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2020 Yamaha R6 Engine Break-In Miles [Riding in Twisty Mountain Roads!]

There are so many opinions on break-in miles. Some people say to go full send and others say to be conservative. So for my brand new 2020 Yamaha R6, I took her up to some really nice twisty roads up a mountain and had a great time while putting break-in miles.

What is going on my petro power dudes i got my brand new yamaha r6 this is the 2020 model look at the orange paint scheme i’m ready for halloween and uh i’m gonna be riding this bike today with my boy zam nation we’re gonna be taking this on some nice back roads and the bike currently has 189 miles and i’ve got i got the bike three days ago and already has 189

Miles so you already know what the future of this bike holds lots of smiles not miles but smiles so taking some nice back roads enjoying this bike and hopefully by the time i’m done with it today it’ll be past uh the 300 mile uh period so other than that i’m gonna be uh doing lots of modifications for the bike i want to talk to you about that in this episode

And tell you how i like the bike and how i’m getting along with it and uh this is the beginning stages of my journey with this yamaha r6 join me for the ride let’s get going oh yeah rolling thunder oh man i don’t even know where to begin so let’s start by telling you guys why i got this bike it’s because it’s damn awesome man it doesn’t need an explanation it’s

A yamaha r6 a motorcycle that has been perfected is this the reason why they haven’t changed the engine since 2005 it doesn’t need to get better than what it already has i love the fact that it’s got an analog tack i love the fact that it revs to 16 000 rpm i love the fact that it screams like an f1 car with the appropriate exhaust i love the fact that it has

Three different modes i love the fact that the traction control and the modes can be changed on the fly with buttons on the handlebars and it just sounds freaking delicious man and the throttle response everything the bike is super smooth tips over in the corners really quickly it’s just a smorgasbord of things that i love about this bike i got a lot of plans

For this bike i’m gonna be doing a whole build series for it and uh i think there’s gonna be plenty of content for you guys to watch and enjoy but i brought it here today because me and max were we’re gonna be riding uh pro probably for like three four hours so uh we’re gonna be taking on some nice back roads and this is perfect for breaking in miles varying

Rpm levels varying speed it should be a pretty good time for me and max and uh the the plans i have for this bike are pretty awesome because the bike weighs 419 pounds as you already know but i plan to shed some weight on the spike because i want this to be one of the lightest r6s on youtube so the things i plan to do is full exhaust on this motorcycle so if

You have any suggestions make some suggestions down in the comment section let me know what you suggest i’m also going to get a tail tidy because that freaking uh diving board power sailing thing in the back that that boat in the back i gotta remove that thing it’s ugly looking so that’s gonna be gone those are two first things i’m gonna do i’m gonna put some

Frame sliders on this motorcycle and a whole bunch of other things you know like changing out the levers uh my main goal with this motorcycle is to make it fun to make it light and it’s already agile but i’m gonna make it more than it currently is and uh it’s a it’s a motorcycle that i’ve just been literally dying to try out because after i rode my friends zxxr

I truly fell in love with the 600 class motorcycles they are so much fun after i wrote that motorcycle they did about 500 miles on that thing and i had so much fun with it and i said to myself all right you know what i i can’t like not live without something like this it’s just a truly spectacular motorcycle and as you already know if you’ve seen my videos i’ve

Got lots of ducatis on the channel a lot italian a lot of european bikes on the channel and one thing that was missing on my channel japanese bikes japanese bikes are going to get lots of love on this channel now one day we’ll do the r1 one day after that we might do the zx6r i’ll buy that bike we’ll go for that one and then the zx 10r and then who knows we’ll

See where it takes off and we’ll see where the channel goes but if you’re new to the channel and just tuning in for the first time my boy now is a good time for you to like this video and subscribe to the channel because there’s tons of content on my channel that you might enjoy and there’s a lot more coming with this bike and other japanese bikes stay tuned

For that three hours later all right we just got to the mouth of palomar mountain and uh it’s gonna be a nice what is it one mile up two miles up something like that we’re going to be riding it in some seriously twisty roads now is the real test let’s go boys oh yeah rolling thunder once again i’m not able to take it past 8 300 rpm so this is not an example of

Going fast so don’t think that i’m doing this to show off this is a breaking mile so i’m going at a nominal speed where i enjoy myself stay safe out there but man i am so impressed with how this bike handles like right now i’m turning in and it turns in so easily holy mackerel oh my goodness oh my goodness wow this handle is better than my ducati holy mackerel

Wow truly impressive i do have my knee down but i’m not nowhere near the ground i don’t want to do that because i’m not wearing leathers or anything like that but in order to steer the bike you gotta push right on the foot peg to make a turn wow so impressive whoops i went way past 9000 rpm oh my god amazing phenomenal it flicks into the turn so easily oh man so

Impressed by this in my ducati i would not be able to do what i’m doing with this even at a low speed that takes so much more strength to turn the bike these 600s are amazing man holy mackerel why have i been without a 600 in my life all this time this reminds me of my rc cup bike if you guys haven’t checked out my rc cup bike videos that bike is about 380 pounds

Uh no wait a minute less than that about 340 what so freaking light and this bike reminds me of that bike so much turns in so easily into the corners i just can’t believe this amazing amazing stuff man i got traction control at level three and i have full power on at the current moment holy baby baby baby oh baby baby baby get out of my way wow oh man nice guy

Pulled over we need more people like him in this world considerate people good lord the spike handles phenomenal this is what i love about 600’s so easily tossable into the corners oh amazing amazing amazing i’m having so much fun with this bike well i would i would rather be on this right now than my ducati makes me think that i don’t need a ducati anymore after

Riding something like this it just needs an exhaust though gotta get this baby in exhaust and man am i having fun i don’t care if i’m going slow i’m having fun having never experienced riding a japanese bike the most fun the most agile the most exciting and the smoothest of the bunch i think i made the right choice getting the spike man holy mackerel such a fun

Toy once again needs an exhaust and we’re gonna do that we’re gonna do a full freaking exhaust we’re gonna make this thing sound like an f1 car my dudes if you haven’t subscribed to my channel now is a good time to like this video and subscribe to the channel because there’s so much more content coming good lord it sounds good even with the stock exhaust this

Bike takes such little effort to turn all i got to do is just move my body left or right and it just goes i don’t even have to apply any pressure to the handlebars so what does that translate to that translates to longer riding of the spike without getting tired like you could take this bike to the track and crash it around all day and you won’t get as tired as

You as you would riding a big panigale or the leader bikes oh that was wonderful that was freaking wonderful man here we are palomar mountain general store mother’s kitchen restaurant i’m gonna stop here relax a little bit that was awesome yep restaurant is definitely not open well i have a piece of fruit and water that’ll hold us over there’s a restaurant down

There we’ll stop there what was that about oh it’s hot it’s too hot right the bike got hot it was flashing 240. that’s not good so that means we got to keep moving because it’s a freaking hot day today man look at that view holy mackerel two hours later oh man it’s been a pretty fun day we just came down east grade uh it’s been super hot man i think it’s over

Like 105 degrees up in the desert up in the high mountains here so the gopro was cutting out on me i don’t i don’t have any footage we just stopped here under the shade to let the bikes cool down and for us to cool down we’re gonna get back on the road but i just wanted to summarize so i had a fantastic time with the bike literally throws itself into the turns

Takes very little effort all i got to do is just push down on the pegs just a little bit it kind of kind of glides into the corners i hope you had a fantastic time watching this video i had a fantastic time making it so please don’t forget once again give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel because there’s going to be a lot more content coming you see

This freaking tail back here that’s going to be gone and uh you see this big fat ugly exhaust that’s about i don’t know two feet long how tall is that two feet yeah it’s like about a foot or two that’s gonna be gone i’m gonna put a full exhaust on this motorcycle that should sound like an f1 car there’s a lot coming my boys stick around i will see you guys soon you

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