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Consider This Before Buying a Yamaha TW200 | Its Built Differently. 2023

Number 1 thing to consider before buying a Yamaha TW200 | It’s Built Differently. 2023

All right what’s up everybody so check this out today we are out here in the garage right the wrecked life compound as you as i call it but anyways we’ve got our water thanks for uh sponsoring today’s video water just kidding this video has no sponsors other than myself um but all right so check this out this is a topic i’ve been kind of i’ve kind of

Discussed it before in the past but here’s the deal these these are kind of the top three things let’s choose three things top three things you need to consider before buying one of these yamaha tw200s now if you’re on the list or if you’re planning on purchasing a brand new tw200 or even a used yamaha tw200 there are a few things you need to understand if

You are a beginner writer and you are choosing the yamaha tw for the beginner rider now from my experience owning these yamaha tw200s both of these not just this but both of these there’s one thing that stood out to me big time now here’s the deal i’ve got experience on motorcycles dirt bikes four wheelers you name it i’ve ridden them all the thing about

That is there is this is considered a dual sport motorcycle now a lot of people i see have these i’ve kind of compiled some information in my head and the majority of people who have these either ride them on the pavement or they are writing them on you know smooth gravel dirt roads for example i know somebody who doesn’t necessarily like to take these on rocky

Trails so they prefer to take a four wheeler versus this on rocky stuff now here’s the thing i noticed and this is the number one thing i’ve noticed and you need to consider before buying the yamaha tw200 is if you’re gonna be riding on dirt dirt roads are fine if you plan on taking it off road rocky terrain slightly rocky terrain not just a smooth gravel dirt

Road you might find off in the country but trails rather um it is slightly more difficult to maneuver this bike because of the fat tires than a skinny tired bike now that’s my observation because i’ve came from riding a klx 250 and hopping on one of these recently without really riding one of these at all until like last year so that was the number one thing

I noticed is on dirt this thing is a little more difficult to ride than a skinny tired bike still fun still easy to ride it’s got the low seat height you can’t go wrong buying one of these but just consider the fact that if you’re gonna be driving or riding a lot on dirt roads uh i’d consider riding a skinny tired bike so from my understanding people keep

Commenting on mob street 83’s videos and talking about the new klx 230 s i believe i don’t know but anyways one of the kawasaki 230s uh the klx specifically i don’t know the number behind the 230 but that bike would be slightly under the one that i have but same thing it’s got a slightly lower seat height not as low as the tw but in my opinion if you were

Going to be buying this for your first bike check out both of them check out the the xt 250 check out the crf uh 300l just just do some research ride a few bikes but here’s the deal you can’t i mean when you go test drive a bike at a dealership you’re not really taking it off-road right so you you’re gonna ride all these bikes on the road and you’re gonna think

These are all just fine what is he talking about or what are some of these other people talking about but there is a difference uh comment down below if you know what the difference it’s coming i’m more of an experienced writer so coming from the klx 250 to this not a big deal but that’s just one thing i noticed on trail as it was slightly different to maneuver

Um my thoughts on that are it’s just built different so it’s low it’s slow it’s thick it’s it’s just not built like your typical other bike any bike for that matter dirt bike dual sport this is completely different than all of the above but it’s still fun to ride i’d still recommend you buying one uh just know that’s mainly my number one thing that makes

It slightly different another thing that makes it slightly different is it is built differently so um the things you need to consider before riding is it is not built the same as your average dual sport the ergonomics of the whole bike the the length of the bike the height of the bike the handlebars the positioning everything is just different so yeah you can

Customize this you can buy handlebar risers you can you can get all that stuff but you know i’m not even going to go to a third one because honestly i can’t really think of them but my main thing was honestly just the fact that it is wider you got the wider front tires you got the wider rear tire you got the wider seat it just feels differently so sitting on the

Bike your knees are pushed farther out it’s just i had somebody tell me one time that they felt more comfortable on the klx 250 solely because of just the positioning of the bike so where your hands set your seat your your knees were a little lower not you know up a little higher all that stuff just played a factor in the way and their thoughts on why they

Had an easier time driving the klx 250 versus driving this off-road now keep in mind this is all off-road not on road and and and not on just a regular flat dirt country road but power line roads dirt trails little four weather trails uh mountainous type terrain so anyways i’m just gonna leave you with that as far as like my thoughts but i’m curious of your

Thoughts now this might cause some controversy because i know a lot of people are super in love with the tw and here’s the deal i’m starting to fall in love with the tw right now i take that back not in love let’s call it uh i’m going to add this bike to my friend zone because

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Consider This Before Buying a Yamaha TW200 | It's Built Differently. 2023 By Scatterdad