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2022 Yamaha MT-07 for sale @Chris Hall Motorcycles Doncaster

2022 Yamaha MT-07, this immaculate bike has only done 1037 miles from new. Complete book pack supplied. The bike is fitted with smoked screen and tank bag ring.

Hello there and welcome back to crystal motorcycles in doncaster and welcome to the channel if you are new here don’t forget subscribe like and share i do appreciate it the channel is growing and we’ve got a hell of a lot more bikes to come at you so what forgot for you today stuller beautiful bike this is the 2022 yamaha mt-07 um it’s immaculate as you’d expect

A bike with only 1037 miles on the clock yep you heard me right folks a thousand and thirty seven miles on the clock um the bike is completely standard apart from two things we’ve got the tank bag ring on the on the tank obviously and we’ve got a smoke screen up front on that the bike is that exactly how yamaha intended it to be the bikes already had its first

Service at 600 miles and as you can see is immaculate it’s exactly 80 i expect a thousand mile bike to be still got little knobbles on the tires you know it’s a yeah beautiful real popular about these mt-07s they look great they ride well they sound good they sound good for a 700 yep they sound lovely do like this front end as well with a single light you know

Just uh on the front there nice color it’s a one owner machine from you ah sorry three things fitted extra what the usb port just here sorry forgot about that one see we’ve still got the uh the manufacturer’s tank sticker the fuel sticker on the tank there obviously it doesn’t need an mot it will get checked over prior to coming out of the workshop and we will

Supply it with a warranty however yamaha’s warranty supersedes hours so um you’re good to go on that one so i’ll just do a quick start for you a lovely dashboard on these as well excuse my arm in the way real nice like i say 1037 mile you got your speedo fuel gauge gear indicator abs obviously um just a real nice bit of kit yeah i think that sounds quite good

That for a stock for a stock 700. so yeah that’s the 2022 yamaha mt-07 in stock today 1037 miles on the clock i’ve got all the keys and all the books you expect from you um we can offer finance on this vehicle and we can offer nationwide or international delivery if required if you’ve got any questions whatsoever on finance delivery or just the bike in general by

All means give me a call on 01302-760-967 or you can email me chris onmotorcycles at alternatively if you are planning on coming down to look at the bike in person or any of our others once again i’m gonna have to say it please please please call ahead to make sure the bike is still available and in stock unfortunately i still getting far too many

People turning up and the bikes just left the building there’s nothing worse i’m afraid so um yeah like i say any questions give us a shout i’m going to leave this one here that’s the 2022 yamaha mto 7000 miles on the clock stay safe folks enjoy and don’t forget like share and subscribe i do appreciate it thank you very much have a good day cheers

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2022 Yamaha MT-07 for sale @Chris Hall Motorcycles Doncaster By Chris Hall Motorcycles