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Hey it’s john matz come and check in with another guy excellent video we just got today the 2014 fc o 9 a lot of press on already we’re gonna try to do in this video more of the things that you might not know about the bike so we’re gonna focus on that today one of the major things everybody that’s been around yamaha for a long time is realizing about this bike is

Just how many things are different you know the wheel castings they’ve never done wheel castings like this before head light fixture brake light fixture we’re gonna look at all the switch gear they have a new engine start button it’s even different from the new fgr which they redid last year the gauge display you know the frame obviously the border they haven’t done

A triple in a long time and this this motor is all new every single part of this bike is just just about all of it is is completely from the ground up for this design which is really exciting we haven’t seen anything like that you know out of asia for a long time where they’re they’re kind of reinventing the slate and you know so we’re gonna focus on some of that

Stuff you can kind of zoom in a lot of us can’t get over everybody’s kind of just going crazy over the blue violet indigo wheels you can’t you know hardly tell exactly what color they’re going for but they do look very good and if you come around this side you can see it’s an 8 47 triple with the crossplane technology 4 valve 4 valve per cylinder does not have a

Silver clutch you that that’s that’s not really seemed to be making its way into the press it it doesn’t feature super crust it’s you know to us it’s no surprise i mean it you know 8,000 our vehicle probably not gonna have everything but there there is a lot to it still yet a lot of new aluminum and things like that the gauge display and the switch gear let’s have

A look at that this is this is all different for a yamaha bike of course the key ignition is the same but you’ve got kind of this this slide down engine start kill switch button your throttle mode which can be changed we know about the throttle modes but you know that can be changed at any time you’re off the throttle you’ve got a nice setting of be sitting in a

Standard setting you’ve got kind of a you’ve actually got a high beam flasher and it’s it’s really the switch gear feels a really nice high beam low beam the turn signal switch is different the horn switch if you zoom in on the gauges the gauges do actually a few things that we’ve all been beating up yamaha for for a long time you do have a gear position indicator

And you’ve got you know two trip meters but it keeps going you have fuel efficiency that’s that’s kind of a neat one average fuel efficiency that’s that’s just the thermostat there you have ambient air temp as well as the thermostat you know and then all the other classic jana hi you know your time your odometer and things like that this up here kind of fills in as

A digital gauge meter and you’ve got you actually do have a full-on fuel gauge that’s what’s going on in that section over there so there’s you know it’s a really comprehensive gauge package for as small as that is and you know certainly for a bike at this price that’s that’s the most instrumentation you can ask for and as you zoom in you can kind of go you know

Look at all the fit and finish of the new castings i mean this little you know clutch basket carrier they’ve got this little vent and electronics beautifully you know kind of tucked away in there and actually this little guy here this little trick flip guy if you can see that that right there you open that guy up and it’s it’s a concealed key carrier and then the

You know the tumbler of course releases a seat and this is kind of what we’re looking at underneath the seat of this bike and you know looking at the subframe it’s when you see these bikes in person they are actually a lot more compact in person than they even look like online and i know online they look small already but this this truly is you know they say it’s

Four hundred and fourteen pounds wet and i believe it i mean just just moving around the shop just now getting it in here it’s it feels like a like a 690 enduro i mean it’s there there’s not a lot of weight to it not a lot of width it’s a 32 inch seat height so if you’ve got a 32 inch inseam or maybe even a little less it’s it’s gonna feel downright ideal to you

So very comfortable you’re a little bit shorter i’m sure we can you know adjust suspension and things like that static sag set it down or heel to probably come up with lowering links for it to but it’s a everybody that’s sat on it supernatural ergonomics to my knowledge and i think on somewhere in yamaha it says this is the first ever yamaha sport bike fitted with

A tapered aluminum handlebars so it’s it’s kind of four modal guys who like having their wrists kind of kinked straight out it’s it’s just super natural it’s it’s totally natural fighting position gearbox is a six feet i didn’t mention that before it’s it’s a 180 fifty five tire on the back i know some people were we’re asking about that and people are asking about

The tires to their their each bike is a little different i see there’s there’s bridgestone battle-axes on here and there’s dunlop qualifiers on this one so that looks like they’re kind of rolling with the tire suppliers they did have to regroup for production on these because they sold i think once or twice over their initial allocation you’re gonna see a lot of

That sold sangs on i might think we we cruise through half of our allocation already so if you’re looking for one you definitely want to make arrangements to to seal the deal on it cuz it’s you know it’s it’s it’s a whole lot of bike and it’s all new you know so it’s very exciting really good colors i think these are i think these are our two favorites right now

That the liquid graphite i can’t remember what they call that it orange i’ll call it but you know a very sharp bike for that kind of dough so you know if you have any questions on it just give us a holler at 9 207 three four seven one three four at eklund motorsports appleton we’ll be able to help you out right take care

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