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2022 Yamaha YZF-R1, Its Certainly Not A Poser Bike

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Foreign yzf r1 it’s certainly not a poser bike the unwashed masses can have real race bike enjoyment thanks to yamahas or one family at a price that belies their capabilities with performance on par with motogp the base model yzf r1 and it’s even more race ready m variant are actually designed to be swiftly modified for track use a powerful leader-sized mill

Pushes the r1 family well into the stupid fast category with updated electronic subsystems and of course the synergy between the components makes the r1 family much greater than the sum of its parts the yzf throbbinger once heart is the center of attention the cross-plane crankshaft engine from yamaha is what performs all the magic the inline 4 engine is powered

By borrowed race tested technology from the mission one program super light titanium comets have fracture split big ends to deliver superior fitment but there’s no doubt that the lowered reciprocating mass helps the engine spool up quickly in response to demand at the right grip of course that demand washes through a number of electronic safety systems before

It gets to the engine the updated quick shift system allows for seamless push buttons shifting both up and down the range as did the wheel lift control so it generates more drive while keeping the front wheel on the ground power modes launch control traction control and slide control add to the fandangory to help you manage all that power most of us will need as

Much help as we can get since the yamaha yzf our ones mill churns out a staggering 200 horsepower and 82.9 pound-feet of torque yeah it’s like that and it drives the yzf for one’s top speed of 186 miles per hour the 70 millimeters board and 50.9 millimeter stroke adds up to 998 cubic centimeters with a 13 to 1 compression ratio that adds up to premium fuel no way

Around that but thumps the brakes if you want to play with the big boys a slipper clutch adds another layer of traction patch protection with a six-speed gearbox to crunch the ratios and send power to the rear wheel via o-ring chain drive foreign tunnel tested skin on the yzf or one mostly contains all the goodies but leaves a bit more of the engine visible than is

Typical of super sport level machines able to offer minimal resistance to penetration as any good race bike should the factory takes advantage of the ram air effect and uses it to deliver a higher volumetric efficiency than is possible with a naturally aspirated engine foreign headlights take care of business from their unobtrusive little niches at the top of the

Cowling scoop and since the turn signals come integrated with the mirrors they add no extra drag of their own plus it’s really convenient if you want to strip the bike down to its raceway for a track day a bubble canopy gives the tft display a measure of protection and creates a minimal race style pocket that you really have to tuck into to get any protection the

Clip-on bars and jockey mount pigs encourage the kind of posture anyway if you plan on using this as a street bike commuter you should be aware that this isn’t like a standard model that will let you push off for an almost upright posture you’re going to be almost locked into superman mode at all times the 4.5 gallon aluminum fuel tank strikes a long flat fly line

Ahead of the steep tumble to the pilot seat it comes with the typical flared shape that leaves a handy knee hanger to enable your body english there’s a little bit of rise to the tapered tail for the nose down slash tail up stance that looks so good but it should come as no surprise that the pillion area isn’t quite as robust as the rest of the bike the bike comes

With a skinny pee pad that may prevent any bruised tailbones or knotty bits but not much else oh well you can’t have everything and if you plan on having a regular passenger i’d recommend a different machine a very different machine at the terminus the mud guard mounts the tag and rear turn signals like the mirrors and winkers up front it provides an all-in-one

Assembly for quick race day prep the r1 and the r1m start to diverge a bit in the support structure not in the bones itself both run a distressed engine delta box frame derived from the m1 project but in the suspension components the base or one runs some nice gear to be sure with inverted kyb stems floating the front end on 4.7 inches of travel and provide the

Full spectrum of adjustments out back a kyb monoshock springs off the long boomerang-shaped swing arm with the same travel figure and adjustments plus a spring preload feature because well because people expect it no matter what kind of bike it is foreign ‘s electronic racing suspension system the r1m elevates things totally for a dynamic riding experience the

Technology automatically adjusts the dampers based on data about vehicle motion and attitude three rider programmable profiles and two additional options for track tackling performance were introduced by the factory allowing you to fine-tune it to your liking foreign bikes need crazy strong brakes and the factory obliges with dual 320 millimeters discs up front

And a 220 millimeters discount bag as with the suspension the brakes benefit from the 3d 6-axis inertial measurement unit that feeds data to the abs it allows for the fact that the braking effort shares the same finite amount of traction and prevents you from pulling a low cider from over braking in a curve on top of that yamaha’s own unified brake system shares

A portion of the pressure from the front brake circuit with the rear caliper to help increase stability under heavy front brake use that’s right go ahead and trail brake with abandon the r1 has your back super light 17 inch magnesium wheels round out the rolling chassis with even more racing tech and they’re lined with a zr rated 1270 up front and 190 55 outback

You can get a 2022 yzf for one in performance black or team yamaha blue for 17 599 msrp the r1m is significantly pricier at 26 299 msrp but the envy it generates comes standard with the package

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