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Bye Bye Mk2 Audi TT?!?!? Hello Yamaha YZF R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition!!!

Hey guys I know it’s been a minute!!! Your boy is back!!! Tag along as i head over to Blackmans Cycle Center here in Emmaus, PA. I pick up a new toy which just so happens to be a 2022 Yamaha YZF R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition!!! This bike is amazing!!! I love the fit and feel and also just look at it!!! Let me know what you guys think of the new pick up in the comments below!!!

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel it’s your boy mega 4k you already know and on today’s episode i got some big things planned oh my goodness guys oh my goodness is all i got to say it is a beautiful day number one and number two guys i have been really thinking about getting rid of the audi tt now i know what you guys are thinking you’re like oh

No don’t get rid of the tt what are you gonna get what are you doing but today guys i am about to go drop a large sum of money on something a little special and a little unique i’m actually on my way there as you can see i am riding passenger because i plan on coming home with this vehicle today so keep it locked guys stay tuned and i’ll see you guys when i get

There oh wait a second what is this all right guys we made it down here to a black men’s psycho center my me saying that gives it away a little bit but you know what we’re here for oh my gosh what does it look like i don’t want to see it is it sick yo don’t be breaking my bike all right is it sick is it good it’s good let’s go i can look oh oh my god

Bro like yo i’m literally speechless oh my god yo look at the flake in it i know that’s what i was looking at it looks like a gold tent oh my god yo she is beautiful i am literally i’m literally speechless at how this how this bike looks i can’t believe it’s mine yo holy crap get to that b-roll baby ah all right guys look at this beautiful bike baby let’s

Go holy smokes there she is in all of her glory and we are about to take her on her maiden voyage whoo first startup let’s go let me make sure i’m recording oh yeah we’re recording first startup let’s go uh oh you can feel that rumble yeah boys let’s go baby oh she’s torquey let’s go hey that guy didn’t wave back at me what kind of friend are you oh

Yeah boys sorry i’m so quiet guys but i’m just soaking this all in right now holy crap we got the yamaha yzf r7 on deck baby yeah grom nation i see you up there my guy all right guys so i must say this i’ve been riding for a little over two years now as far as licensed motorcycles and i just got to say that i started off on a honda grom which is a little 125

If you guys are not you know familiar with the ground platform and then i moved up and i moved up rather quickly because my riding buddy who is the person in front of me uh decided that they wanted to get a new bike and they got a zx6r from agron so i must say what an upgrade that was and a little fun fact she was a little too scared to bring it home by herself

So i ended up uh driving all the way down to new jersey with her to pick it up and i rode a zx6r for my very first time ever riding a big 600 two hours all the way from new jersey so with that being said i kind of fell in love with the 600 and holy crap what an exhilarating experience that was because that was my first time on the highway obviously because

I came from a grom so i wasn’t really uh prepared for all that so it was uh quite the ride quite the thrill so here i am about eight months later on my very own big boy bike as they would say as some people would call it and i chose the yzf yamaha r7 and i am so happy so far this thing is a monster i’m really just trying to focus on getting her home safely

And in one piece so yeah yeah i got to get a little used to the because i got a little uh spoiled riding on her zx6r because she has a quick shifter now i will say this bike has a lot more rumble and a lot more feel than the uh then the zx6r the zx6r is it like a lot more smooth and it has like a very uh high winding sound because you know the the inline four

You already know how that sounds so this being a parallel twin you know it gives a little bit more rumble a little bit more grunt it actually sounds uh pretty good stock like i was uh i’m fairly impressed by the way it sounds i can’t believe this is real man holy crap i’ve been wanting this bike for a long long long long time and i’ve waited patiently for it

To come in it took about eight months or so from the time i actually pre-ordered mine to the time that i actually got it but it’s here oh yeah and she has a little get up and go obviously i’m not getting on it too crazy because i’m still in break-in period so i can’t go too too crazy but oh my god she’s so smooth very rumbly but very smooth i will tell you

One thing though compared to the zx6r this has a lot more forgiveness in the throttle response because the x6r kind of just wants to kill you right away whereas this you kind of get the roll on it a little bit and have some fun which is one thing that i really really enjoy about this bike already really not a lot of risk fatigue on this uh i will say compared to

The zx6r it feels a lot shorter from the actual seat to the handlebars i feel like the zx6r is a little bit more stretched out so you kind of feel like you’re in that superman position so that’s one thing that’s pretty cool or that i like a little bit better about the uh r7 instead and i’ll be honest with you guys i had anxiety all morning because i was terrified

About this bike i felt like it was going to try and kill me i thought it was going to be way too high for me to sit on i didn’t feel like i was going to be comfortable but i must tell you this bike is amazing it’s almost like it was made for my body size i don’t know if it’s like the perfect ratio torso to legs or whatever yeah guys this bike is fantastic like

Yo holy crap this is a whole nother level of machine i’m so in love with it this pearl white is amazing has like the flake in it oh my god look at the sun oh wait all right i gotta stop checking my stuff out lights about turn green lego yeah you were supposed to go bro guy next to me oh there he goes oh on the rag good job all right guys we have made it

Home with the yamaha baby let’s go whoa let’s go boys just like that she’s home safe and sound ah and that concludes the pov ride baby hope you guys enjoy the footage hope it came out clear hope the audio is working my first time moto vlogging we shall see but today is not over we’re going to go out and get some more footage you already know stay tuned keep

It locked you already know what it is so as you can see your boy made it back in one piece and boom the tt is still here it ain’t going nowhere at least not yet anyways i got many more things coming for that and i got many things coming for this so let me know in the comments below what you guys think of the new yamaha yzf r7 60th anniversary edition baby

Thing is amazing i’m gonna get some more b-roll a little bit later but this is where i’m gonna end this video let me know in the comments what you guys would like to see covered on this bad boy right here let me know i’m out of here until next time deuces you

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Bye Bye Mk2 Audi TT?!?!? Hello Yamaha YZF R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition!!! By Mega4k Vlogz