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HOW TO SAFETY WIRE GRIPS | Yamaha YZ 250 2 Stroke | how to safety wire motorcycle grips

In this video I install Pro Taper half waffle grips on my 2011 Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke. There are a number of pro tips along the way with details on how to install the new grip for easy removal once they are wore out along with safety wiring your grips and why it’s important.

I prefer to put the rubber cement inside the grip what’s up internet welcome back to the channel today we’re going to put new grips on the yz250 two-stroke and i will show you how to safety wire at least how i like to safely wire my grips and why i safety wire them but before we cut off the old grips i always find it interesting you can see the wear mark so i

Hold my hand like this and you can see that the inside of my thumb and the outside of my palm is where the grip is wearing out where the most pressure is being applied as i ride the bike don’t know why i don’t know if that’s good or bad but i just find it interesting so these are all the tools you’re going to need nah man i’m just kidding you don’t need a cell

Phone or pliers or screwdrivers you don’t need any of this stuff really all you need are your new grips we’re going to use protaper half waffle single density mx grips soft compound i like soft compound hand grip cement or rubber cement kind of the same thing you need a blade cut off the old grips some safety wire and then something to clean off the handlebars

Before we install the new grips i’m going to use super clean simple green works um whatever whatever your favorite is the first thing we’re gonna do is cut off the old grips get your favorite razor blade and uh don’t worry about being messy or anything just cut the dang thing off unless you used something other than rubber cement or used an over abundant amount

Of rubber cement it should come off pretty easily just like that so the next thing we’re going to do is take some super clean and just clean off this throttle tube as much as we can before we put the new grip on so we’ve got our new grips and i wanted to point out that you’ll notice they have different size diameters that’s because one has a different size

Diameter to fit over the throttle tube so make sure that you grab the one with the larger diameter for the right side where your throttle tube is and the one with the smaller diameter for the left side where your clutch is so i prefer to put the rubber cement inside the grip you don’t really need a ton that’s how much i use and all i’m gonna do is slide the

Grip on and i’m gonna twist it as i’m pushing it forward towards the throttle cables make sure you get the grip all the way on you don’t want any dead space between the end of the grip and the end of the throttle to the end of the handlebar all right now that we’ve got our new grip installed we’re going to go ahead and through throw on three safety wires one all

The way here at the end probably about a quarter of an inch away from the end of the grip and for me that’s one of the most important ones and the reason why is if you fall over on this side and this end gets scraped away by the gravel or the dirt whatever surface you’re riding on and then you go to power wash your motorcycle water will get inside and underneath

The grip and your grip will start to slip off last thing you want to do is have a grip come off while you’re riding or racing so for me this end safety wire is the most important one so we’ll put one here we’ll do one in the middle and then you can see that they’ve got a slit right here and that’s specifically for putting a safety wire on like so but we’re going

To go ahead and do the end one first so this is about the length of safety wire i’ll cut off we’ll go around the grip basically just one time from both ends and then we’ll tie it off you want to try and get the safety wire as tight as possible you want to get it to twist as close to the grip as possible and i’ll twist it off maybe four or five times so the last

Step is we’re going to cut off this excess wire that we don’t need and then i like because my hand position is usually about right here i will bend this outer piece and basically push it into the grip so if you made it this far thanks for watching guys appreciate it and as you can see pretty easy job to install new grips you don’t need a lot of tools you need

A blade to cut off the old ones something to clean your handlebar’s throttle tube obviously your new grips some rubber cement and then safety wire and you don’t need any special tools for the safety wire although they do sell safety wire pliers it does make the job a little bit easier but they’re not necessary not necessary to safety wire grips and don’t forget

Three spots one in the middle one on the outer edge and then one all the way by the thumb pad all the way at the front of the grip so if you like this video give me a thumbs up if you don’t give me a thumbs down and keep the rubber side down we’ll see you in the next video bye that felt good oh

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HOW TO SAFETY WIRE GRIPS | Yamaha YZ 250 2 Stroke | how to safety wire motorcycle grips By MONKEY-BUTT