little bit different than the way they made them for the victories was there’s a bolt hole here like a little hole that’s already there

You have to open that up just a little bit you can use a file but a 5/16 drill bit works perfect so if you could see that little hole right there because what we have to do is we have to put the stud right there okay so nothing hard but you’re just gonna drill that out i can say a file will work too cuz it’s it’s so easy to do okay that’s all there is to that now

We talked about the connectors earlier i wouldn’t necessarily put the connector on yet it might be a little bit hard to get it through there you can see if it will go through but it’s really up to you if you want to put it all together out here and then put it in or you want to put the wires through really doesn’t matter so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just

Kind of fish the wires through okay put your light on like that and then you would take the nut and you would just kind of reach down inside there and screw your nut on so you can see here if you come around and you look at it all you can see how well it lines up to the faring everything’s perfect you know when you look around people are saying they don’t think they

Fit they fit exactly like the other ones so they look really good nice and small nice and bright when you get them on you’ll see how bright they are but really that’s all there is to it again when you hook up your wiring you would find your turn signal wire up in here most of them have a little tag on it that says turn signal so when you disconnect it you know you

Obviously have it and then you would just plug that in and the wires are in there you just plug that in so it’s very easy to do again you can drill that out you can use a little file whatever you want to do takes two seconds like i showed you so not a big deal but really cool-looking dress up the front of your bike and they’re nice and bright so you can be seen so thanks for watching

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How to Install Arlen Ness LED Signals on a Victory Cross Country By Witchdoctors