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Victory Vision vs Corvette Z06 – Lets Race

I encountered a beautiful new Corvette Z06 on my ride home while testing my camera gear. Racing through a construction zone isn’t the smartest thing a person could do. I never claimed to be smart. Spoiler alert. I won. I’ve got several video projects in the works and will be ramping up my production rate steadily and rapidly. Consider subscribing to my channel.

Hey guys thanks for stopping by my channel i’ve got a quick update for you i shot some videos some test video today on the way home from work i’ve been working on continuing to improve the mount for my rear camera my 360 degree camera that i’ve done a couple of videos on this is on an aluminum rod i fabricated this this is version 4.75 i added this ballast today

It’s about one and a quarter pounds of ballast and you’ll see in the video that i’m going to show you there’s a tremendous amount of vibration and this has a tendency to come loose if i go over bumps and that’s aggravating i’m in the middle of the ride and i look at my rearview mirror and i see this thing sink sideways are turned in an angle where it’s no longer

Capturing video so i took a test ride today i take a route the route that i drive home is a construction zone i-64 turns into 664 going from norfolk into chesapeake peak and it’s quite hazardous it’s been under construction for two years but at any rate today i encountered a real nice fancy brand new beautiful blue corvette and i just had to race that son of a and

You’re going to see the results of that the guy when i went back and looked at the video he didn’t seem to impress with me and quite frankly i don’t think he was really trying that hard but take a look at this video and then i’ve got some comments and we’ll wrap it up all right thank you all right foreign all right foreign thanks for watching what

Started out as just a test ride to test my equipment turned into something that was a bit of a thrill for me admittedly that guy wasn’t trying and maybe i’ll catch him again and we’ll have a rematch but what i’ve been doing is trying to fine tune this uh three camera process that i’m using to record rides on my motorcycle and there’s also some additional audio

Equipment i want to be able to get that set up in running in five minutes or less to facilitate being able to to do videos on the motorcycle with without a tremendous amount of headaches and i’m getting i’m making rapid headway there the frequency of my video should should start to increase rapidly although we’re heading into some colder weather so i’m not exactly

Sure how much more riding i’m going to get before it gets uh too cold to ride thanks for watching my video i appreciate your comments and your feedback please feel free to leave comments questions and thanks again for checking out my channel

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Victory Vision vs Corvette Z06 – Let's Race By IntensityStream