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2022 Yamaha Tnr World Raid | Better Than The Ducati DesertX?

The 2022 Yamaha Ténéré World Raid is a no nonsense adventure motorcycle, but is it better than the new 2022 Ducati DesertX?

Hey guys oh yes it’s another fun one what do we have here today another proper adventure bike the 2022 yamaha tenere 700 world raid edition let’s take her for a spin see what she’s like and see how she compares to the brand new 2022 ducati desert x which i’ve just ridden very recently so the yamaha tenera 700 world raid coming in at 11 800 pounds so it’s

A little bit more expensive than the standard 10 array but that is actually considerably less than the ducati desert x that i’ve just just ridden which is about 14 500 you’re saving yourself near enough three grand with this motorcycle let’s get moving luckily we have some off track roads today yes to test out this awesome proper adventure bike i can tell you

I’m not much of an off-road rider but this is sick this thing i could get into off-roading it is so much fun and easy as well so let’s quickly go over before we get into the the differences with the desert x and which is better off-roading is awesome look two heads you see more wildlife oh sorry fellas let’s just go over the um differences the over the standard

Tenor a7 with the world race so with the world raid for 2022 you’ve got steering damper olin steering damper which has i think it’s either 18 or 21 different settings on it so you can adjust that to your heart’s content you’ve got these awesome looking split fuel tank and it genuinely is a split fuel tank and it feeds into one another but they are two separate

Compartments so 23 liters so you got more more fuel capacity the suspension has had quite a big improvement it’s got longer travel suspension better quality travel suspension and it’s fully adjustable as well up front you’ve got slightly higher ground clearance and also which i i think is quite important is this tft dash looks absolutely stunning you’ve got a five

Inch tft full color dash right quick fire specs round engine 689 cc parallel twin 72 brake horsepower 68 newton meters at all suspension kyb front and rear fully adjustable 230 millimeters travel at the front suspension rear single shock absorber 220 millimeters travel kyb on to the brakes front brakes you have two 282 millimeter discs with two piston brembo

Calipers onto the rear anchors a single 245 millimeter disc with a single again brembo caliper ground clearance 255 millimeters not bad going on ground clearance had to move it on to the flat for this one seat height it’s a tippy toes 890 millimeters so guys hope you got all of the uh technical information there quick fire round thought we’d get that out

The way because i just want to jump on and ride it some more it’s so much fun last but not least tech spec the wet weight is 220 kilograms now let’s start comparing it a little bit to the ducati desert x all of the technical specifications are really really similar so the weight of the ducati is 2 2 3 the ground clearance of the ducati is 250 this is 255. same

Suspension travel at the front i believe the ducati may have 10 millimeters more travel at the rear but very identical yeah very similar spec bikes so why such a big price difference why 14 095 for the ducati and why 11 800 for the yamaha let’s find out to start off with the obvious difference between the two and the reason for a price difference is the power and

The engine with 72 brake horsepower on this yamaha and 62 newton meters of torque it’s a nice amount of power but the ducati has basically as close as you want has a thousand cc engine that v twin tester stretter lovely engine from ducati is putting out 110 brake horsepower and i believe off the top of my head 92 newton meters of torque that’s the first major

Difference the ducati basically has fair bit more power and i can say having ridden them both very close back to back you can notice it the ducati is a noticeably quicker and peppier motorbike another major reason for the difference in price specifications despite the name ducati you know you’re getting that to catty brand they charge more for their motorcycles it

Does have the ducati a more premium feel to it i would say that but moving on the ducati it’s tech the ducati is loaded with tech it really is especially for that for an off-road biased adventure motorcycle is full of tech it’s got six different riding modes phone connectivity cruise control heated grips it really does have everything that your sort of gs’s tiger

1200 adventure bikes have tech wise the yamaha much more basic you don’t have any riding modes no traction control basically if we go into the menu everything’s a little bit not as quite high quality as the ducati basically all you can adjust is abs so you got abs on abs off at the rear and all of this is sort of you can change your trip and everything nothing

Really to write home about if i’m being honest so yeah that’s basically all you can change on the yamaha so one of the the biggest difference i would say is the tech capabilities of the bike if you’re looking for a long range tour that’s slightly more comfortable i’d look in the direction of the ducati what’s she like to ride off-road the yamaha is epic off-road

So i’m being completely honest i’m not a um really experienced off-road rider at all to be honest i don’t really know what i’m doing let’s head towards the tarmac now it’s starting to rain and i’m not 100 sure if i’m allowed down here if anyone of uh legal authority is watching i’m definitely allowed down here i’ve done my research the yamaha is sick off-road like

I’d literally you don’t have to adjust anything i haven’t turned the abs off on the rear wheel i’ve literally just come up here and i can tell you you can get on it a bit if i was doing that on the ducati i’d probably feel a little bit nervous it’s got so much power the ducati and yeah you can put it in different riding modes and damp the power out and i would say

I really like the simpleness of this yamaha do you really need traction control on a bike like this i personally don’t think you do cruise control heated grips would be nice but you actually feel like the feeling of riding this for me feels more of an adventure experience than the ducati oh sorry ducati i love that ducati i really like this i really like the engine

As well when i first hopped on it i thought i don’t know you know the ducati is much quicker much peppier and for most instances but a better motorcycle for on-road riding i would say but having ridden this for a bit and got used to the 700cc engine that famous yamaha cp2 parallel twin it’s lovely the thing that yamaha say is they want to keep it this 700 engine

Because they don’t want to make it too intimidating you know for riding off-road as well and i can feel that taking it off-road it immediately fills you with confidence i don’t feel like it’s going to throw me off or rip it around the corner or completely spin out it feels really really nice and along with the dual split fuel tanks it’s awesome it feels like you’re

Really on like a dakar sort of proper proper adventure bike to keep it simple i really like that i i don’t see that as a negative on the yamaha just to ram the point home the yamaha is mega mega fun offroad and really easy as well i didn’t do much right off-roading on the ducati but i’m gonna give it to the yamaha i think the yamaha’s really really fun off-road now

Of course these types of bikes are going to be ridden on road possibly if you’re maybe schlepping it down to spain or portugal to uh hit some of the off-road tracks you want to know what it’s going to be like on road riding how does she feel so it’s tall it’s got lot big suspension high seat height and you can feel that very commanding riding position you’re sat

Upright you’ve got this really cool 5-inch tft the windscreen is non-adjustable but i would say much like on the ducati the wind protection’s really good i was on the motorway earlier and i’m five foot nine and the wind protection’s fantastic no buffing at all it’s almost sort of the perfect height for me so the engine that is one thing where the ducati definitely

Trumps the yamaha on road the lovely engine this cp2 but if you’re more of an experienced rider the ducati the v2 tester strata engine has got a lot of go that thing really really hustles on road it’s actually a really fun bike to ride on road i would almost buy it just as an on-road bike it’s amazing it’s not to say this is underpowered or anything it’s just in

Those comparisons the ducati air definitely trumps yamaha riding down here i was on the motorway doing legal speed limits and the yamaha this engine’s real smooth you know 75 and if you wanted to go 80 8085 you got your sixth gear put it into six gear and it’s really comfortable less vibes from the ducati so you could argue that this is a more comfortable pliable

Friendlier engine actually for longer longer distances that’s a good point oh here comes the rain lovely what are the other riding dynamics like on road well it’s actually very nice you’ve got the gear shifter it’s a really nice light throw on the gear shifter clunks into gear nicely very sort of premium feeling nice and light easy to use gear action but that is

One difference where the possibly the ducati has it up on the yamaha on the ducati you’re getting a quick shifter as standard which is lovely for on-road what are the brakes and handling like so the brakes are an interesting one on the yamaha they’re two piston brembos they’re not really sharp right oh here we go good use they’re not really sharp they’re actually

Quite a nice progressive gentle feel to them plenty of um stoppage power there when you yank on it it’s gonna excuse the pun when you uh pull the brakes it’s gonna it stops you very well but it’s not sharp the brakes on the ducati are a lot sharper and more powerful however i actually prefer the brakes on the yamaha i prefer that more gentle theme of things where

You’ve got a longer throw on the on the brake lever to actually get that stopping power through and it matches up with the light gear shift and the less powerful less less possibly sorry ducati vibey engine as well it really is it’s growing on me more and more this cp2 700 engine it’s a peach they’re really onto something with this it’s slightly reminiscent of the

Afrika twin very characterful smooth parallel twin suspension and handling on road from the yamaha world raid 700 ten array obviously it’s got that 21 inch front wheel and you can feel it it’s not really nimble around the corners and i wouldn’t describe it as quick to turn in however if you’re not looking to um hustle it too much which with a sort of bike like

This i mean you shouldn’t be really it’s very nice for just riding at normal road speeds it’s got a sort of slow feel to it the uh the handling i would describe it as it flows very nicely through the corners you’re not going to be tipping it in really quickly i got caught out earlier a little bit on a really sharp corner it’s good it’s smooth hello pigeon and you

Can have some fun with it but it’s it’s not one of those 21 inch front front wheel bikes where you’re like oh my god it feels like uh you know like a normal sports bike it’s not quite that you can feel that 21 inch the ducati on the other hand obviously has that 21 inch front wheel but on road that ducati is is a beast it it handles really well i’m i’m gonna give

The ducati the points the win over the yamaha for on-road handling still fun though you can have fun with it and that motor is not being too powerful you can really uh use all of the all of the rev range there fuel tanks guys this looks really cool on the yamaha the split fuel tanks i think that’s a really nice touch from yamaha for this world raid model which

Is actually they’ve lowered the fuel tank compared to the standard t7 23 liters of fuel in these tanks which is a nice amount good i think for uh an adventure bike of this style that i i think is designed to be taken in far flung places where you may have long mileage between fuel stops and petrol stations so that’s nice the ducati is good as well the ducati has

21 liters of fuel tank raid but it also has an option quite a clever option the ducati on the back on the right hand side optional extra where you can have an eight liter uh little fuel tank back there and then when you run out up front you have a little button and you can pump the fuel from that rear eight liter one into the main fuel tank which is awesome i

Think that’s really cool little touch i actually love the way you have to pump it as well i think that uh makes you feel more sort of deckary um off-roading fuel tank-wise and range i think that they’re both pretty similar neither here nor there for either of them both do a great job just a bit of proof for motor rate riding for you dual carriageway really easy it’s

Really comfortable this even with the 700 the low lower horsepower than the ducati it’s really nice comfortable ride good wind protection up in sixth gear just cruising at 70. no problems so we come back in to this bike’s rightful owners blade motorcycles i want to give a massive massive shout out to uh blade for allowing me to test ride this bike and not only this

By lots of other bikes they they’ve literally as you can see fantastic indian suzuki yamaha kawazaki honda triumph it’s great overall conclusions what do i think of the bike and how do i think it compares to the ducati desert x which is the better bike really good question the ducati is near enough three grand more expensive so yamaha have built a great off-road

Motorcycle at a good price although it is creeping up a little bit now with this world raid edition i’ve had really really good fun on this bike today it’s it’s fantastic off-road it’s great on road that that engine in this is really special so benefits of the ducati the ducati i would say is a better on-road bike it feels slightly more premium i personally love the

Looks of the ducati like the retro adventure style it really looks like a it’s a wicked like that especially in the flesh take a look at it really cool it’s a fair bit quicker the ducati it’s a lot of a quicker motorcycle it handles slightly more responsive better brakes etcetera slightly more premium on-road however i have had such a good time on this most bike

Today off-road it’s been an absolute riot and not too too intimidating either and i think that’s down to the engine mainly and just how well this is built for off-road on-road as i say it’s it’s not as responsive and peppy and sort of fiery as the ducati however i’ve really enjoyed riding this on road i feel you do get more of that um dakar off-road feeling to this

Bike the handling’s not as sharp either but that engine again it’s very relaxing the ducati is more peppy slightly more in your face ready sort of get up and go to ride quicker whereas this is slightly more relaxed vibe to it with the power being down you can just sort of knock it up with the light gear throw up into sixth gear and it’s beautiful for just relaxingly

Sort of cruising into the corners set and forget it’s not mega quick to turn in but it’s it’s characterful and great fun on the road i’m going to start beating around the bush now which one am i going to go for which one do i think is better i think it’s down to personal preference but i actually love the looks of this as well sorry ducati i would go for the yamaha

Despite the price as well i would go i would go for the yamaha i’ve loved really enjoyed the lower power of the engine and i’ve actually really enjoyed the simpleness of it uh without all of the tech and everything just as a simple bike if it was my one and only bike then it would be a different idea i may start looking at the ducati because of the extra speed and

The tech and the comfortableness and the cruise control on the heated grips but as a second bike i think i’ll take the yamaha over the ducati sorry guys let me know what you think in the comments look forward to hearing from you many thanks for watching if you’re interested in one of these brand new world raids yamaha give blade a shout link down in description

For blade motorcycles they’ve actually got a few in stock now i believe i was talking to george the salem at salesman excuse me call them up give george a shout have a chat if you uh want to test ride one of these babies many thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe if you like the video and see you in the next one you

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