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2008 Yamaha V Star 250

Review of Yamaha V Star 250

Hello everybody thought about video here about my 2008 yamaha v-star i’ve had it about a year in three months now maybe you’re in four months i got it may and this is now september so had it in a little while now hood the mileage was 2502 when i got it now it is 43078 put a little over 1800 miles on it happen of the most ago in 25 years and said i got this one so

I now have 1800 miles of experience i wrote it six days straight so far luckily we had no rain in order to work every day it needs to be cleaned up i’m getting ready to wash it here in a minute it’s pretty dirty great bike runs excellent haven’t had a bit of trouble out of it i keep the scooter on the back to haul stuff in i added the bar on the luggage rack i

Added the christ bar as you can see here is filthy just daily riding nokton i’m too lazy to wash it i’ve just been working every day twice sitting here next to the water hose and getting ready to wash it two days ago i added these lights they’re awesome leds on both sides turn them on here pretty bra i don’t know how they show up on the video here but uh pretty

Bra makes it a lot safer for people to see me so i put two strips led lights on the bottom of the tank there’s two steps i are not sure if you can see them both that makes a difference these two red lights on the back i make the bracket myself that work this boat here had a little reflector just came on the motorcycle took that reflector off out of these lights

Ain’t got them wired up properly yet can’t get them to work i got them to work with my toggle switch with my other lights built when i flip for my own blue led lights would go out so i figured that out yet it’s awesome box by interesting getting the v star 250 it’s a great cruiser bike i got used to it i rode it all day today excellent very reliable dependable easy

To handle i went to the motorcycle msf course got that certificate it’s a great course teaches your lot teaches you how to stay alive and great great thing to do to go through the msf courses two-day course at walter state college different states i’m sure have it available somewhere $235 or a two-day course anyway again this is a great bike if anybody wants just

Look for one the book they own this and was 1901 about it i got it right at $1,900 got a excellent deal on that lane 2500 miles on it but anyway thank y’all for watching

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2008 Yamaha V Star 250 By Jerry Davis