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2022 Yamaha MT-07 test ride & review / Is it fast? Does it handle? Lets find out!

My test ride and review of the MT07. Not a comprehensive overview as I only had it for an hour, so this is more of a first ride impression than a long term review! Join me to find out what I thought of it!

Heavy riders and thanks for joining me once again for another video right now on test ride in the uh yamaha mt-07 once again thank you to jade and laguna motorcycles for the test rides um so i’ve been running this a little while now having that like gopro issues as usual and uh my impressions are i don’t look to this point they’re divisive but uh the more i look

At it just like the n209 more like it the suspension feels good when i never complained about the uh original mt-07 suspension the rear shock specifically but uh on here feels okay it did get a bit uh out of shape uh when i hit a corner when i hit a bum mid corner but uh looks okay controlled itself eventually but the pegs are quite high so that’s one thing

I am finding the riding triangle so to speak um doesn’t work perfectly for me i’m five foot ten that’s how i feel like my knees are quite bent i’m quite high up i’m they’ve got a little bit of a lean forward as well which um i just doesn’t seem to be a natural riding position for myself again that’s personal everybody’s different before owners like me all

Right look at the mirrors we got a good job out of them the screen tiff the lcd screen is uh it’s good it’s got all the info you need like revs speed gear indicator and time even the timing is on your trip computer you can cycle through different trip trips as well for the usual uh in terms of tech this bike doesn’t have much at all really no riding modes

Just uh abs no not even any traffic control so pretty much as long as they come though that is it goes on the bends nicely it handles corners well not much in the way of adjustability on the suspension has to be expected of a budget fight it’s not going to tear your face i’ll put it that way but it’s funky enough breaks and they did a job fueling is lovely

No issues with that it was uh precise yeah it goes on ben’s really nice it’s really flickable so around town at thirty i worked out that uh she prefers me in second gear doesn’t sound too offensive only got enough instant poke if you need to get a move on out of the way uh the exhaust that’s something we need to talk about it sounds like a lawnmower it uh

It’s definitely in need of uh an end cam that’s for sure it’s so well planted definitely there’s some there’s a bit of a bit of dive from the uh forks but and there’s no adjustment actually this is a box standard bike so not basic right hand turn here the seat is a little bit firm but um not uh not in too much in discomfort yet but i think over distance it would

Probably be a bit uh on the firm side so in the very mine a good feel from the tyres not 100 sure what ties are there are a standard no complaints good feel if you hold the line well and if you’ve got no traction control then yeah you do want you want to make sure you’re gonna have good tires uh gear changes are positive it’s a little bit clunky yeah you can

Definitely feel the the gear change oh guys this is a fairly new bike you might just need to be uh running a bit in terms of comfort i’ll see there’s actually nothing in terms of wind protection so yeah you are you are at the mercy of the wind i’m afraid on that one the water controls feel really nice i don’t feel they don’t actually feel that cheap to be honest

I mean a lot of some japanese voices feel the switch gear for the bit plasticky but notice this feels and good the indicator’s a bit stubby but uh it works horn is really good as well so this would make a uh a perfect first bike absolutely number 10 or someone who we’ve got one too many points on their license and needs to calm down then yeah you can still have

A have your fun with this without getting into too much trouble it’s very pretty around here oh yeah there’s such a large bike so confident and sparring oh yeah yeah clutchless uh upshifts and downshifts are fine just takes the ordinary stride oh this has arrived yeah it’s kept them really well over this bumpy road i’ll say just uh just ties itself in knots

A bit when uh you hit a corner with him well do that again when you hit the mid corner but not major issue if you definitely feel that front didn’t go alive it’s a puppy little motor so it’s not gonna rip your face off yeah it’s perfectly well behaved yeah the brakes are they’re okay but uh they’re not gonna haul you up in uh in a hurry i don’t think i did a

Job but yeah riding position wise absolutely fine apart from the the uh high pegs i’m guessing they’re high so that you don’t ground it out the pegs out everywhere so yeah so uh my final thoughts then on the uh yamaha home g07 it’s a fun little bike this is not personally my bag not what i had not broken on myself a bit probably a bit too uh underpowered for

Me i’d rather the m209 but if you’re not bothered about horsepower you just want a fun little bike and uh yeah this would be absolutely fine really need a bigger bike yeah this is uh a perfect bite for beginners and also for on if you’ve been riding for quite a few years and you just want to slow down this would be good as well well if you just wanna if

You want to hoon around without getting into too much trouble this uh this will be perfect for that job so yes started writing from me hey whatever better use any shoe i only used one bro low speed yeah really well balance this is and i wonder so many people use these for commuting in town but um that twin cities have got a decent lowdown torque you can dart

Into gaps in traffic super flickable away but personally not a boat but i could own myself i don’t know but that uh put you off because it’s uh still a great bike okay guys thanks for riding with me see you on the next one so my final verdict on the yamaha mto7 it’s a super fun little bike not particularly fast but fast enough but extremely flickable so great

Run the bends um yeah huge fun i think it looks really nice as well personally and uh everything from like felt solid on it apparently indicator that was falling off but that’s just needed a new screen back in um yeah but uh yeah i really enjoyed this one and if you’re in the market for a small naked bike then this is definitely wanted to try out along with the

Trolling 660. thanks for watching

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2022 Yamaha MT-07 test ride & review / Is it fast? Does it handle? Let's find out! By UK Vegan Bikers