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First Group Ride of the Season | Yamaha MT 09, R6, Ducati Monster, Ducati Scrambler, Ferrari McLaren

Beautiful day for a cruise up the California Coast!

Whoo i’ve got a little squad going going up to cars and coffee hitting the rock store should be a fun morning pascal’s got the put a 190 the new pirelli diablo corsa threes or diablo rosso threes whatever they are uh he’s happy with them so far got about a hundred miles on them i guess they look good man like those tires are kind of cool i gotta throw my

Leg over one of these gs 1200s and uh do a little review look how comfortable that looks we got the bag on the back like all right so it’s not the coolest looking bike but hyper functional and i kind of like that on another note so i uh somebody left a comment saying hey you could use a cut up like soda can use the metal or the aluminum to make a little spacer

For your mirrors because i was using uh like teflon tape or gorilla tape and i’ll tell you what all right so it’s not really you should probably just get the adapters from zoma but in the meantime he seems to be working pretty damn well there is you okay with that little gixxer 1000 sounds real good yeah damn it is really a beautiful day out right now

It’s probably like i don’t know 75 degrees maybe closer to 80. nice breeze coming off the water okay beautiful day to be riding and here we are cars and coffee oh sh look at that what is oh the old dino damn a couple mclarens no big deal ferrari this is a hot piece coming through coming through all right pulling out a couple cool pieces all right i

Guess we’re gonna head up to neptune’s net little cruise up pch mid so beautiful out gonna miss the canyon roads but uh that’s okay damn these lc 500s are looking good sexy lexus that’s a sexist dude that ducati sounds good little monster oh and here we are oh it’s kind of busy got some bikes out here oh shoot get some food here oh man got some

Cool bikes out here a lot of harleys handful just left got these little street bike squad that pulled up cool bikes got a healthy greasy tuna melt and some fries and the food up here is actually pretty damn good not health food you know so if you’re like vegan or something like that chill but definitely a good time especially if you come up here like in the

Spring or maybe when it’s not super hot some funny characters up here for sure good folks though and this triumph adam trump really does look pretty damn good he’s put a lot of time and effort into this piece i like it oh i’m gonna hit this little canyon road oh a little dirty road i better be extra cautious up here i hope that you’re doing well stay safe keep

The rubber side on the road and i’ll see you next time

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First Group Ride of the Season | Yamaha MT 09, R6, Ducati Monster, Ducati Scrambler, Ferrari McLaren By Tyler Charest