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If Street Bikes Could Talk Yamaha Vs Honda Vs Suzuki Vs Italians FULL VIDEO

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It ain’t addiction it’s a fixer i’m the king of this sport for a reason yeah cause you cheat you mad little trickster i bet you you need some oil right now i bet you your fork’s leaking you over hyped over price and underperformed boy i know you ain’t talking about no underperformance we lead the sales bro can’t touch this there lay around down there goofy bro

Ain’t nobody asked you to come into this don’t care little fella someone got to put you in your place this little suzuki reo two-stroke on two wheels is the last to note the last to show and also the last to go talking pretty big therefore a bike that can’t keep second or fourth gear one word rectifier rectify this chain and sprocket get you some okay i think we

Had enough of bikes like you what you mean bikes like me you you know i know what i mean i mean you know wheels up will it time no no no no no bikes like who enlighten me bikes that are bought by you know a bunch of why everybody always got something to say about jigsus probably because you’re a fresh oil squid then what are you i’m the one people actually enjoy

I’m the fun uh excuse me bring your little brother into this huh uh he’s actually i’m actually the big bro i think i’m gonna have me a glass of metal to go with this show hmm oh i concur indubitably bro look like you get a white glove treatment every time he needs a tire change y’all ain’t nothing but a status symbol do you hear that chance we are a status symbol

Symbols of greatness do we tell botha look the ape can speak hmm the hell you say about my he said he’ll run yola uppity ass to the ground oh really right right i got your back bro you understand him yeah he’s speaking clearance day y’all can’t be serious right wheels up will it time let’s go now we talking you stunt bro i do you put one up with one down yeah yeah

I do that too we friends nah we are hey fam say here run all y’all i’m gonna wipe every single one of you off the track you sure about that second place is the first to lose here we go again with this mother not her for the hate just appreciate yeah appreciate you jocking everybody’s style i don’t jock i am original you are as original as cardi b’s voluptuously

Round booty once you go r1 it’s over and done easy to sparky let the big boys have a little bit of some air time okay okay hey bro say you big but that’s about it calm down little guy the real bikes are talking now he ain’t putting no bike merchandise on the website yet both uh uh did i miss something yeah the finish line kt grime circle what’s up bro seriously

When did you get here uh just about a few minutes ago i had to be rewritten in because they went nuts in the comments asking about me oh yeah yeah i feel you i feel you hey me and kylie about to hit the streets you in like flynn wheels up will it time man if it ain’t a gixxer it’s a fixer i said what i see it my gosh chance do you see these fools by golly just

Nonsense over there with their vroom vroom did somebody say so damn it mozzy chill i heard it i heard it i know i did did somebody say zoom go back to the garage not your turn right now polar fella act like he hit a few bumps in a row down on that old route 66. oh my god grandpa there are other roads to travel you do know that right does it cause it’s the only

Route closest to the nearest service station boy don’t you talk to me like that first off don’t you boy me secondly you who the hell invited y’all to this from the looks of it just passing through yeah so calm your little tiny whitest not the tighty whitest i’m looking for some big strong boxes

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If Street Bikes Could Talk Yamaha Vs Honda Vs Suzuki Vs Italians FULL VIDEO By AutoBeef