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2022 Yamaha XSR700 Update Overview & XTribute XSR Scrambler

Yamaha have pulled the covers off an updated XSR700 for 2022, although as with the MT-07 facelift, this is a small one, mainly revolving around the new Euro5 powerplant and of course a restyle.

Hey there riders moto genochris here and yamaha have pulled the covers off and updated xsr700 for 2022 although as with the mt07 facelift this is a small one mainly revolving around the new euro 5 power plant and of course a restyle the xsr700 was actually a personal favorite when i tested it a number of years ago with a bit more of a retro cruiser theme to it but

Obviously built around the iconic cp2 engine which offers really characterful performance the xsr700 was simply put a looker awesome fun and handled great and would have been my go-to recommendation for anyone stuck between a naked bike and something with a little cruiser feel to it without reaching something like the volcanoes for comparison and that’s when we’re

Talking beginner to mid-range machines it’s worth noting the xsr 700 in australia is the lamb’s version which gets a smaller capacity engine to meet our restrictions people will groan about that but honestly with minimal torque lost the lamb’s cp2 is still a belter even if it’s a 655cc version of the parallel twin and down a decent amount of peak power testing the

Mt07 la or restricted version against the full power version or mt07h0 for instance didn’t really reveal a significant difference which is really saying something the only thing about the xsr700 is that for the retro theme you pay a bit of a premium over the standard mt07 no word on the pricing of the new edition as yet but i can’t see that changing we’ve also been

Told european arrival will start from april 2022 so what’s new to start with yamaha are calling this a scrambler in x tribute version with some off-road features including adding a set of pirelli mt60 rs tyres for that blocky dual purpose style that’ll probably offer a bit more confidence in gravel or on dirt roads but with those cast spoked wheels retained this

Remains a very road orientated scrambler the standard version will run michelin road 5 tyres in comparison honestly the x tribute feels like a styling exercise but it may help yamaha sell more of the xsr 700 which i do think is an underappreciated machine as scramblers are no doubt making a bit of a return as writers want a do-everything machine once again to match

The change in theme on the x tribute is also the inclusion of off-road style handlebars with the cross beam that yamaha say is also wider than the standard units while grippier pegs are also run and include a removable rubber insert hand grips are also described as off-road but they look like pretty run-of-the-mill units to me maybe a little beefier than what most

Road machines will run other special extribute features include a revised cockpit layout with black lcd dash the 1981 colorway and an xt style flat seat the forks also run gators which blacks them out completely and does offer a more genuine scrambler feel all versions have the engine updated to euro 5 spec as we knew was gonna happen so no real surprises there

The main difference will be that a more restrictive exhaust is fitted bulkier with a collector at the headers and the main collector near the exhaust which looks fairly similar from the outside the benefit there will be that fitting an aftermarket exhaust will be even more rewarding now as you lose even more weight keeping in mind these bikes need a full system

It’s not a separate header and collector and muffler setup but that’s not a change in most places that’ll be the 689 cc cp2 high torque euro 5 version while i’m guessing we may see the 655cc lambs version here in australia once again but you never know the chassis has remained largely the same with the existing tubular backbone frame and suspension unchanged from

What i can see that’s 41mm forks non-adjustable and a mono shock at the rear with preload adjustment for me the suspension offered an exceptional ride ideal for mixed road conditions and comfort without any wallowing however i’m 70 kilos or so so that may vary by rider travel was 130 millimeters at each end with no tech specs currently released so i’m assuming no

Changes there what has been beefed up slightly is the braking package with the inclusion of 298 millimeter rotors over the old 282 millimeter units on the front with the four part yamaha calipers retained abs is of course still standard a welcome update is to the headlight with an led unit now featured which really do tend to offer a significant increase in light

Throw and as a result safety at night when that vision matters the x tribute is listed as having led lights all around but the pictures of the standard also seem to have those same led indicators fitted from what i can see the headlight does include a split projector and half circle position lamp as well while the tail light remains a more traditional round unit

With snazzy indicators also shown that dash is also moved forward for better clarity and visibility while the headlight unit isn’t as deep and seems more recessed in between the forks reducing the impact on the front end other small updates include to the switches which are apparently more user-friendly and allow lcd meter function access while reading while the

Radiator covers are different and include the indicator mounting points at the front now moving them from the headlight colour options in the standard 2022 xsr700 are heritage white and heritage black and they both look the business with the x tribute running the 1981 inspired colours which is listed as tech black in the yamaha release but looks to run a silver

Tank with that name referring to all the details which are blacked out with much of the bike being unchanged that’s a benefit for customizers in being able to use older already available mods in some places while an optional acro exhaust will also be available and probably be a must for anyone who wants to save some weight and get a bit more of an exhaust note as

Well in the past the acro systems with the silencer in are pretty tame if you don’t like too loud and removing the baffle really opens them up if it’s the same system that is this very much follows in the footsteps of the mto7 update as noted with no really big ticket changes as far as i’m concerned with no tft dash no electronics like traction control or ride

By wire or anything more fancy there in fact there’s still no quick shifter personally though i like the lcd dash and have to be fair none of these things are really necessary i guess more adjustable suspension to suit a wider variety of riders would be welcome if you fall outside the ideal operating range of the currently fairly non-adjustable system but these

Bikes are just great things to ride of course the sb650x while not a scrambler probably shares some overlap with the xsr700 while cf moto’s new 700 clx model is very competitively priced where the current generation xsr 700 is 13 300 in aussie dollars here now right away and that’s the old version that’s not the new version the base sv650 is 10 490 in comparison

And the 700 clx from cf moto is 9490 both right away anyway let me know your thoughts on the updated xsr700 and as always thanks for watching and stay safe out there so you

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2022 Yamaha XSR700 Update Overview & XTribute XSR Scrambler By Moto Journo Kris