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Victory Cross Country Bassani Road Rage Baffle Comparison

In this video we compare different baffle designs to find out which one makes the most average torque and peak HP with the Bassani Road Rage 2-1 exhaust. Victory Motorcycle performance.

Real quick um i’m getting ready to go into a video um i just kind of reviewing it so now i’m adding a small video up front and the reason why i’m doing that is is again i want to make sure that that i’m being clear and i’m just recapping uh from the end of the video is that these are just my thoughts right i am thinking out loud i know thinking out loud is

Extremely dangerous um on there but but again so everything i’m putting out here is just this is corey testing his bike or somebody else’s bike and there’s a single data point so nothing that i’m saying is factual nothing i’m saying is the gospel what i’m sharing you is a single data point that data point is how something reacted on my bike or somebody’s bike

I’m working on or whatever but it’s not a trend over time and trend over time if you’re a military analyst right those are trends you see over and over and over again and that you can give you a better conclusion of the outcome so i just want i want to say that um before we get kicked off here so thank you all right bye choreography hammer steel performance so

Yes we’re going to do another uh quick exhaust video but with that said in the coming weeks we are going to do a comparison between a similar builds on a 100 inch engine a 106 and a 1 16 slash 117 big bore to sort of see how those compare when built with similar uh components minus displacement also what we’re going to do is a before and after comparison with

The underdrive pulley and how does the underdrive pulley affect the readings of the dyno which is very similar to what happens if you run a bike in fourth gear versus fifth gear you get because of different wheel speeds you get a little bit different dyno results those aren’t accurate those are just based off of wheel speed and how the dyno calculates horsepower

Based off of time over roller resistance so with that being said we’re going to do is talk a little bit about exhaust again so we’re going to use my cross country as an example i’m going to take you over there right quick see it okay what we have here this is my uh 2014 cross country again we’ve talked about it numerous times the build it’s got v uh andrew’s

472 cams it’s got lloyd’s air filter i’ve modified a little bit it’s got time wheels got a power commander five um it’s got a barnett heavy duty pressure plate and clutch it does have a uh a slight overboard in a throttle body but again that’s not really about power um it’s got some tank rises on it and so with all that being said it’s a pretty good build it’s

Stout we’ll see some uh some stuff here coming up but it makes good power for a 106. it makes a lot of power and we’ve come a long ways with it but what we’re doing now over the last uh few days is i did some more comparisons on baffles and baffle designs with this bike that has the road rage bassani two into one and what we did to uh to sort of see if we could

Find any more power with baffle design based off some of the things that we learned on the gasser and the exhaust test we did with that all right okay so what i’ve done is the road rage comes with this baffle okay this is a stock baffle that comes within a road rage it has um you know fiberglass packing on it but that’s been removed and basically it is a two

And a quarter inch um louvered baffle that runs the whole length of the muffler that i just showed you so we ran that one and then i did a modification on the old design so this is the old bassani baffle i think they may still use this in the uh their slip-ons of the dnt’s the bassani dnt’s but this is the um the baffle that comes in that again two and a quarter

Where it meets up to the collector then it steps up to uh two and a half inch and then this here is two and three quarters i believe um diameter so it steps up again maybe even a three inch so that’s uh in there and i did a little bit of preliminary testing on it and it just didn’t sound good and power was okay but it just it had a really i didn’t care for the

Tone of it and the power wasn’t awesome so therefore i didn’t comparison so why this let me modify it and so what i did is i took another one i had a pair of those mufflers and i cut off the two and a quarter inch um baffle piece that connected to the collector the front of the muffler and so that’s what we had so those are the the two baffles that i compared

Again this one which is a stock one there was quite a few questions people ask hey why why change a baffle just run when it has stock but i’ll show you why and then this here is a modified so this baffle comes in the steel frame road rage which is really um that is a um a megaphone style so it starts out small and comes up big and so this is what runs inside of

That and i took it which is again two and a uh two and a quarter baffle and i drilled a series of holes until i made best power all right and this slides into the back of the muffler so this is here’s the exit of the muffler and this slides in you know whatever that is at 11 10 inches inside the back of the muffler and the rest of the can is open from where

The collector comes up into uh where this pipe is here okay all right let’s let’s let’s pause and let’s uh move inside because is it texas right now and i’m in the shop and it is probably 4 000 degrees so let’s let’s go inside let’s talk about some graphs thank you okay so here we go here’s the graph that we have and basically what we’ll talk about here is the

Baffle so in the gray that is the stock baffle that’s that long two and a quarter inch fully louvered baffle that runs a whole length of the muffler you see that in gray black was the old style d t baffle that i cut off that that first two and a quarter inch piece on there and then the the purple slash maroon is the short baffle that i drilled the plates in so

What you’re seeing here is a comparison so again back to when i made a video and there was some discussions about hey you know bassani is pretty smart why would you not just use the baffle putting the bike because that’s the best baffle and my response to that was was hey that baffles for the masses and most people don’t have cams in their bike and so therefore

How do they make the best power or what they believe is the best power with the right tone um and that’s what you get that that long uh two and a quarter inch baffle but you see it’s down on power um it was you know 200 and the correction 118 foot pounds of torque and 118 119 horsepower it was down everywhere except for right there around 2500 or so and then

The modified baffle that’s in black that sort of runs in the middle there um that’s one that i had cut and it was a two-step baffle from two and a half inches to three inches that one sounded really bad and it but it made decent power and on the far right hand side you set a little spike there right at uh ready for the rev limiter kicked in um yeah that that’s

An anomaly that you know 220 horse 220 220.5 horsepower whatever that spike right the bearing that’s a little bit of anomaly i think so i think it was just sort of right in the right in line with um the other uh peak horsepowers from the uh the short shorty baffle and then obviously the the maroon line is shorty baffled again this is where i i drilled a series

Of holes you know you keep an eye on where the torque was keep an eye on uh where the horsepower was make a little tune adjustment and so that’s where i sort of found to fine-tune that so pretty good um there’ll probably be some folks that you know say hey my dino is happy maybe it is it probably is right it’s probably it probably is happy um but it’s just

A comparison and this is this is what this is the tool that i have it’s a tool that i use on it but it makes good power and in comparison of the three baffles is sort of what we’re resulting in so again i just sort of want to share that with you um let’s take a quick pause for a minute here you go here is these are two time slips uh 666 no i didn’t pick the

Number that was a number they just gave me when i uh when i went down there again these these uh these time slips are oh shoot they’re probably three or four years old three years old something like that um and that’s back when the bike was making probably 118 119 horsepower starting at ballpark maybe 120 somewhere in that range not far from where it was with

The bassani uh long tube baffle uh and remember this was my old exhaust my old tuna one that made from a 2008 vision was what was on this uh this bike so and again like i mentioned before i shared this uh several times on different uh forums anytime someone you know wants to post time flips like you know i’ll share my time trips as well and and then i get asked

You know what’s your bill that’s let’s get camden and and and i tell what i tell what the builders but it’s really a simple build and you know and because the first question last hey it’s a big board no it’s not and i know there’s a couple other time clips that are out there that are faster i think there’s a one guy saw he had a uh 1185s on his uh crossroads but

Given the the 60 foots aren’t that good you know 183 60 foot or 1. 875 60 foot are not really good 60 foot if i was a better rider um those 60 foot should be down in the uh you know the 17 172 173 range and that would put this bike going about 1180s in the quarter mile probably about a hundred eleven hundred twelve mile an hour so again whether my dad was happy

Or not you know this is what i should i try to achieve right i want my bike to be the best that it can and i just don’t throw parts at it right i i test and i try and i try to develop the best i can without again just trying to trying to throw money at a at a problem because hey what can i do what can i experiment with i get the resources and can i can i make my

Bike better and i think right now uh with my combination i don’t know if there’s anything left in it without doing um a big bore or ported heads i don’t think that there’s any more power i’ve been playing around 120 122 horsepower in this thing for three years i can move my torque around i can’t i can’t get any more horsepower it’s all she got but i don’t have

Enough head which is really what it is there’s not enough head she’s running out of airflow on the head um i got i got i got a big camshaft the 472s are almost identical to the andrews 495 cams so there’s really no more horsepower left in the bike i can move my torque around a little bit with baffle designs but anyways yeah here you go this is uh this is it this

Is why i do all the testing and then again stay tuned we’ve got some pretty good stuff coming up here um and i’ll wrap this up here in a minute all right for the one or two that are left let’s recap mistakes so first of all i just made a comment about the andrews 472 cams being almost identical to the andrews 495 cam so that’s the sns 495 cams um so anyways yeah

Going back to the very beginning of the video uh again like i said these are my thoughts and so i hope hopefully again i know it’s so risky thinking out loud especially in the social media world where there’s so much stuff that everyone has a voice and unfortunately everyone has a voice and so it makes it tough and i apologize if i i might my goal is never to

Mislead anyone or or to uh to to have people chase rabbit holes i’m just sharing with you what i’m doing in my build um and i i will say is that um you know that my bikes run hard that cross country runs hard um and we’ll talk about this uh in another video but i just did some tuning on a uh on on a 117 build uh that was done bike made good power um and we did

A little run and you know he jumped out on me we did a roll on from i don’t know 3 000 rpms up in in fourth gear and uh jumped me about you know three bike lengths where he was making that more torque than i was and then once we got beyond that we you know i held right there and um and the bike runs hard so and that’s a lot of effort and time that uh you know

Because i have a dyno and i have you know resources and tools and tuning and all those kind of things that i can uh to experiment and and it’s and for me that that’s what i love to do is you know can you go fast and can you go fast with as little money as possible um it’s not because i don’t have money it’s because i just don’t like to just waste it that’s not

True i waste money all the time these videos the the the plethora parts that i buy for videos i can be putting nitrous and superchargers on my bikes but anyway that’s not important uh the important thing is uh you know thanks for watching and and i hope you guys take some out of it again i got some good stuff come up here uh that’s not exhaust so y’all take care thanks

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Victory Cross Country Bassani Road Rage Baffle Comparison By Hammered Steel Performance HSP