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Corbin seat for Yamaha Zuma 125

I just got my seat 2day from Corbin. So i thought i would share it with you

Well it finally came in the mail after four weeks of ordering a seat for my yamaha 125 zuma i decided to order a corbin seat i was three hundred and sixty dollars shipped to the home and a custom made they did the nose job on it you’re gonna see exactly what i’m going to see because i have not opened it up i came home today from work and all i see a box on my front

Porch that says corbin all over it so let’s take the peek let’s see how you did when i get a good view see we get movements all right here like christmas whoo smell the newness all conditioned from factory all custom-made here i’m going to do a side-by-side comparison here and here you go both seats side-by-side as you can see from the corbin does have a nice

Lumbar right here nice supple water pretty impressed with it so far underneath you can see that they use a fiberglass shell everything is pretty much all pop riveted in that you can give you the mounting screws with it you have your seal going around for sealing out though and the water they might get in there give you some instructions on how to mount go through

Them in a minute or so put on some rubber stoppers here and there locking mechanism mmm smell the newness i love it it seems to hell a lot softer than the stock right off the start as far as the nose job it’s hard to really see where they took it out of but i’m assuming it’s in this area right up near the nose so other than that i’ll do another review of the cee’d

Installed and other than that i just wanted to give you an overlook of the two together so you have an idea of what the differences are pretty impressive well corbin we’ll see how your we’ll talk to you well i got the corbin seat all installed uh i love it thing turned out awesome didn’t take too long to put in i had to do a small little modification to the latch

Mechanism that they put on there need to do extend it a little bit because of the bags that i have they have the straps running into the the helmet trunk in here so i had to bring it down just a little bit so it would latch and release so other than that that’s pretty much about it just wanted to do a little pan over show you what the seat looks like install very

Nice smooth leather love the way it feels haven’t but haven’t driven it yet so i will let you know how i liked it after i take it for a ride i just installed it just a few minutes ago and it was it was super easy to install it was so easy a monkey could do it

Transcribed from video
Corbin seat for Yamaha Zuma 125 By Steve Panebianco