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Victory Highball | Bike Maintenance & GoPro Helmet Setup

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Yeah but it’s cold so without without youtube welcome back to another video with seaboard jane i’m just checking in with our real quick man so it’s a saturday morning it’s actually pretty cold out here just a little bit i think i said like the like the low 50s or something so it’s kind of nippy i got to go and get an oil change on my bike man before this one

The tire kicked off so you know it’s time to go to the shop so that’s what we heared it to right now and i just thought i’d bring y’all with me when this was a short ride but it’s not too far from the house after goswick friend y’all with you just enjoy the scenery on his early saturday morning we’ll work no no like that cold out but anyway what stopped you –

Man what’s up i mean it’s a beautiful day though you want to know the one thing i like about riding my bike though i mean at least just having a victory let’s say that what i like about having a victory man is that all i feel like people don’t see these bikes often so every time they see it you know they see my bike people stare at me or they ask me questions

About it you know i think that’s kind of cool i mean like i say they don’t make it anymore so it’s what it is just got to find you one know there’s some dealers out that i still got him though it’s right in front of you i don’t know what pop planet oh and i time you keep i think it’s about three miles from my house miles on miles not traffic i’ve got my gym

Again i gotta go to the gym once i get back you know that’s a ritual so my gopro died on me on my helmet while i was on my way he let me clean my camera they died on me but i’m gonna hit the shot man check off about to get a look all chanting me show y’all what you see right here right get all a change so i see y’all in the men about top yeah yo get my bike up off

The off the lift man she’s doing a little oil change so fulfilling it was actually not as expensive as i thought man about a hundred thirty-four dollars and that’s with labor and all that so not too bad man but this is a shop that’s or like around by my house i didn’t realize it was this nice and next door to the shop is where i go shoot that’s what the gun ranges

And that’s why i go shoot it and i just happen to see it i said you know i’m a call to see if i can get my oil change i could you know was getting one a time so you know that’s my first time actually coming in i’m a real great service man you know some good people okay him it’s called cycle city power sports so if you out handed noonan area come check him out man

No but yeah i had a had a question asked to me about my setup on my helmet i mickey out a little small i’ll walk around through here but i’m gonna get look quick look at my setup on my helmet i keep in mind this is one of my i think i got a i could show you all i mean how many helmets i got even left for you in california gave them to the drivers over the trucks

The moving company so they can have them but i think i got about five left so this was a kind of project helping to get my gopro to see how things would work so i’m gonna give y’all a little look at that real quick while i’m sitting in the store cuz i ain’t got nothing else to do right yeah look at the shop team look at this here man it’s pretty nice real nice

Real nice shot man i like it so let’s go ahead to the element real quick so i just gotta always go low bail my gopro this is a gopro hero 5 black the thing i don’t like about the hero 5 black now because i was sitting on gopro 6 7 i think they only eight now is that box right there that box you have to plug into here in order to get an external mic right here in

Order to get an external mic to run through your helmet in order to you know get voice recording i think the six seven and eight now don’t even have this so i think the five was the only one that they did that with and the only reason i got to fight with my wife bought it for me i was a gift but i kind of you know leaned her towards the five when he came out to get

Me that one because you know there was the newer one and i thought that they would keep this designer i don’t know for a fact if that design is gone but i think it is but yeah just a little set up and i keep it right on the front you know med major none major it has to set up i think mike see my mic so i got it took pin and it took from under here i got it kind of

Pops out right here so that’s what my mic is i’m still trying to work on trying to figure out the whole audio situation because it’s still the ideal situation on these to me are just it’s not great because it is box i think this box it was a good idea but i think that this box is just not really conducive to the whole trying to get your audio out of here you know

Turn it to the side yellow side so you can see how low my camera sits ghetto right over the dam 3m tape setting up but that’s to keep this guy’s just it’s just his hand this man is nasty but it was right kind of sort of works let me show y’all just help me that i want though we squeeze through here see if i can see this help me that i won’t man i probably get it

One of these days i’m gonna show you right here i’ma turn my camera just this way that hill man right yeah i think i won one of these in here they only like 209 but i think i wanted to use man look at it that’s clean yeah i think i want one of them yeah i think i do and i would get it right now but ain’t got nobody to carry this gopro help me back but uh kind of

Nippy like that man we’re real nippy you know just is uh this is uh like my what is this is this my first just my first oil change man i’m so behind on this bike and it’s my favorite bike man but i just ain’t had time but i’m glad i’m getting it done today so i could be you know kind of sit for the next couple of thousand miles man or whatever so anyway

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