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2017 YAMAHA SCR950 Cafe Racer

New modifications to bike..

Hey everybody how’s everybody doing this is geo again um it’s been a while since my last video so uh you might notice some changes on the bike um right away off the bat you can tell i changed the tires on the bike got some white walls i uh eliminated the front fender of the bike so that’s gone uh i went ahead and changed the mirrors they used to be up and i

Moved them down now it has a little bit more aggressive look i also have a chin fairing which is right here from low and mean um supplied me with that nice chin fairing down there which makes it look a little bit more aggressive and also looks like it runs faster um not too many changes you know but it it’s actually the way i want it now um looks really nice

You know that nice cafe look i also got this seat um got this off of amazon to kind of complete that little cafe look though you know people prefer to get the cafe seat that actually um helps me out when i buy stuff or have something i need to bring on the bike and i don’t have a backpack with me so i got this little bag on it it’s pretty cool it was like 20 25

Bucks on amazon so yeah this is my 2017 scr950 converted from i guess the scrambler look to a cafe racer um one thing i’d like to mention is a big shout out um i can’t remember this guy’s name is a guy in europe who was the inspiration for this build and he actually made a comment on my last video saying that uh he also has one and then i answered or replied and

Told him that he’s actually or his bike is inspiration for me fixing up this bike so um up to now there’s only two bikes i’ve seen like this i mean there’s many ser 950s out there but uh converted into cafe racers um i’ve only seen two if anybody else has done it to their bike um send us a link all right that’s the bike you guys want to hear it still the stock

Muffler didn’t do any changes on it so you’re not going to be surprised at all it’s just the same sound what i did notice is about a month and a half ago i guess the motor finished breaking in because the sound came out a little bit deeper than it used to before it sounds a whole lot better a lot more aggressive um so yeah that’s the bike i haven’t gone on a

Long road trip yet probably the furthest i’ve gone is probably like 80 miles so i’m due on having a road trip so i’m in mexicali border town with calexico or california i could either head to san diego or maybe the beaches of tijuana or ensenada still thinking about it but i’ll i’ll let you guys know if i do anything or take that trip anyway so here’s my bike hope you guys like it

Transcribed from video
2017 YAMAHA SCR950 Cafe Racer By Anarbo Solorio