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What is up you guys, on todays video I am doing a quick walkthrough on the dash on the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 plus some nice riding footage! the footnotes are

Of you guys over here at moto bros this dude has a full shop today um just wanted to kind of do a walk through on the instrument cluster and what all you can do with this instrument cluster so from right off you can change modes right here this pushing the mode button actually changes between d mode and tcs mode over here you’ve got a scroll right underneath

Your start stop button that can change your odometer to your trip meter to your average fuel consumption air temperature coolant temperature fuel gauge i have it set up with my odometer and my fuel gauge just for ease of use you can go down to settings right here so in the menu right here uh display settings slack timer off taco color you can adjust that

Offer on and to adjust it is simply just pushing in on your button here and then scrolling with it um your manual tcs settings so if you wanted to set up a manual mode you can adjust your traction control slide control and lift control for your manual mode your vehicle settings which is bc settings and qs settings qs is going to be your quick shifter you

Can turn it off on downshifts or up shifts or you can turn them both off that’s up to you you also have your shift indicator so you can adjust where your shift indicator will come up at i’ve got mine set from 10 000 to 12 000 rpms uh you can turn it on or off so it’ll actually flash at you and let you know it’s right it’s time to shift uh your maintenance

Records so if you’re doing your own maintenance you can set it in here when the last maintenance was done your oil service interval one and interval two a little bit further down you have units so me here in the united states i have it set to miles and degrees fahrenheit you can adjust your brightness so you can darken it up a whole lot i like to keep

Mine bright just for when i’m riding uh you can adjust your clock and then reset everything back to factory settings so super simple super easy super easy to read especially when you’re going down the road it gives you all the information you need your rpm speed gear that you’re in my odometer my fuel level and then it tells you which mode you’re in so so

Don’t know how well you are going to be able to hear me during this because i am going to kind of get on it pretty hard but i do want to show you how once i reach 5500 rpms the tack on will turn green and then as soon as i hit 9 500 rpms it’ll turn yellow that’s kind of the shift light orientation that this bike has so yeah let’s see that real quick so you

Can see it’ll kind of sit at uh yellow all the way up until uh red line so that right there is kind of the easiest way to see what this shift light or i guess i don’t know if you’d call it a shift light but it’ll sit in green at 5500 rpms but as soon as you go under it turns white i’m guessing that’s the power band of the bike um i’d have to look into the

Owner’s manual a little bit more or see if that’s something i can adjust but i know i can’t adjust where my shift light comes on at so damn it is hot and out here today i am not trying to sit still in this heat it is 97 degrees out here right now i don’t know if white just means economy either because i mean a lot of guys a lot of you guys have commented

Since my last video with me talking about this bike getting right at 27 to 30 miles per gallon i don’t usually keep it down in that white but it would make sense that would be a little bit more the fuel efficient range of this bike i’m not riding for fuel efficiency though damn that just never gets old we’ll say the engine braking on this bike is not

Terrible it doesn’t jolt you forward but it does its job pretty well you should probably stop for gas let’s keep going you

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2021 YAMAHA MT-09 DASH WALKTHROUGH ( PLUS 0-80 MPH PULL) (4K) By Builtmoto