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2008 Yamaha WR250X | Track Attack with DeeO Episode 2

Episode 1:

What’s going on guys thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of track attack whit deal if you don’t know what tract attack is to have no fear down in the description i’ll have a link to episode 1 so you can watch that but it’s plenty put simply aztec raceway currently on my board we have times from different bikes pretty much fast laps from different

Bikes so so far on the board i have a klx 140 that i’ve rode from my buddy alex then i also have a 17 sierra 450 our that’s my buddy mike today i have something you know i’m just gonna let alex tell you guys about it sure well they’re hopefully you can understand that pretty well it is a 2008 wr 250x it’s actually a supermoto bike that he has a dirt conversion

Kit on but you know we’re still running the headlight on it and stuff so here you go and a real huge think you don’t have a buddy alex oni like i said he let me ride the 140 in the past and he actually used my cannon and filmed some for me so alex thank you for the third-person footage rollin so i’m gonna take it out i had a as tech right now and uh what what

Video this before you remember the name track attack with do oh there we go in alex’s wr holy cow and there you guys go there was a my fastest lap i think i’ve ran our i know i ran four laps on alex’s wr 250x i had a lot of fun with it i legit told him afterwards i was like dude i’m kind of nervous about how that lap was because that felt

Really fast and i’m gonna be really upset if it’s pretty close to like my k x time so without further ado you guys i have magnets in my hand wr 250 x and then i have the time and this one let’s move it up to the board here alright guys so what we’re looking at i’m gonna hopefully zoom in on this and you can read it the 2012 all right yeah 2012 kx 450 yet my actual

Personal bike 150 point 2 4 317 cr at 152 379 the 11 k lx 210 so the wr 250 x comes in currently third place with a 155 41 155 41 only three seconds slower than the crf 250 and only five seconds slower than my fastest lap currently on my kx mind blowing thank you guys go though that’s this week’s track attack with deal i hope you guys enjoy it one thing i want to

Keep in keeping your guys’s mind if you want me to do a track attack with a ktm 250 factory edition the way i do these is when a friend has the bike and they come to me and they say hey daniel a deal you want to ride my bike you can take it out perk you laughing i’m like heck yes but i don’t go to that might i’ll go up and i’m like oh hey there alex nice bike you

Got there can i ride it that is extremely rude i think a lot of people think like they’ll be like you should ride this bike next you guys i’m only riding bikes when they’re offered to me i feel it it’s really strange and rude to go to someone like if i was sitting at my pit and someone just walked up and they’re like hey i like your bike can i ride it okay oh no

Anyway so i’m just letting you guys know so who knows what’s in store next i’m having a lot of fun with this of course if a snake changes their layout we’re gonna have to restart this but that’s okay we’re at cycle time so maybe you guys go the wr 250 x coming in at a 150 5.41 pretty crazy thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy this series please hit

That like button until next time as always take it easy if it’s easy take it twice we’ll talk to you later

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2008 Yamaha WR250X | Track Attack with DeeO Episode 2 By DeeO