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I just picked up a used 2021 Yamaha XT250 with 192 miles on it to replace my Himalayan. Here is a first look at it and test ride in the dirt and sand. If you use Brave browser, it will skip YouTube ads.

This is my almost new 2021 yamaha xt250 it had 192 miles on it when i bought it yesterday and the first owner took a spill on it scarred up the fender the cowling and i don’t know if you can see that little turn signal lens other than that it’s in good shape very low miles i took it out for a short spin this morning it shows uh 204 miles on it now fuel

Injected they made them from 1980 to 1990 and then for 18 years they didn’t make them and then in 2008 they brought them back and have been making them ever since although there was rumor they were going to stop making them 2020 was going to be the last year but 2021 may end up being the last year and it may not because there’s such a shortage of bikes and the

Adventure bikes and dual purpose bikes are selling like hot cakes right now so yamaha may decide to stay with us another year but we’ll see anyway we’ll fire it up see what it sounds like so they have ceramic infused head in order to dissipate heat but we’ll take her for a short ride put that on video for you so so so so so so now let’s try some soft

Sand so so i feel it’s starting to wallow into the sand i open the throttle so but this bike lacks a fuel gauge so you never know how much fuel you got left in it until the low fuel light starts flashing no tachometer no fuel gauge and i think there’s only one triple diameter let’s see yeah i think there’s only one triple dominator there were 71 miles an

Hour quicker than you would chase that but above 60 miles an hour it starts getting squirrely so well it runs 55 miles an hour really good by the time i got up to 71 it was getting real twitchy and squirrely anything above 60 it starts getting a little twitchy 55 is a good steady speed on this pretty stable at 55 but as you start increasing it the front end

Wants to wag back and forth like this just a little bit not uncontrollable but it acts like it could get uncontrollable so i’m going to try taking that front fender off and see if that’s acting as a flag in the wind and pushing it from side to side so that will be my next test so so so so so so so so well there you have it a little desert ride on

The new xt250 the front fender and the front cowling they got scratched up and the oh damn gopro shut itself off randomly like they do all the time but the uh front fender front cowling and turn signal i can replace all those three parts for about 150 dollars and then it’ll look just like a brand new 2021 right off the showroom floor the rest of it’s in real

Good shape so there you have it thanks for watching folks

Transcribed from video
FIRST RIDE 2021 YAMAHA XT250 By Spydie