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2019 Yamaha Niken GT Test Ride Review [AMAZING!!!]

By far the coolest motorcycle I have EVER RIDDEN, the 2019 Yamaha Niken GT seriously blew me away, guys. Click the video and find out more!

Yo what’s up guys do get ec here welcome to another video what an exciting day we are here ride now power sports georgetown in georgetown texas hit up my boy aaron ethan and robert if you are coming through here because they are awesome they’re hooking it up today and as always this video was brought to you by rolla crolick is a company connecting consumers like

You and me to a network of certified dealers like ride now georgetown to provide the most transparent buying experience for atvs side-by-sides rvs and motorcycles or is this a motorcycle well that’s gonna be up to you but i really do think it is today we are on the insane 2019 yamaha nightkin gt and i’ve got one thing to say here this is the exact bike that moto

Nos city just took out so motor dasu t if you’re watching this can we just be best friends pretty pleased with the cherry on top all right guys you’re do you know let’s jump into some specs real quick so the nightkin as a plain and simple non gt version comes in at fifteen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars we have an eight hundred and forty seven cc

Liquid-cooled inline three cylinder straight out of the mt o nine with a little bit of tweaks fuel-injected six-speed chain-driven in terms of the chassis you have 43 millimeter lm/w loop dual two forks that are fully adjustable in the front and a single shock adjustable preload in the rear you’ve got hydraulic disc brakes so you got a seat height of thirty

2.3 inches so it is a little bit tall you have a 4.8 gallon gas tank an epa-estimated forty 2.3 miles per gallon and a wet weight of 580 pounds the lm/w is the leaning multiwheel chassis that’s kind of what this nightkin is known for right that’s the craziness in the front you have some advanced rider aids so everything’s the ycc t very similar to the mt ten

This is ride by wire so you have adjustable throttle mapping traction control abs i’m super excited we’ve got the inline three cylinder from the mto nine that’s been tuned a little bit differently we’ve got a lot of great power in this motorcycle we have an incredible suspension setup i mean as you can see it’s a three wheeler it is a / three-wheeler but it’s

Not a trike because these wheels will allow you to lean independently which is very incredible so let’s just jump right into it i mean this is a first ride and review i’m gonna sit here and talk about it all day start it up we’ve got a lcd digital display here no tft but we do have a quick shifter this baby weighs 580 pounds so i’m going to be extraordinarily

Careful it’s got so much power oh man so huh this is what what okay um straight off the bat i am swoon let’s go see what the quickshifter do oh my god guys i’m sorry is this not like the coolest motorcycle i’ve ever ridden oh i like this i like this a lot this is really interesting wow wow wow wow okay we’re gonna just go straight kind of explore for a little

Bit see what we can find and more importantly just ride this motorcycle and see how it feels you know you’ve got that mco nine that’s producing a pretty damn good amount of power it’s nothing like the mt tens power but at the same time you know you got 580 pounds of weight here so you you’re not gonna look you’re not looking for straight-line speed quite as much

As you would be on like a proper super sport bike or maybe a proper two-wheeled motorcycle that being said you’re gonna really recognize a lot of the controls here the switches are directly from yamaha other motorcycles we do have cruise control which is really cool this i mean what’s in god’s name i would love to take this on to the track or like what that is

A properly fun bike frontage road next left dude this it’s got to be one of the coolest motorcycles i have literally ever ridden look at us we’re out here in the middle of like the country in texas and this is just unbelievable the stability is like second to none oh my god i’ve like never felt anything quite like this before i don’t know what else to say the

Suspension is so it’s it’s like it’s beautifully plush in that it soaks up all the bumps but then when you do turn in it has this really incredible nature to it of kind of like a sporty firmness and i think it’s just that you’re putting the weight on two separate suspension units and each one of these wheels has two forks on it the quick shifter is super smooth

Really impressive this is this is a well engineered motorcycle i mean i have never in my life written anything like this and you know it’s very interesting i have to say this this technology although yamaha is kind of claiming it to be this revolutionary thing and of course that what they’re saying is that it’s never been applied in this manner like this sporty

Of a manner but piaggio has done this before and it’s kind of like when you copy someone’s homework but you change it a little bit except this was changed quite a lot it’s so strange to turn like i have to get used to it oh my god it’s amazing you know it’s something that’s very interesting and maybe i’ll answer this question for other people who are wondering

This bike does not stand up on its own i don’t know if that’s just like common sense to everybody else but when you first see something like this with three wheels you think okay maybe it has the ability to stand up on its own no it still needs a kickstand to be on its side i mean it’s not a supported motorcycle the if it leans to one side the suspension will

Collapse and it would fall over so you know it’s it’s very much a real motorcycle it just happens to have two wheels wow it’s really pretty out here the other thing is just like if you want to get stairs ride this motorcycle around it is totally the belle of the ball i mean people will stop in their tracks and just look at it it’s got to be like if not the most

Comfortable one of the most comfortable motorcycles i’ve ever ridden if you’re looking for like a big cushy sport touring machine and you’re thinking about you know k 1600 s you’re thinking about those fj are that from yamaha you’re thinking about the big concourse or something like that i don’t know i think you should start thinking about this motorcycle because

It’s super comfortable to ride it has so much power wow the torque is really beautiful it’s incredibly manageable i’m in one-two-three mode oh so very cool they’ve done the same thing here so just like with the new mt 10 they’ve moved away from there a standard and b mode and they have one two and three mode i’m in two mode which is gonna be equivalent to standard

And that’s kind of where i want to stay i don’t really want to go into rain mode and i don’t particularly want to take this into the sporty mode not on roads i’ve never been on as you can see you have a fuel gauge digital speedometer digital tachometer gear indicator qsr quick shifter so the quick shifter is on you have traction control which can be adjusted

Here you’ve got cruise control settings here so if i wanted to i would just hit the cruise control button is now in down to sets because i’m in fourth gear or up i can chill with it and if i let go which of course keep your hands on the wheels but you could like you could the cruise control and then of course up to set it a little bit faster click off to turn

The whole system off or of course clutch brake anything like that would disengage it i mean it this is a spectacle creative engineering at its finest and it’s really what i love about motorcycles right this is pushing boundaries that don’t necessarily need to exist and i think that’s the most beautiful thing about the power sports industry is that you can have

Motorcycles like this come out that have seemingly just no purpose you know this isn’t necessarily solving a problem it’s not it’s not filling the gap in some sort of a niche or something like that it’s creating its own industry readily powerful but i mean on this you just can’t have a bad experience yeah look at this thing guys i mean this is just otherworldly

So we’ve got the three two one exhaust that comes out on the right side here you’ve got no exhaust port on the left you do have this beautiful center stand which is really going to be cool i mean this is a gt so it’s like a grand tourer that’s why it’s got the bags i assume the center stand is also part of that package you do have here a port for heated grips

Which is great they’re not heated grips excuse me heated gear which is fantastic up here you’ll see on the display you also have another power outlet and that you could plug in something like a usb converter so you can charge your phone and whatnot on the go i turn this on you’ll see it’s a pretty beautiful display i wish it was a tft but again i mean these aren’t

Quite as expensive as you would think they are i just don’t i mean of course i’ll show you guys some b-roll on maybe the nicer camera but this is just i mean i’m swoon here i’m very smitten i have to sneeze oh no do not sneeze on your helmet cam mm-hmm it’s really quite amazing let’s just get back on man i just want to ride it this is this is a bike that i’ve been

Waiting to ride for a long long time i just got to thank georgetown ride now georgetown power sports aaron you are the effing man really appreciate you man these are not hard to are they’re not hard they’re incredibly hard to find starts right up let’s put her in neutral real quick and just my glove just like look at the power delivery is absolutely absurd it’s

So smooth it’s lightning quick at 850 cc triple the other thing is look how crystal-clear the lcd display is i mean yes it’s not a tft but at the very least that information is displayed incredibly clearly to me alright guys so we are heading back to right now georgetown power sports in georgetown texas i cannot thank the guys there enough they’ve really hooked

It up today if you are looking for a yamaha nike and gt anywhere in this area please hit them up if you are not from this area please go to that first link in the description down below or go raleigh comm and see if you can’t find a great deal for one of these near you as always if you’re new to this channel hit that subscribe button like it comment down below

I read and try and answer every single comment i swear so if you do comment i will answer it and as always i will see you on the next one

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2019 Yamaha Niken GT Test Ride Review [AMAZING!!!] By DukeOfDC