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How to replace/ install Yamaha bolt clutch lever

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Hi guys yeah today i’m going to be working on my bike and the video for today is going to be on how to so without further ado why don’t we go outside the bike and i show you how to pick some stuff all right guys yeah today what i’m going to be doing i’m going to be changing my clutch lever because this one is damaged now i’m going to show you how to do it so why

Don’t we get to it so first off you’re going to need a ten millimeter lunch and i also have my my new lover i’m going to be installing so first off what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to add just the clutch cable by using this thing to our guests it you can see so to make sure that the centers that you can be able to pull out the wire next we’re gonna

We’re going to unscrew the bolt which is under here so that we can get this out so the bolt is under here okay and once that is done you just pull out this this bolt here and then the clutch and then the clutch lever we just pop out now the next thing you’re going to do is just going to remove it like so very well so now this is out so what we are going to do next

Is we’re going to put in we’re going to install the new one where is a job to do this is the new one we are going to install you there you go easy right now once that is done we put back in the boat this cruel okay now that is done the next step is to adjust the table you make sure it has some play go now that is how you install a clutch lever so now that that

Is done guys i hope this video helps and make sure to subscribe like comment also follow me on instagram facebook and snapchat which i don’t use so does it does detect this cool mechanic you’ll be paying about 25 to 30 dollars to install it but if you know how to do it yourself why not please come out i’ll see you in the next video

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How to replace/ install Yamaha bolt clutch lever By RBon2wheels