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Here’s a look at Skyline Drive in the fall on October 17th 2020. We took the FJR on one final trip on Skyline Drive down to Waynesboro, VA.

All right just leaving here winchester kathleen and i came down here last night to stay we’re gonna work our way to skyline drive never been on it i know it’s not a super exciting motorcycle hardcore ride because it’s just a slow ride through the mountains but i think kathleen will like it and just one of those bucket list items to kind of check off to say we did

I’m sure it’s going to be busy but we’ll just take our time and enjoy the scenery we’re just headed down to old town winchester to grab some breakfast we had dinner down there last night at a raw bar place it was really good 36 when we woke up this morning so hopefully it’ll warm up a little bit i believe it’s like a 30 minute drive south to front royal where the

The entrance is all right just finished up breakfast at steamy’s cafe some absolutely amazing food i actually went in there because i saw one of my friends justin haynes posted a picture looked really good actually went in there and he was in there and he bought us breakfast he definitely didn’t need to do that but a big thank you to him definitely a spot i’ll go

Back to again uh kathleen got a bagel she says one of the best bagels she’s had but uh definitely a great spot if you’re in winchester a little uh 20 mile drive down to the entrance of skyline drive at front royal probably wait in line for a while as it’s close to peak season but then we’ll uh check out the views and what that has to offer it’s waiting in line

Here to get the skyline drive of course it’s packed made our way out of winchester and actually ran into a little uh police situation with looked around the police officer had its lights on and turned over it was a rusty so that was pretty cool he’s going to be in the upcoming podcast this week so met him on the wild and wonderful trip a few years ago and been

A great friend ever since i gave up on that it was redirecting traffic back around it was going to be hours so just going to head south and try to pop into one of the other locations at least we get a different perspective from the bottom all right i came down 340 a little ways and another sign for skyline drive so hopefully this is the second entrance i don’t

Know how crowded this entrance is but this one is way better coming into than that front royal one that was just stop light after stoplight yes what’s that it’s yeah it’s on my phone all right you know what show it to me some other time i know hearties okay thank you thank you uh we want to go south so this is the definitely the entrance to come down to just

Skip the first entrance and it’s a blast road that comes up winding through and about way better than the front royal one so not really sure what mile marker we’re at we would have still been sitting and trying to get into that other entrance look at that view though it’s beautiful i’m glad we still were able to do this because i wasn’t standing that other line

In a cool tunnel got wet tunnel overlook that is a beautiful view that’s pretty nice view there are some pretty views not near as pretty as my beautiful wife yeah it’s not quite quite there yet as like you said it probably one more week they’ll peak it’s pretty it’s just not quite as vibrant people are serious they’re hiking you it’s like they that much

Sucks on their back it looks like they’re not coming back for a month wherever you can fit a grill and some cheeseburgers in there that’d be worth it all right stopped at our first scenic over low accused river gap oh boy this person person’s going left going right so those leaves have changed over there a lot more pretty this spot’s popular so

Go all right decided to pop out a little early before the finish getting a little hungry right into harrisonburg and find a spot for for lunch all right just finished up in harrisonburg for for lunch most of the places were were pretty packed with an hour wait so luckily we were able to find a wood fire pizza place for that didn’t have a weight good pizza good

Beer now making our way to waynesboro virginia where we were supposed to end skyline drive uh but we cut out early for lunch so we’ll go down there for the night uh taking a little bit of uh back road to avoid 81 and then we’ll uh figure out what we’ll get into there slumming it tonight marriott sold out all right so just leaving the hotel here in waynesboro

Going to work our way back home had a great night last night grabbing some really good burgers walking around here in this downtown area not a lot to do but it’s kind of nice just walking around seeing someplace new so skyline drive uh definitely something that we got to do during the week if you want to go during the fall time we definitely missed uh kind of the

Peak season i don’t think the leaves were quite there yet and there’s just people everywhere um i think we waited like 45 minutes in that first line and then went farther south got right in was able to enjoy it the views were great the roads were were fun just too many people this time of year but glad we did it got to see some of the overlooks uh well worth it

All right well thanks everyone for following along and i’ll catch y’all next time i think this will be the last hurrah on the fjr i’m gonna get it cleaned up when i get home and put it up for sale hi dude

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