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I Got A Yamaha R1 | Midlife Crisis

I got a 2013 Yamaha R1 and if I only live to 40 it could explain my midlife crisis and why I can’t decide on a motorcycle.

Oh my goodness now that is a good look by no wait i think the right hand side is even better although that face is rather menacing but from the top you can see it’s gorgeous figure although the rear does do cool tricks wait here listen to this if i only plan on living 240 years old it is very viable that this is my midlife crisis i just can’t seem to

Make up my mind on what bike i think i should have and you see a lot of you were upset when i decided to get rid of the r6 and said that i would regret it and although that i really do miss the sport bike life it was definitely time for the r6 to go but a while back this happened my goal for my next bike has to be a 2012 yamaha r1 and then this happened i got

An empty a9 and i just can’t seem to make up my mind on what bike i think i should have and i think it is a midlife crisis however i did lie to you i said that my dream bike was a 2012 r1 and this is actually a 2013 but close enough right so let’s do a quick overlook of the hour it’s half blue and half gray it is the facelifted version that was introduced in

2012 which means that it has the mean eyes and not the cute eyes it also has these sort of led type strips and the cutout here the facelifted ones also had traction control but you know how i feel about ryder aids on motorcycles we are back to full cylinders but what i did learn on my trip to the three cylinder world is that they are very very good engines but

The reason that inline falls are so widely used is because they are amazing engines and the only downside of an inline form is usually the somewhat boring noise but the r1 takes care of that with the cross plane crank and you would not believe that these are in fact two brothers exhaust pipes because they have been d badged and also they have been run over about

Seven times with a tractor so there are infinite dents on them but they do sound incredible i would like to change them out but there has never been a bike more fitting to have two brothers exhausts on them because these two are in fact brothers and even more they are identical twins born only about 10 minutes apart it is my dream to move to austin texas in the

Us and this bike is doing everything it can to make me feel more at home if i ever do get to move there because it is forcing me to learn the imperial system currently the engine temp is in fahrenheit and not celsius like i am used to and although i do believe you can change it back on some models i am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to put it

Into a number that doesn’t force me to do difficult maths every time i glance down or think that it is overheating severely this is also the first road bike that i have ever had that doesn’t have a pass button or a hazard light button on the handlebars there is the marking of where it should have been but the button itself is nowhere to be found i do believe that

This is because it might have been intended for the us market which would also explain the fahrenheit but you guys will have to let me know you guys will also be happy to know that this bike has flush mount indicators already because that was the number one requested thing for me to change on the r6 and i got complain after complaint after complaint especially

On instagram so hopefully this helps you sleep better at night as well as a complimentary integrated taillight you might have noticed that it’s also missing a rear seat and passenger foot pegs and although i am trying to source a pair it does mean that it has this clean looking seat cowl made out of fiberglass that is actually about three times heavier than you’d

Probably expect it to be the tank pad is also horribly skew and is messing with my ocd unfortunately the tank is also missing its badges because somebody decided to deep at it but i have already ordered those but other than that it was just extremely dirty when i got it so we spent about the first week just cleaning but now it’s much better we also have d stick

At it because the previous owner put yamaha sticker just about everywhere there was an open piece of land it also had red pinstriping which we got rid of very quickly but other than that it’s just got fresh rubber fresh grips and it needed a new battery desperately but you might be wondering why i got rid of the mto 9 so quickly and what was wrong with it but the

Truth is that there was nothing wrong with the mto 9 it was an amazing motorcycle and the sad part is that i was probably just starting to figure out what it was good for and how to enjoy it but the thing is is that i just missed sport bikes so much they are such amazing bikes and you never feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew they are so solid so

Beautiful so fast and for some reason i just like the fact that they always feels like this far more ability within them than i could actually use so this bike does have a somewhat of a rough history and a lot of miles on the clock this bike has around 35,000 kilometers or i think it’s about 21,000 miles on the clock and i know somebody’s going to say that their

Uncle has a fire blade with 220 mm ks on the clock and it still doesn’t use a drop of oil but the thing is to me this is a lot of mileage i wouldn’t normally buy a bike with this much mileage but the reason that i did choose this one is because i don’t plan on keeping it even a year so hopefully it should be good for that length of time okay let’s go for a quick

Spin so you can see it in action and it’s an excuse to ride are you ready that hasn’t gotten old so far the most disappointing thing about the old one so far is that i listened so intently to this cross plane crank while riding and i feel like this is such a special motorbike so i expect that every time i ride past a car that they should be stopping to listen

To this thing and stare at it and nobody seems as excited as i am so that’s pretty disappointing what i really did miss this position this has got to be the best position in the world so the empty air not really did challenge me with photos it forced me to find new angles were the funny-looking bike and to find cool locations where it fits in where this is just

So beautiful from every angle that it’s almost like cheating with photography but what i absolutely love about sport bikes and taking photos is the drama they are such dramatic things from the way that they look to the way that they act like trying to get to a location in traffic and they’re overheating there’s nothing more dramatic than that in my opinion the

Funny thing is is that this thing feels slow off the line compared to the mto 9 and it’s not because there’s something wrong with it or because an empty r9 is a faster motorcycle it’s purely because the mto 9 is designed for such talk and is geared to just bugger off and it’s so light so it gets up to a reasonable speed insanely quickly whereas this feels pretty

Sluggish but it just never ends once it gets into the power it’ll just accelerate forever it is unfortunately cold now so i call whining just yet well i think it’s called as in fahrenheit so i’m just going to do a quick calculation and i’ll get back to you yes it is indeed cold i just got my calculate out but the deaf listen to it but anyway hopefully this is

The end of my midlife crisis and i will try to channel my crisis away from motorcycles but please don’t forget to like this video if you are as excited about the other one as i am and thank you for watching

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I Got A Yamaha R1 | Midlife Crisis By Chaos Causes