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Chooch Rides – 2019 Yamaha Niken GT

This episode of cute rides brought to you by maxim motorsport visit them on the web at maxim honda net greetings friends of the church how you doing welcome to cheat rides i am at maxim motorsport now in texas and i’m standing behind a 2019 yamaha mikan and as you can see this is not your typical motorcycle this has two front wheels which is absolutely amazing the

Only difference though between something like this in the km spider is that you can’t lean on the spider if you just walked away from the spider it stands up on its own if i took this thing off the kickstand and it knocked me right over this thing will lean when you turn it which is amazing and all thanks to the articulating front suspension which works independently

Of each other now this is the gt version which has the panniers and the touring windscreen and a few other goodies you can find on yamahas website but i’m gonna scroll those bay specs at the bottom and i will tell your alphabet this has the mt o9 engine which has been tuned specifically for this platform so you know this thing has a lot of torque i can’t wait to

Get this thing out on the road but first we’re gonna get the ergonomic assessment and the exhaust clip ah here we are at the ergonomic assessment of the 2019 yamaha nightkin now from the tank back it actually looks like an f jo9 so it should be really easy to swing a leg over this is the front that kind of looks weird and different with it being so wide so

Let me get over and see what this is like so wow okay it was really easy to get a leg over this actually feels like a regular motorcycle it leans left and right just like you would expect first impression though is that foot peg is in a kind of a weird position it feels like my leg should be coming in tighter to sit like at a stoplight or something like that but

It’s really pushing my feet out i feel like i’d be on my tiptoes more than on the flats of my feet i am 6 feet tall 32 inch inseam 275 pounds so you can see with somebody of my stature what it would look like and how it would be trying to hold this thing up at a satellite but you’re not gonna be sitting at a light all the time so let’s get the leg up and see what

It’s like ok so first impression you have a very upright riding position which i definitely expected the only thing i didn’t expect was the knee is a little bit tighter than i would think it would be which would give this a bore sporty feel now i think with the way you have the two front contact patches having a sporty or riding position would be beneficial so you

Can really get this thing over in the corners so let me see if i get my toe up and okay so right off the bat my the heel of my foot is actually hitting the passenger footrest here so i can’t get it all the way back but it’s like it’s almost like a preset stopping point for somebody with my size boot now i wear a size 45 tcx so you could see where your foot position

Would be if you wanted to get a toe up and you want to get a little bit more aggressive with this thing which you should be able to do with those two front contact patches so just be aware that when you do put your toe up you will hit the passenger footrest here as far as adjustability glows the clutch is not adjustable the brake lever is it’s got the standard dial

Adjuster which i’m going to adjust for myself much better switch gear feels okay and it’ll get the job done touring windscreen looks really nice that is not adjustable those mirrors are way out in front but you know what for the position that they’re in i don’t see my arms i’d actually see some of the bar ends but you have a very good view of what’s on the side

And behind you so that’s really good i love this ability so i can’t wait to get this thing out on the road but first thing i want to do is for the first time this thing has a center stand now i’m curious because of how big it is how easy is it to get on a center stance let me get off and i haven’t done this before so i’m really hoping i don’t drop it it doesn’t

Look like there’s any grab bars on the back here just the grabs for the actual panniers i don’t want to grab those so maybe i’ll go down here but let me get that stand down get it up yeah it’s nice and easy to come up there it’s just weird because they don’t feel like there’s anything to grab on to to pull it back so i’m i’m finding myself reaching down toward the

Passenger footrest here see what this is like whoa whoa okay that was a lot easier to do than i expected wow and that keeps that rear wheel off the ground so you do that chain maintenance that’s pretty awesome okay so it actually didn’t take a lot of effort at all just push down with your foot give it a little pull backwards and that things up very nice let’s get

That exhaust clip and get this thing out let’s get this thing started up and get in a clip about exhaust afore you turning on the key regular lcd – just comes alive there’s a lot to this and i’m not gonna be able to go into it all but you have tcs i got a reset button you got a bunch of buttons on the side trip one trip – this has cruise control which is really

Cool not gonna get into all that today it has a mode button which will let me switch from three two and one i’m gonna start in two it seems like a good position to start it also looks like it has heated grips so that’s pretty cool but again nothing to get it on all that we’re just gonna get this started so let me get this going starts nice and smooth and something

I just noticed here’s it’s powered all that up here and it’s a regular cigarette lighter adapter that’s pretty cool give this a second to warm up so before i rev this up i want you to see this thing has zero miles on the odometer it is brand spanking new okay well it’s a menu button on the trigger finger that’s for cycling modes and that’s for the heated grips

So heated grips level one two and three that’s awesome i love that put this back on the regular cycle area let’s hang on a second because we’re actually getting the exhaust from something else i’ll do you want to ride that thing one day does that looks really cool let’s get this revved up the revs hardened fast that is awesome beautiful please give this thing a

Little let’s get this absolute monstrosity out on the road it’s so cool-looking i love unique different leaps of technology like this i mean it’s just awesome you notice i did attack my airbag tether just in case let’s get this thing off the center stand there we go hope if i let go of the front brake when i swing over well nervous i haven’t been nervous on a ride

And quite some time this is making me a little nervous all right let’s come fit this understand up clunky the first is a noticeable engagement pole bike gives you a little bit of feedback so that’s great clutch release is pretty early actually okay that’s something you need to be aware of check this out i’m not gonna touch the throttle but i’m gonna release the

Clutch watch this it revs up for you you don’t have to do the throttle at all to get this thing to go they don’t run off for you as you release that quartz ivy is awesome oh my god but it’s so cool yeah and it’s turned over it is the most stable thing i have ever ridden oh my god that is the coolest thing again i’m gonna crawl no rear brake just just a little

Move good a little friction zone and nothing goes i’ve actually hold the rear brake i can get this thing turned over it yep redic oh my god the turning radius wow okay well those handles cut a little further than i expected let me get this thing out a little bit the handlebars have great turning radius that’s incredible i’m not used to this thing i feel like throw

It out lean it turns and it turns hard and fast that is so weird it is the most unique i mean it feels like a motorcycle but it’s also one of the most unique feeling motorcycles i’ve ever felt the turning radius is ridiculous that is insane that’s waverly camera hi kristy all right let’s get this thing out and see what this is like oh an issue power is beautiful

I am in node too good to know it’s it’s so different it turns like a regular motorcycle but it’s just it’s so stable like it wants to lean in a way that you’ve never felt before oh yeah it’s got a good power it’s not like supersport power but it’s got a good power get something goes flick it flex flex oh my god this is so crazy does it have an auto downshift

No don’t want to do that briggs take a little pressure to get biden but they bite wow see i sitting at a light now that i’m in riding position putting my leg straight down is not so bad before is a little interesting yeah this it once a wants to tip over now those two front wheels don’t make it feel like any less of a motorcycle at all like if you didn’t if you

Didn’t show me that i had two front wheels i would say this thing feels like a regular bike especially the way it flicks like that that is incredible that has an incredible pullin ground yeah oh my god this thing is incredible holy hell one of the moats do old one oh yeah well it’s 40 oh here we go oh yeah quick soft quick suit this thing is all sewn i can’t

Believe what this thing feels like it feels like i’m more like a regular motorcycle you lean in it is the smoothest turnin bike i have ever written and so confidence is firing oh my god this is incredible engine braking right not too heavy the throttle roll-on is beautiful you can build one you feel that power instantly and it wears the poor girl like i said

Those brakes take a little pressure to bump but they bite oh my god it does have a quick downshift oh my god could this be the perfect bike it’s smooth til it’s not like it’s not like it’s vibey message that’s actually a lot smoother then they fj that i rode oh my god this thing is absolutely ridonculous absolutely ridonculous the handling is perfection the right

Quality is smooth as silk it’s like a luxury tourer the way it rides i mean and it handles and you can flick this thing back and forth all day this is incredible i have never felt anything like this in my life this thing is oh my god i know i think i could say if i were less disciplined i would trade my tiger and speed in for one of these if i could only have

One bike if i only was gonna do one bike i would do this it’s got the torque and the power especially mold one it’s got the torque and the power to keep you entertained it handles like nothing you’ve ever felt before the confidence you get from that front end not wanting to slide out not knowing that you have to foreign contact patches is just remarkable like

Just the turning it’s so easy it’s so easy to drag you wouldn’t think because of the size but that thing is ridiculously easy to ride and it’s comfortable holy crap i know people look at this thing it’s not a real bike well they look at like what the hell is that it’s a monstrosity you don’t have to ride this you don’t want to believe what this is about until you

Write something like this oh my god this is incredible wow what a feeling the way the suspension articulates it feels like a regular motor so you would never know unless you looked at it from the front that you had two front wheels except for how stable it is when you’re turning low speed and high speed i cannot see i can’t say i’m awesome this is i can’t oh my

God the quick shifter is pretty good it is pretty good i’m not gonna say it’s perfect i mean it is brand new so i can’t say it’s perfect i’m sure it’s got a little bit to go to break-in but holy crap i cannot believe what this thing feels like my hot one alright what’s the mode three cuz i didn’t do three still got the power two or three i can’t really tell the

Difference it’s still got that power i feel like two is the week maybe the twos let me guess 100 inch or yeah getting that toe up is a little bit weird but the way this thing just wants to lean over i almost feel like i don’t have to i don’t have to come up the seat it just wants to go alright so yeah the quick shifter might need a little bit of breaking in because

It’s not as smooth as i would like but that’s my only complaint iii really i cannot stress how much you need to try one of these things and how different this is but how much it feels like a regular motorcycle just it’s a motorcycle the next generation but the best way i can describe it i don’t know what else to say that ride was way too short way too sure i almost

Want to put a deposit down on this thing i’m scared to go back in there i’m really scared to go back in there this is the coolest thing i have ever ridden and i really i’m not i say no i say i want a lot of bikes this one i actually have to go back home and think about because i might i might actually trade for this again i was so enamored with the nike gt that i

Completely forgot to do the end stuff that i do on my videos completely southern mine i was so excited to be able to go back and share my experience of riding that machine with my friend christie who was helping me film that day that i completely forgot to do the end stuff after i was done editing like i finished all the editing and the transitions and the titles

And fun stuff and i’m looking at of them go to put the end credits on it’s like wait a minute i didn’t say anything nothing just right out of my head say a huge thank you to the guys at maximum motorsports and if you’re in allen texas please get down there check them out check out what they offer generally if they still have this mic and you got to check that thing

Out man i think was so cool this is them in the web on max of honda yep and like you said if your novel taxes go down there check them out tell the truth say yeah you won’t get anything but it’d be cool to hear that somebody said the truth sent them i think that’s only happened once more times anyway rest of the links in the description please check those out i

Am on discord if you want to chat with me there i am on patreon please consider becoming a patron patrons get videos shoot rides videos three days before anybody else so you can go to your friends hey i saw the new to try this did you know oh you’re not a patron so sorry yeah if i upload it and make it available on a friday morning than the rest of the world will

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