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30,000km Service | Yamaha Tenere 700 | Oil and Filter Change |

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Hey team how you doing ray here and here for marrow this is my itinerary 700 and uh i’ve done it before and i think i’ve done a video on it but today we are doing an oil and filter change so i’ll make this as painless as possible let’s uh let’s dive into it the first thing you want to do is start up you buy get that oil nice and warm i wait until the

Temperature gauge on the t7s dash reads about 50 degrees i know that that’s water temperature not oil temperature but it seems to be warm enough you’re going to need an oil drain pan and on my bike i need to take off the outback motor tech skid plate to access the sump plug and of course the oil filter there we go what a 10 times about 50 degrees which means the

Oil has a little bit of temperature in it stop the bike and then struggle with the sump plug this is a 17 millimeter socket and i use the high flow oil filter which has the 17 mil socket on the end of it as well i don’t use the socket to do the filter up but it’s great for getting the filter off take them off let it drain put the new filter on make sure you lube

Up that little rubber gasket and you’re really just trying to get it hand tight here don’t over tighten the oil filter replace the sump plug again don’t over tighten and use a rag to remove any residual oil that’s dribbled off the end of the sump there now the manual for the tenora 700 says to use 2.5 liters of oil ant and oil and filter change so i’m measuring

My oil out in this taller measuring vessel and then pouring it into a jug once it’s measured to be put into the bike remove the oil filler cap and using a funnel pour your two and a half liters of oil into the engine now once you’ve put your oil in the sight glass on the side of the engine is not going to read accurate you can see here that it’s over full but

Remember that the oil needs to circulate around the engine so start the engine up keep an eye on the oil pressure light and as long as that goes out you’re fine run the bike for a couple of minutes stop it check it again but at this point the oil sight glass is going to read low so give the bike a couple of minutes to let the oil drain back into the sump now is a

Good time to make sure you’ve got no oil leaking out of your sump plug or your filter foreign s check that oil sight glass again all right so there we go uh oil and filter is changed on the tenora 700 um ended up using 2.4 2.5 to 2.6 liters of oil if you’ve got any questions about the oil to use i use this stuff the spectro uh sae 10w40 synthetic oil and i buy

It in a four liter bottle and here in new zealand it costs about 85 dollars for a four liter bottle so there you go um i already had some laying around 2.5 liters per oil change it’s a four liter bottle so you’re gonna you’re gonna end up buying a bottle per oil change for the first few oil changes and then you’ll get to a point where you’ve got enough to do an oil

Change kind of a bonus oil change there you go um on the tenora 700 i think it’s uh 1000ks for the first service and then 10 000 every service after that uh so my bike’s about to click over 30 000 k’s um i’ve kind of shortened the service intervals to get it to the round figure of every ten thousand thirty thousand just because it makes life easier but otherwise

Um there you go it’s an oil and filter change on the t7 good to go for another 10 000 k’s i do have the chain and sprockets sitting here to do and as soon as i get enough time up my sleeve i’ll do those and take you along for the ride on that as well thank you

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30,000km Service | Yamaha Tenere 700 | Oil and Filter Change | By MotoNZ