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2021 Yamaha MT09 3500 Mile Review

In this 3500 mile review I go over the basic reasons of why I think the 2021 Yamaha MT09 is the best motorcycle for Urban City Life!

What’s going on youtube yamayati welcome to the channel and in today’s episode we’re going to be doing the 3 500 mile review on my beautiful 2021 mt09 so if you guys want to check it out stick around stay tuned and enjoy if any of this content interests you do me a huge favor don’t forget to hit the like button if you want go ahead and subscribe to the channel

And hit the bell notification to be notified of all new uploads all right guys for those who have not seen the channel before my name is yama yadi my real name is yadi pronounced as jadi but my real biological name is jariyan so it’s like a big tongue twister so for that i’m just gonna go as yamayani but if you haven’t been watching the channel i picked up this

Beautiful 2021 mt09 back in may of 2021 and since i picked up this bike i’ve had so many wonderful experiences i’ve got to meet new people and also it really opened up my eyes to why so many people love the mt series by yamaha coming from so many street bikes before this my jigsaw 1000 also my yamaha 2018 r1 i didn’t really know why so many people were in love

With the mt series especially the mt09 but back in february of 2021 here in florida we have what’s called daytona bike week i know many of you guys have heard of it it’s a big thing people from all over the country come hang out and just you know meet new people and so on and so forth but yamaha always has an expo during bike week when you could actually go

And physically test ride and demo some of these bikes for yourself so i was able to jump on a 2020 mt-09 of course it’s the front face that everybody loves and as soon as i jumped on that bike i realized right then and there that i made a big mistake because i didn’t buy one earlier because as soon as i jumped on the bike i immediately fell in love with just

The way i felt the way the bike was handling and just the performance of the bike from the get-go and mind you guys it’s a test ride it’s like a demo it ain’t like you could just jump on it and go do whatever you want but as soon as i was able to just kind of open it up on the test ride i knew for a fact that i wanted it now long story short when i got my

2018 r1 i was actually on the way to get an mt09 because my friend josh he has the z900 from kawasaki and i had actually ridden that bike and it was a fun bike so as soon as the 2021 mt09 was available i kind of had my heart set on it so i reached out to my buddy tristan at seminole powersports here in sanford florida i said bro if you’re ever going to get an

Mt09 especially the 2021 please let me know it was not even like two or three weeks later he just sent me a text he’s like hey man i got one coming in and before you knew it i was down there putting a deposit and trading in my 2021 street bob for the 2021 mt-09 and guys since i got this bike let me tell you i did not regret it this bike has been amazing and i’m

Gonna go over this video of why i think this bike number one is probably one of the best bikes in the market do a kickflip oh no it’s a longboard my bad so guys reason number one why i love the 2021 mt09 is going to be comfort now comfort can be measured by multiple things you know ergonomics suspension handling all that stuff can be combined into the comfort

Realm but i’m going to keep this video very basic and simple comfort to me on this machine is one of the main reasons why i love it now i’m coming from a 2018 r1 and i can tell you guys that in no way shape or form when i go ride for two or three hours on that bike am i looking forward to it i mean it’s not like a bike that i go like hey i’m gonna go take a

Cross-country trip on my 2018 r1 why because i know myself and i know my body within a few hours i’m going to be having cramps i’m going to be very uncomfortable my knees are going to hurt there’s just going to be a lot of things about that bike that i do not like but i definitely know that that bike was designed for the track you’re going to be moving around

A lot more so they tend not to get as sore versus when you’re just in a one position riding straight for like two hours it’s like your joints just get really uncomfortable you start to get aches pains my back starts to hurt so in a nutshell what i’m trying to say is that the 2021 mt09 as soon as you jump on it you’re really starting to understand why so many

People gravitate to this mt-09 why because it’s super comfortable and comfort for a lot of us means a lot because not all of us want to ride for two or three hours and be miserable after you know some of us got to work on monday and i know i say that a lot but guys there’s nothing worse than to going to work sore or hurting from the day before now the number

One reason why i really enjoy the 2021 mt09 is because of the comfort and all that comes with it suspension ergonomics i mean here i’m sitting more upright i’m taking this turn pretty easily even though i’m going slow but guys you know i’m not a track star it’s just super comfortable to get on the bike ride around i feel great my hands aren’t sore my wrists

Aren’t sore my legs aren’t sore heck not even my butt hurts the seat on this is actually pretty decent with all that being said i could jump on this bike be super comfortable feel great and get home and have very little or to no pain at all so that’s probably the number one reason why i love the 2021 m29 guys the second reason why i love the 2021 mt09 especially

Doing the 3 500 mile review is the power and performance of this bike now this bike is no slouch i mean this is not a bike that you could jump on and say yeah this bike’s really slow this bike is hell of a lot of power and the more you get on it the more you start to realize what a beast of a machine this is as i hit these turns which i come through here a lot

I could actually give it a little more gas lean into the bike feel super comfortable feel the power and the aggression of this bike and at the same time know that i’m not even giving it full power guys i’m i’m doing like 40 50 of what this bike has some of you guys even watch the videos and laugh at me and say man that bike’s going pretty slow well for me

It feels fast maybe for some of you pro riders i’m i’m going pretty slow but this bike the other reason why i love this bike so much is because of the performance that this bike has i mean this is one of the bikes that i could jump on give it gas and really feel the power immediately now i know that on my 2018 r1 it does the same thing but it’s a different

Type of power i don’t know it’s a different type of performance i can’t really explain it this feels like i’m riding a street bike and a dirt bike that’s just like super gnarly this bike has so much grunt so much mid torque i mean as soon as you hit the gas the spike wants to move and guys you can’t even see my hand i was like quarter turning the whole time

I wasn’t even giving it like full throttle if i give this bike full throttle most of you guys know what’s gonna happen i’m gonna pop a wheelie and most of you guys already know that i don’t pop wheelies because i don’t know how to do it i suck so that is the second reason why i love this bike is the performance and if you guys doubt the performance let me tell

You find someone that has one give them a deposit or something and take or if you could rent one take this bike for a spin and i guarantee you i guarantee when you come back there’s no way shape or form you’re gonna say man that bike will slow there’s no way this bike has plenty of power and that is the second reason why i love this bike so much oh man look at

All these birds they’re out here like wanting to eat or something they’re like yo man throw me some bread oh that’s what it is you see they got they’re feeding them over here these guys feel screwed over here they’re like man what the heck please don’t fly into me bird that’s pretty cool i’m over here by the marina and downtown sanford a lot of people walking

Around it’s a really cool place to just come and chill sometimes i just come chill here and park the bike and sit on one of these benches and just kind of look at the water now i will tell you i’ve never really seen a gator you know floating around right there they say there are tons of them but i’ve never really seen one in the marina now i have seen them you

Know further out where it’s a little more remote but as far as the marina here not so much the third reason on my list of why i love the 2021 mt09 is the looks now i know many of you hate the front headlight i don’t know why i honestly think it looks so impressive especially in person now i will admit when i first saw it i think like many of us we were kind

Of like what the heck is going on with the one eye cyclops i think that’s just like a normal feeling especially since we were so used to the beautiful look of the gen 2 but i will tell you the more i looked at it the more i thought wow that looks really futuristic and now that i’m looking at a lot of these new bikes that are coming out you could see that the

Styling the front end and the styling of the headlights on a lot of new bikes are completely a lot different it’s more like futuristic looking so i could see where yamaha was kind of going with the concept of this design now you know i know they call it the dark side of japan and things like that but i will tell you guys that the look of this bike in person is

So amazing and i get so many compliments it doesn’t matter if they know about bikes or they don’t know about bikes as soon as someone walks up to me they go wow that is a beautiful motorcycle i i’m honestly going to tell you that i get more compliments on the 2021 mt09 than i do my 2018 r1 i guess it’s because that style bike is not for everybody where as far

As this bike it kind of hits a lot of different you know styles of riding but i will tell you that the looks of this bike to me is amazing the design of the tank the design of the front end the way the frame is designed and laid out so you could kind of see into the tubing and the crevices of the bike you know i don’t know it’s just something about the whole

Bike in general that i completely love so the third thing and to me one of the most important things about the bike is the look because who wants to buy a bike that they don’t like the way it looks that’s dumb i mean i could have the most fastest most impressive bike with the best suspension handling and all that but if i don’t love the look of the bike i’m

Never gonna like it so when you add comfort you add performance and you add design to a bike with the 2021 mt09 you get the whole package this bike is fast it’s fun it looks amazing so many people love it and guys honestly there’s really nothing to complain about it’s probably one of the baddest illest nicest most beautifulest bikes on the market and if you

Pass up the opportunity to get one you’re a fool z so guys final point of the video is that the yamaha 2021 mt09 is by far at least to me the best bike on the market for the urban rider y because of the performance the handling the comfort and obviously guys the looks and the price point so after 3 500 miles of riding this bike taking it apart putting it back

Together upgrades doing all that stuff i’m going to tell you that i’ve been really really happy with this bike and i would recommend this bike to anybody even a new rider so guys with that being said take it easy on them filthy streets man be safe be blessed and remember you gotta work on monday peace

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2021 Yamaha MT09 3500 Mile Review By YamaYari