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How To Jump Start Yamaha R3 With a BMW i3 -Jump start Motorcycle dead battery with a electric car

My yamaha R3 was parked for a very long time !

Hello everyone this is angel riveros and i i thought i might share with you how i’m going to jump start this um yamaha r3 it has been sitting in the garage for a little bit and the battery is dead so i’m gonna go and jump start it and i’m gonna use my bmw i3 so apparently it’s already on yeah it’s very very very dead so if i push the button it’s not doing anything

At all just to show you that it’s not actually working so what i’m gonna do is basically put the motorcycle right here and i’m gonna park the car right in front of it because the battery of the bike is underneath this seat and the battery of the car is right here so i’m gonna basically put them right next to each other one in front of each other so to be able to

Get to the battery of the r3 we need to remove these two screws these and these to be able to um remove the seat as well we you have to remove these two screws first just basically need to get it loose and then just just comes around back to the seat i’m going to remove this panel and that is going to expose these two um screws which are holding the seat

Together and exposing the battery i’m going to remove these bolts and that’s it just basically four screws so far two on the top and then two holding the seat together these is basically two ends that i’m be looking for i’m gonna be plugging the cables respectively um black and red and i’m gonna let it charge for a little bit and then just try to ignite and

Okay so i see the battery over there i see the red and the black connector so the battery the red cable is right there i’m gonna be i’m gonna be trying to plug the cable to that screw that is showing up right there in the red area and then to the black area i’m gonna put the black first maybe here it’s just hard to get over there so i’m gonna try to do the

Red first i’m gonna try to attach to that little screw over there so i’m just gonna remove this to make sure that i have more access to the battery okay i got the screw there it’s connected to the red and i’m gonna do the block now i’m gonna plug the black it’s already connected to the battery and i’m just gonna go ahead and plug it to the other right there

This is connected to the blackboard and i’m gonna go with the red hopefully it doesn’t move and i’m going to oh okay so something’s happening there it actually turned on means it’s working it barely was doing any noise or anything at the moment i’m gonna leave it there for a minute and then let’s see if it turns on so the leg is down so once the leg is down it

Usually doesn’t turns on i think it’s like a safety um thing but now all of this is is on the panel is on it wasn’t on a moment ago the neutral light is there because i just put it in neutral and i’m gonna go ahead and try to start it right now um so i’m gonna be letting it idle for a good i don’t time want to turn him off because his body was just dead so

I’m gonna leave it on for a good amount of time about five minutes or so at gonna least everything up you

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How To Jump Start Yamaha R3 With a BMW i3 -Jump start Motorcycle dead battery with a electric car By Angel Riveros