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Getting sideways in Yamahas new 100hp+ 4×4 buggy!

We took a trip to Thorney Motorsport Park near Silverstone to have a go in Yamaha’s new YXZ1000R 4×4 buggy! It costs about the same as an R1M and is ridiculously good fun. We may have done fairly well in the day’s race too…

One of the best things about work for whiteboard is that not only do we get to rag around on some of the best motorcycles in the world motorcycle manufacturer is like yamaha also makes some seriously cool other products utv’s jet skis power mower engines and this meant something ripping up the mud behind us we’re down here at thorny most of all part of the day

To have a go on before the fun really started as with all these types of events their day started off with a compulsory and all-too-familiar safety briefing the tractor is now a lot smoother the downside is now very very quick you will hit 60 70 miles an hour down straight okay so my advice will be in you’re driving and you’re racing issue go down straight it’s

Good do not try and enter the corner at pace you’ll simply roll over the first bit if you go over in a race your race is over we don’t have the manpower start checking biblically carry on racing okay so if you do go over and press it actual race over i mean what was yeah mahalo thinking inviting 10 plus super competitive motorcycle journalists strapping them into

A powered four-wheeler with a relatively safe cage when we already have pretty much no regards for our safety whatsoever so before we will let loose on circuit they read us a form of the riot act no contact okay contact black and white do it again black okay you’ve got another race after this as well so it’s not the winner of the championship the world f1 special

Going on no one’s going to get an f1 driver at this trust all right and even as the mi hard a if i think you are driving like a jerk i will throw you off there are no illusions on out okay but same time have fun three laps finish lines out other side over there so you’ll pass that the third time that’s checkered flag okay so comes in bringing back all right yeah

Come on before we were let out on our own the last hurdle was to be strapped in with an instructor and taken for a few demo laps the perfect opportunity to see how i was going to win this race that is roofing awesome i don’t know if i’m going to be as quick as that but i’m going to give it a go it’s weeks it’s not as quick around the corners as i thought it’d be

You’re not power sliding everywhere but you can break so hard and when you see massive ruts and huge jump you think you’re going to feel it and this suspension it’s like there’s like 50 mils of travel so you just bounce over all of it it’s seriously smooth even though it probably looks erratic but i think in my next issue is how the hell do i get out this is three

Laps initially on these first three three races and seaming it on the time we may do latent load later races more laps of a final being more laps you can but the moment just relapse okay like i said three laps getting to the end is more important than two laps and going where all this is the beast that we’re on today it’s got a three cylinder engine it’s not the

Same one at the mto nine even those thousand cc roughly it’s about 100 510 brake horsepower 5-speed sequential gearbox you can just bang it up through the gears there is a clutch though anyway you don’t really need to use it it’s got 18 inch box suspension all round so you just glide over pretty much everything even though i look pretty larry when you’re driving it

Massive knobbly wheels and the whole thing cost about 16 and a half 17 and a half grand is standard there’s loads of up from extras so it is kind of on par with an r 1m in terms of price but in terms of fun i don’t know they’re pretty on par so here with a load of bike journalists today we’ve done some blindfold stuff just as a bit of a laugh get used to the atv

Style of driving then we’ve done a few laps just to get accustomed to the amount of power this thing has so we’re going to go out bike joe knows fast cars one of them’s already rolled what could possibly go wrong the first race is about to go under way there’s a couple of chances to be in the final you win your first race you’re straight to the final if you end

Up second or third you race all the other people who finish second third in their races so you’ve got a second chance to bring home that trophy but that’s cool but i’m actually pretty nervous yep so obviously you were the last one out so hopefully you’ve still got it all yeah then they’re guys say that as you saw there was you know no more than about that really

Of luck yeah no see-sawing use that power you felt you know i could see you were looking at me yes that you know before you use that power to drag yourself out the corner so turning get you’re turning in get and then push the power don’t you don’t need to stamp on it just use that power to accelerate jump now i get that breaking down in a straight line yeah don’t

Necessarily go out there try neva take that jump i did straightaway yeah get over it get used to it because you fly over that and not know what you’re doing you’ll be second place take that i think if i’d got the line to the first chord i think i could have had that it’s been two races so far don’t talk too loudly cuz it’s been two rocks as well i can just see

Them the dollar signs going off in the owners faith doesn’t look very happy literally you ever see we go to spend straightly no when i got that’s corner isolated and first and then i had no idea anyone was i came over that jump somehow mesa flicking it got into neutral i didn’t know how and then i flipped first and it went everywhere so i’m buzzing i made it to

The final i almost tipped it on that corner just just you’re stuck in with the head restraints hiss you can’t look for left to right you and there’s not any mirrors on my one so i have no idea release but obviously my heart is pounding more than on any bike ever written all right this is the big boys final now you’ve done this will be the third race that’s a win

In our own class ah i don’t want to give anything away you know i don’t talk about my technique is some of my competitors around i would trade both of these collarbones to see luke come last let’s see what happens it’s too good-looking to smash up will never go though really yeah you know you nosed on yeah yeah i went on the throttle well yeah your character was

Baby let me landing on that oh all right i know quick ready do you want to – yeah you want write something in voice – got my heart all the serious stuff is all the way now so now it’s just time to satisfy that inner child and do that big table top job ah and a sweet day here at thorny motorsport park today cost 500 pounds per head you basically get to razz around

On that yxz thousand are have a little go on a utv with the blindfold test make or break the marriage that kind of material thing there quad bikes it’s basically just a petrol heads dream all i’ve got to do now after finishing the day is going claim my prize because i won because i was faster than everyone else cuz i’m better and look

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Getting sideways in Yamaha's new 100hp+ 4×4 buggy! By Bike World