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Basket Case 2004 Yamaha R1 Rebuild – Part 10 – Finishing the Engine

Welcome Back!

Okay so first i’m going to put the um valve cover gasket on here the best way is just to kind of work it around start at one spot and go from there okay so now i’m just going to slide the um valve cover on here hopefully without this falling off sometimes they want to fall off so you need to put like a little sealant or glue or something there just to kind of

Keep it where it needs to be make sure your seal is actually in the spot where it’s supposed to be all around yeah it looks like this one is so we can go ahead and install the bolts here all right then i’m going to torque these down to 10 newton meters as well okay then up top here we also need to install these which are the air bypass system um these are

Lock-tited so be sure to do that okay so that’s installed now okay so now we’re gonna install the cover right here you can see we already got the pins in of course from earlier there’s no dowel pins to hold it together when you’re putting it on at first so what i like to do is get two of the bolts and go ahead and get them in here okay so i’m just gonna install

These bolts first here okay now these are going to be torqued down to 10 newton meters also okay so that’s installed now as we have left installed is the starter here and the generator on this side flip this around so you can do that okay so up next i’m going to go ahead and install the starter here pretty straightforward just going to put a little bit of

Oil on the o-ring on it right here it just slides right in right here just like that it has two bolts that go right here so this will also be torqued down to 10 newton meters okay so now i’m gonna go ahead and start installing the starter clutch and the generator here so you can see i still have it in one piece right here it kind of gets stuck together

Because it’s all magnet i’m going to pull it apart like that first so you have the starter clutch here to order these go in this washer goes here and then this collar goes here so that’s the order they go in this whole deal is just going to go right into that bearing in there that you see maybe there it is all the way in make sure you got that aligned it’ll

Kind of be flat there if you can see that um then the outer part goes in pretty simply just make sure you’ve got your gasket on here because it’s going to kind of suck it in once i put this on pretty quick so then i’m going to put this gasket up here again and hopefully this time we’ll get it of course this had to fall out there it is just like that okay

Now we just need to um install this so there’s going to be different bolts for it there’s four of these that look like this and three of these larger ones so i’m gonna go ahead and start installing those now so these are going to be torqued down to 22 newton meters or 16 foot pounds and then we’ll install these smaller bolts here all right so those are going to

Be torqued down to 12 newton meters now okay so we got that installed now the next thing i need to install is a new or a temperature sensor here looks just like this it screws right here into the block pretty straight forward on that it’s going to be a 19 millimeter deep socket i’m gonna have to go look up and see what the torque spec is for this but it’s going

To go right there right here we also have the transmission neutral sensor so that’s going to go ahead and go in as well right now it’s going to be a 14 millimeter i’m gonna look up the torque spec on those two um down here at the bottom hopefully you can see it right here we’re gonna have a speed sensor actually that goes in here just like that this will be

Torqued down to 10 newton meters just like that and then i’ll put it up here to stay out of the way also okay so this is going to be torqued down to 20 newton meters and this one will be torqued down to 18 newton meters so we’ll start with that okay okay that’s that neutral sensor all right last sensor we have one more over here on this side which is going to

Be the crankshaft position sensor it’s going to go down here at the very bottom it’s pretty straightforward it’s just going to slip right into that hole there there we go a little better that time all right so that’s installed now and it ends up snaking right up through there kind of like that right there like that okay so last we’ll just probably put the

Thermostat on and some of the intake here i’m going to put a bit of loctite on this and then that will be torqued down to 10 newton meters okay okay so now that we’ve got um this in and this in this of course i just put in with two bolts locked out ten millimeter type bill um and now that i’ve got the right pipe which is a longer one it’s gonna go right

There just like that and this will go just right in here like this put that back in there so it quit popping out all right so just like that okay that’s installed okay so the last major thing i’m going to do here is put the throttle bodies onto the engine of course the first step of that is going to be reinstalling these the rings here pretty easy on these they

Eat your number this is number four uh one big thing that’s a big help is you probably want to put a bit of oil around it or they can be a real pain to get on sometimes so there’s a tab there as well that’s on the bottom and it corresponds to that tab right there so this one should just pop right on nearly there we are just like that and they’re four millimeters

So i’ll come back and tighten these up in a few next we got number three here um some of these clamps i’m missing i have to order them but don’t worry and there it is we’ve got number two here right there okay and lastly number one here all right so we got those on so now i’m going to tighten them down okay so i’ve gotten all those installed all the clamps so

Now i’m going to go ahead and install the throttle bodies here for now just to have them on the engine i don’t know if you’re going to be able to see all this but we’ll try make sure these are loosened up pretty well or these can be really hard to get on there all right we got it in okay so now i’m just going to go in here and tighten up these um screws

And that’ll be that these don’t need to be super tight this needs to be you know tight you don’t want to bend the clamp you got so tight like the previous person did on this bike okay now i’m going to turn the engine around okay guys and this engine is basically done i mean there’s a few little things i got to finish on it waiting on parts to come in um but

Overall it’s ready to go um thanks for watching this part there may be a little delay before we put it in the bike but um there’ll be some other little videos coming like how to do the fork seals brake calipers and maybe swapping an 0-4-06 input shaft and regular clutch for the 0708 sliver clutch so stay tuned and thanks for watching

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