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Victory highball tail bag

How to install a tail bag on your victory!

All right hi ball owners uh my name is steven and uh like many of you i love my high ball but i really hate bags i really hate bags but every once in a while you need one you need one for rolling thunder or wherever you’re gonna go and i came into the dilemma that my little side bag here was not enough for you know some snacks hoodie whatever so i tried to make

A solution for uh you know not killing the look of the high ball but something you could remove and replace pretty easily when you want to go on those long weekend rides i ride mostly to and from work as a commuter so i really don’t need a bag like that you can usually get away with my small bag down here but a buddy of mine said hey you ought to check out the

Vikings ax23 bag and i was like okay whatever it’s like 50 bucks on amazon i’ll pick it up and see what happens so what i ended up doing it came with some bungees and they’re pretty much crap so i wanted something that’s a little more uh stable you know i don’t like a bag that flops off the back while you’re trying to ride i like something that i know is going to

Stay back there and not you know go nuts on you so what i ended up doing was taking the rails off and looking underneath for the seat mounts and when you take your rails off you’re gonna see that underneath you know you’re gonna have your fender but you’re also gonna have these rear mounts right here so what i did was i actually took some straps like this that i

Just had lying around and i pulled the bungees through after i duct taped those to the straps and uh here’s the old bungees i just took one end of them off and duct taped and pulled them through the eyelets then i went to home depot and i bought an eyelet kit like nine bucks and i ended up putting eyelets into straps and pulling them through so that way i mean

If you guys ever use these bungee things they’re dumb they suck and your bags flopping around back there where you’re going on a ride and that’s that’s pretty stupid to me so what i’m doing was pulling those through making the straps making the eyelets and then anchoring them into um the bolts back there underneath the rails and then just putting a simple tie

Through on so i can tighten it down so it’s nice and tight this should be enough for like you know hoodie a bunch of other crap um i’m going to tie up that handle so it doesn’t smack around the back fender but i might even cut it off because i don’t even really need it but that should probably be the best solution for me it’s not going to get in the way of the

Tail light it’s not going to bother me when i’m riding i know a lot of times if i’ve got one of those other i used to strap a backpack back there and it was it looked dumb too so overall i think it should look you know okay it doesn’t look awesome because it’s a high ball and it’s not supposed to have bags on it but for the most part i think it looks pretty good

So uh leave a comment tell them what you think if you need some help let me know y’all take it easy bye

Transcribed from video
Victory highball tail bag By cole burton