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How To Install and Remove Clutch Cable on Yamaha Bolt

Hey guys Herman here from Advance Motorsports. Today I will be showing you how to install and remove the clutch cable from a Yamaha Bolt 2017. This process is very similar to most Yamaha Bolt models. I hope this video helped you and if you have any questions leave them down below! I will answer as soon as possible.

All right so now that we took off the tank it gives us enough room to work with the kids since we’re gonna do the clutch kibble right now that’s gonna be the hardest one to take off just because it runs under the tank okay so for this we’re gonna need a pair of snips a little flat okay this is just so we can release clips and zip tags on our way and we’re gonna

Use a 12 millimeter socket if you’re real open right so we can open and loosen up the the adjustment bolt for the clicks this is the axial clinch right here where the cable connects to you guys see that and then there’s a zip thing it’s in my way won’t have that zip tie there on yours most likely because that is pretty power commander unit that we installed

On this bike a while back so i remember now that i actually zipped that in there and right here this one’s just so we got to just break it loose it’s a little clamp that locks the actual cable okay but we don’t need to snip so we could snip that kill up there and as we go we just keep coming going through the factory the zip ties are pretty damn good you could

Just pull on the little tab it moves just loosens up you’re not to cut them off so let’s just continue from here the next step from here we’re gonna go ahead and let me this one’s a little stubborn so we will cut this one okay so now our cables ready to go but we gotta go in this from the bottom and from the top alright so here we are we’re gonna loosen up our

Adjuster bolts that also hold the actual cable okay you leave one open wrench to hold at one side and one to loosen up the counter losing at that bottom bolt that allows you to slide the actual kit will off if it gets a little stubborn what we want to do also if you can see at the bottom we’re gonna take this little tab that’s there that holds the actual end

Of the cable locked in and then you kind of when we get this guy loosened up you can actually then slide it down so i could pull off the actual cable this kind of sucks cuz i’m bending over here it’s always easier when you’re not recording there we go see it released it just you have to real connect that to that spot all right which is for your club and then

From here we’re just nicked it now it’s loose you just move to that make sure you loosen up being it’s just an adjustment here the bullet to be able to remove it you always just loosen up that let’s get one switches you can’t get it to where you have the two openings here so you could be able to slide the cable now flip it around and wedge it pull it down so

There’s the cables up and then we got an alien stock the new one the same way which is the reverse okay alright guys well now i showed you how to take it up to install it’s very simple this is a reverse process you know slide it through the opening turn it so it doesn’t pop out right you’re gonna actually adjust this once you’re done so i know don’t worry about

That just make sure stay then run the cable through its original path think clips right in push it down in under right here because the tank goes over the top seeing this kind of keeps everything in his position there’s one of zip ties that i actually have to cut off back to once i’ll replace it with a new one yeah well keep someone’s got its position little

Hooks to go through this one we replace it with a brand new one come back around make sure your hand you hook click there’s some flags down now you’re gonna see it starts pulling from the top and then it’s gonna get a little more stubborn to get the bottom part in but that’s okay okay you’re gonna be able to do it just as simple as i will once i get this all

Set up but the final adjustments are the main thing we gotta do pull it up does the exhaust kind of gets in the way but lock it put the little tab so it doesn’t fall out already bent it up now you come up open up your adjustments and you slide it under so you’re able to grab it pull it a little bit it’ll get in there oh one sec okay pretty much want to have

Everything said like right in the middle okay for the bottom you don’t want too tight because you want to make sure this is centered as far as play let’s give it a little bit more the top one it’s a little cut then you just kind of turn it all right you’re 12 leave it kind of loose let’s go to the top we got to leave a 1/8 of a play in here look it’s almost

There honestly that means i want to have come over here i want to make sure that at least i have this adjustable out more so to have some slack so when it gets tight so that means that i need to loosen it up more on the bottom okay sorry loosen up the bottom a little bit more on the adjuster nuts so i can get this bolt to come out right because i don’t i want

To be able to just as the clutch gets tighter on the fly from the top not from the bottom with the 12 seizing so all i want about 8th play right here so the kibble is not so as soon as you feel it pull right there that’s it okay and you’re set and then you just adjust your counter nut it’s perfect okay and just this one you’re safe that’s a clutch install for

You guys okay off of this situation right here that’s how you do your clutch install it could be up just a stock replacement cable it could be a +10 like this one it doesn’t matter exactly how you unable adjusting from the bottom to the top you get to go next step from here we’re gonna go ahead and show you how to respect the phone cables on this 2016 yamaha

Stay tuned alright guys well this is the end of the video for how to remove it and stop the clutch cable on the 2016 yamaha bolt it’s pretty much the same for all of them and at the same time if you need to see how to remove the fuel tank in order to access the clutch cable please watch my part 1 video which will show how i remove the actual tank see i actually

Have access to everything else ok so that’ll work for my part two you need to go watch which is going to be a part two video will be the throttle cables we’re gonna remove them replace them with the longer ones okay and it it’ll also work for an even stock throttle cable replacement if they get damaged it’ll be the same thing now if you need to see how to

Remove the tank again go back to my number one video first one and you’ll be able to see how to remove the tank first and then come back to our number two video which will be right now coming up which is a cable remove

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How To Install and Remove Clutch Cable on Yamaha Bolt By Advance Motorsports Racing