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2021 Yamaha MT09 Motovlog

Always Enjoyed Recording & Editing From Cars To Motorcycles & Now Personal Life…Excited To See What Adventures Lie In My Path. Especially Now With My New Purchase Yamaha MT09- GoProHero10.

Do this i’m riding this thing you know like in a month which is uh 2021 yamaha mt-09 not the sp model but this thing is still amazing 7 30 in the morning pretty late already to be up earlier i know if you guys hear some sniffling little bit sick but i don’t believe in me being sick so i’m not sick just purchased a jacket as well and advisor for my scorpion

Glow r420 i’m not sure if you could see that i’m loving it so far i have a the black tint uh visor so it really helps with the sun especially when i don’t like wearing like any shades or glasses really excited to ride this thing again like our mind me i thought he was crossing we’ll see if i still know how to ride this thing this is my first bike never

Owned one i written 150 or 200 some low cc yeah a year or so later yeah a year or two i purchased my first bike this one so that was right after getting my endorsement it’s a big jump from a 200 to a 900 i figured the 600 wasn’t gonna be enough for me there’s a dead body up there city donuts was a dead body up there it was a story that one of my co-workers

Uh cousins told us she’s a operator the one that takes in the 911 calls there’s a guy that was going to clean the rooftop off that um city donuts place and right in the corner there’s a dead guy he called the ambulance and everything yeah he was dead it’s crazy man that we don’t know about happens every day definitely on the edge of this guy girl i know

There’s a lot of wind this jacket really helps i don’t feel any wind hitting up against my chest or going through unless it’s the vented side i have one side vented the other side now just test out you know the uh the features of the jacket regular or something for 91 octane which is what this bike takes only fills up with two point five three gallons at

Most but obviously lit up within that quarter this thing does have a gauge a gas gauge a little crackle in the end this thing feels sweet man it does have a quick shifter and quick downshifter eliminating the clutch you just have to be on throttle when upshifting and off throttle when downshifting that’s when it enables and disables it first day of october the

First day back on this bb and this bb red one punch buggy no punch bugs have you guys ever played that game me man future do she always tries to cheat depicted old style not the new style of volkswagen beetles so if it’s an older one we do two shots you know two punches and uh i’m not sure the years probably 2000 to 2010 let’s say 10 and then the newer ones

Come from up top they have a different body so you can tell if you’re close to one but she’s always trying to cheat i’m always driving oh not always now you know i have her driving i like being driven around and i’m driving she’s always on the lookout and i forget to look out for these beetles the car if she sees one she hits me and then calls it out she’s

Like right there i’m like where i’m like that’s not what that’s the new one she’s like no you know i always get her back with the one two man this thing feels amazing dismount gorgeous i don’t have to say anything about it just that it belongs there i’m just playing what do you guys think of that

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2021 Yamaha MT09 Motovlog By jamvzz