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2021 Yamaha MT09 TechSpec Tank Pad Install

Short video installing the new TechSpec tank pads on my new 2021 Yamaha MT09.

Hello youtube what’s up guys welcome back to another episode where i’m going to be installing something very important to me and that is the tank pads as you can see on the r1 i do have some tank pads here i got the one design which i really like uh they feel really good and comfortable but uh just because of uh the newness of this mt09 2021 yamaha i said it

Backwards oh well um very limited as far as tank pad protection on this bike but there is a great company that i’ve read online that do very very well when it comes to that it’s actually a spec tech which i just got this in the mail i wasn’t in i wasn’t too in love with this uh you know kind of soft envelope uh delivery that it came in i would have preferred a

Box but these things are pretty durable i’ve already opened these things up as you can see but i’m going to show you how it came in the mail so bear with me here we have the tank pads themself you got left and right of both sides and it is a two piece so it’s going to have actually two pieces on one side of the tank and here is the center i’m not really sure how

I feel about this center uh i was hoping that it was kind of like more cut here curved on the bottom or the v notch up for the symbol on top so i’m not really sure how this is going to look once i install it or even if i will i’m not sure yet i’m still kind of hesitant on it i know they make great product but i i just kind of felt like this design kind of doesn’t

Fit the scheme of the tank but we shall see and they also sent this really cool little keychain which i actually enjoy a lot it actually felt it it pretty nice i’m probably going to end up using this for my everyday keychain so thank you techspec for that i’m not sponsored by this company at all to make this video obviously i’m just a newbie youtuber and i’m really

Just doing this for fun so i actually paid for this um i wanna say it was about eighty dollars give or take um i just can’t remember but it’s probably like about 80 bucks and um but it got here super fast i ordered it on let’s say tuesday and it’s friday and it’s already here so kudos to them for a great delivery and um and for sending that to me pretty instantly

Um basically i just hate the fact that i’m riding around without any tank protection especially the center area and on the sides i’m really ocd as you can see my r1 is looking really clean i try to keep my bike as clean as possible at all times and i have a lot of protection on that one but i’ve been riding this one with really no protection and it’s been kind of

Freaking me out uh so i’m gonna go ahead and get those on today and set this all up and we shall see how they look how it looks once i finish so stay tuned and uh we’re gonna get this thing going all right so first things first i went ahead and installed that keychain i actually like it man it’s like a little flip-flop like a little flippy floppy which is pretty

Cool you know like when you go to the beach so it looks kind of let me see if i get some better light here yeah so it’s got a kind of cool little design like a little flip-flop and i like the fact that it’s not going to hit the tank and stuff when it’s on there so yeah so this is my my my ram mount i actually have the key under here i don’t really have an issue

Putting it in usually but not from this angle but yeah that’s gonna work out pretty good enough you guys can see it but yeah it’s gonna work out nice man it’s not gonna hit anything it’s nice and soft if it does it’s not going to scratch nothing so i’m really pleased with that so thank you that actually works out pretty well all right that was the first step all

Right here we go all right guys so first thing first what i’m going to do is just wipe down the tank it’s already pretty clean but i’m just going to wipe it down anyway make sure there’s no oil there’s no uh make sure there’s no lubricants on it from just cleaning it you know with any sprays or any type of polishes which i do use a lot i’ll show you those a little

While so just kind of clean up the area uh just to get a better better grip on here um when i put those uh one designs on i actually messed up when i put it on and had to peel it off a couple of times and it ended up losing grip on the corner but only if i lift it up it’ll pull up but usually it stays on you know no one ever notices it but me but i want to do the

Same thing on this one so i’m going to wipe it down really good make sure all the dust and all that stuff’s off of it then i’m actually going to try to figure it out because i saw the picture i’m just not really sure how it lines up because it is like i said it is a two-piece so i’m going to try that now and see exactly how that’s gonna work to be honest with

You all right guys so i’m gonna open these things up and like i said they kind of come i really don’t know i really don’t know how these things going to be honestly let me have to look at oh here we go maybe something like that maybe something up maybe no maybe something like that yeah that don’t seem right not this one uh it’s probably something like this

Okay my bad it’s probably something like this and then i think okay so this is this one dude i’m totally doing this on the fly with you guys so i don’t even know how i should have looked at the video or the little picture but just trying to keep this channel real so you can’t see that i’m no pro when it comes to this stuff just a regular guy that likes to mess

Around alright so with that being said bam so we got this one here like this all right it’s probably gonna go something like this thing is you gotta do this exactly identical on the other side which could be an issue so let me go ahead and just take a break let me go ahead and look at some pictures to make sure i’m doing it right and we’ll get back to it i don’t

Know if you can see that that’s what it looks like on the website so definitely it’s got this piece on the bottom like so and then it has that other one on the top so let me figure out the best way to do this and i’ll get back to you guys all right guys so far this is what i got um so far so good i mean i try to place it as like center and as best as i can i

Mean that’s pretty much what the picture looks like online so i’m hoping you know especially from this angle you can see it’s not intruding but i’m hoping that i can get the other side exactly to look the same so that will be that will be the issue now here’s what i was talking about get these out the way it’s my phone let me show you the center one huh they do

Send some pretty cool stickers which is good and i just saw that they sent like some type of alcohol wipe which is probably what i should have did but anyway here’s the center one oh so anyway here’s the center tech spec tank pad and you see why i don’t like it because it blocks off the actual logo and i just don’t you know just not down with that so my other

Thought is to go lower like under the seat basically and kind of go like that which is probably what i’m going to do i’m probably just going to go under the seat just a little bit i’ll make it more center but probably just go under the seat just a tad bit so that way i don’t block the logo because i really don’t want to block that i know that’s kind of corny but

I just detect i just personally don’t want to block it now yamaha makes one that it’s actually cut out and it kind of is wider and it kind of comes down and it kind of goes with the logo that’s pretty dope so i don’t know if i’m gonna go with that but for now i mean i have this one you know like it’s kind of like this it has this like little cutout so it will

Basically kind of match that so i’m not too thrilled about this center one but i’m gonna make it work for now it’s gonna work and it’ll and i’ll get it to look as best as i can so stay tuned and i’ll try to get the other side done and have this done and then i’ll show you guys the final result all right guys so this is the final look here so i did the right side

The way i wanted it and the way i felt that was the best uh with the picture comparison i had from the actual website here is the center which actually came out a lot better than what i thought what i did was actually went under the seat like maybe a quarter of an inch or so just so it’s you know under the logo and now that i have it it does not look that bad i

Thought it was going to look a little worse i guess or maybe not too you know my my stan my standards you know i guess it’s because it’s you know it’s all personal preference you know there’s no right or wrong i guess but i mean they obviously designed this for a reason like this i just wanted it more angled to kind of fit over the logo but it actually worked out

Pretty well doing it this way so i’m actually quite happy with the final look of it there you go and as you can see here is the left side and i tried to keep it exactly you know as close to the right side as possible now it could be off slightly you know it can be i mean looking at it from here you know from like this angle because the bike is kind of leaning

Over with the kickstand but if i tilt the camera and set it up like this it actually doesn’t look too bad i mean as i go around it’s you know it’s basically you know it is basically lined up almost perfect now could it be off yeah but i thought anybody’s gonna come up to me go hey bro that’s like a centimeter off maybe maybe somebody in the comments would i don’t

Know but you know if i if i look at it from this side and then i come over this way and i look at it from this side to me it’s lined up pretty freaking good and i’m actually super happy that this is done man because let me tell you i was a nervous rack riding because i didn’t want like i said i didn’t want my jeans or anything to scuff up the paint or get any

Scratches here when i was getting gas i was like just backing off the seat because i didn’t want you know my belt buckle to hit the tank or get it all scratched up it’s not like i got a western style belt buckle but you know you just don’t want to get like i’ll show you for instance this is the r3 and it has a tank pad on it but this is my this is my my fiancee’s

Bike and you see when she wrote it look she had this big old belt buckle on no offense to her i mean she didn’t know and it was just rubbing you know it just barely rubs i just did some touch-up paint and touched it up and so now she knows not to wear a big old buckle like that again you know but it could happen so because i experienced this when i first got it

I was really worried about the r1 so then i ended up getting that just in case i actually didn’t have the center one in the beginning only had the sides so i ended up doing the center afterwards and then since now that i have the mt-09 here it was definitely on my mind to make sure that this thing got set up pretty well so overall super happy uh i’d say uh one to

Ten i give this a solid eight plus um they do have instructions which i ended up throwing away uh in the trash but they were on the inside of the actually let me let me grab them i don’t want to freak out but anyway so here’s how it came like this you know with the bag kind of under it with all the pads and i was like dang and as you can see earlier there was like a

Little alcohol wipe that fell out well then when you open these things up boom now it kind of gives you a brief description you know of like the do’s and don’ts you know how to apply it and all that stuff so i wish i wish this would have been like somewhere written on the back here just so it’s easier to kind of i like know like oh hey there’s instructions with

This thing but i cleaned the tank really well um i did use uh kind of like a you didn’t see it on the video but on the actual uh cloth that i was using i did spray a little rubbing alcohol but it’s kind of diluted with water so basically like a strong windex let’s say and i wiped it down with that to just keep the oils off and all that so you don’t want any oils

On that because then what’s going to happen is those tank pads aren’t going to stick and they could eventually end up peeling off so overall uh tex back super happy with the product i definitely like this the way this came out after the fact sorry if i pre-judged but i was just a little you know a little hesitant with the design of it but it actually worked out

Really well so there you go guys uh tech spec install i will note you this once you clean this tank and you put this pad it’s gonna stick so what i did was i just peeled a piece of the paper off on the corner stuck one piece and then just pulled this other side peeled it off and then laid the rest down all right guys i hope you appreciate the video and if you have

Any questions comments or observations let me know please hit the like and subscribe button if that interests you and if you want to share the video that is cool just trying to get this content out and this does not take too long to make these videos but it does take a little work so if you guys can do that for me if you want to i appreciate it if not no worries

Have a blessed day be good ride safe rubber side down and remember uh to always take care of your friends and your loved ones have a great day alright see y’all later

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2021 Yamaha MT09 TechSpec Tank Pad Install By YamaYari