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Calling Wolves – Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport

TW200 mods

I do not know where that goes maybe i do i don’t know i might have been on here i think i have but we’ll know if there’s a water crossing up here then i know i’ve done it before yep there’s a water crossing coming this is a fun trail right here i’m gonna avoid some of these until i don’t until i can’t avoid them water crossing probably won’t be bad because

I think when i was here before it was really muddy this is a four wheel drive convention and i don’t think this is looking too terrible oh she’s damn near dry the yeah i crossed this one it was way deeper than this there’s nothing i can’t really uh look for too much wildlife because i have to watch my line some sand there’s some big tracks there still

There’s some big tracks the hell is that i think what oh that’s wolf those are fresh wolf tracks sand let’s see if we can find him straight down there right in front of my toe that’s the wolf trap oh there’s a pack of wolves up here somewhere these are fresh oh what the hell’s in there with him let that hmm okay it’s strange so there’s some wolves right in

Front of me somewhere they’re walking right down this road and they are fresh i’ll slow down i doubt we’ll even see if we see a wolf i’ll be shocked they’re still on there oh look i’ll i won’t turn my head a lot i’ll turn my eyes so it’s not so bad yeah look like six one two four four four five six wolves yup they’re still on here yep they turned off right

Here let’s see if they’re still here they should still be close enough for to hear this i gotta grab my gps so it doesn’t slap i got some good cover right here sounds like a goofy call but it works i don’t think they’re coming up no tankers i thought i heard a couple steps but could have been nothing nope nothing i tried for a few minutes those are fresh

They could have been closed nope didn’t pull any walls today i got brake issues yep see if i can fix it up here so that gonna back it off i said it just a little bit ago so i’ll be replacing whatever i got to replace there some firewood i’m gonna put a piece of wood underneath the there that’s a little better off the camera my hair is like superior

So so i gotta find my my tail light and license plate back here somewhere i totally uh rear tire ripped it off i gotta beef up the rear suspension so it’s it’s easier for me to stand up and give it than it is to sit on this seat and putts oh there’s a wolf tracks what the huh maybe i did call him in okay yep i gotta beef up the suspension front and rear

I already beefed up the front but it’s not enough so i got a redo it i think what i can do is just add thicker oil to the front try that before buying another spring but the rear i gotta do something different i gotta max it out that license plate and oh wolf tracks are wet so they walk through that mud just now hey oh i feel like i’m actually just putting

Right now feels like it’s harder to do so i’m gonna have to find a different way to mount the plate because that ain’t working no i didn’t find it there so i don’t know i think it’s gone goner and it’s a goner that sucks it’s brand new take a left here i get a blister forming my thumb from this that’s crazy i must i’m getting cell coverage right here that’s

Strange i’m getting cell coverage right at the very tip where in the world is that coming from no idea where the cell tower is

Transcribed from video
Calling Wolves – Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport By Dual Sport Apocalypse – Bigfoot