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MINT 2006 YAMAHA YZF250 50th Anniversary Edition BRAND NEW CONDITION


Foreign foreign foreign we’ll come up with a bike from a collector that’s absolutely pristine and 100 original it must be a blue moon this is the 50th anniversary edition of the yamaha yz250 this is a factory special limited edition this one’s 100 original um except for this little fingerprint from the wizard right here a little grease print let me wipe

It off um it is absolutely stunning it’s got the uh the original factory warning labels on it it’s got uh the original factory graphics guys it even has an original tires on it right down to the grips 100 original now wizard did go through and give it the wizard tune which means he changed the oil changed the anti-freeze did a compression test on it um new air

Filter aired up the tires went through the whole thing checked it give it a full 100 point nut and bolt and it’s ready to go then it went down to detail shot and ronnie gave it a nice steam clean hand wash and polished check out the rims guys the original takasaga xl logo let me flip it up so they can read it is uh not even scratched never even had a set of tires

Changed on us the collector i bought this from from oregon shipped us a whole collection of classic stunning motocross bikes all of them thank you very much sir i really appreciate you hooking us up you gave us exactly what you said we were buying and this this thing just came out of the box pristine um the front fender the original front fender and logo is brand

New in in uns i don’t see any scratches on it it’s just beautiful the front number plate is beautiful this bike was never ever raced there’s no road rash on look at the radiators guys it’s like it just came out of the box you see the fins are all bent over and everything the uh look at the frame rails on this thing brand brand brand new no scuffs no dings nothing

Um guys it’s this is as good as it gets if you’re looking for a christmas present to give a yamaha collector well 50th anniversary edition would be an outstanding addition to any collector’s collection if you have a racer a young racer up and comer or a vet rider these 250s are fantastic for all levels of riding this would still be competitive with new bikes it’s

It’s they haven’t really changed that much it still has the kiaba triple suspension on it um obviously uh all the accoutrements of a modern motocross bike the um the swing arm is absolutely spotless scratch and dent free uh the rear brake system looks like it just came out of the box i would say there’s about if i was to to guess i would say it’s about two hours

Ride time most of the wear on the tires has been me riding up and down the driveway i was having a little fun riding this thing come around this side here you see see it still has the original chain on it which is in mint condition and look at the swing arm i mean normally your boot would scratch that tire information logo off the xl logo on the rim if i back

That up a little bit you can see the rims are brand new the spokes are brand new the brake system is brand new um it’s an unused motocross bikes are very lightly used motocross like typically uh you know a few weekends at southwick at a modern race track with the jumps everything gets messed up and they scratched up and everything else not this one this was this

Is basically a trophy bike this would be a phenomenal christmas present or an investment for a young racer give us a call if you have any questions we can ship this anywhere in the united states fairly affordably east coast figure around 500 at a couple for west coast the uh financing is available through freedom road financing we can finance this for you just a

Beautiful look at the black tank up at the top here it’s not even scratched or anything of the gas capacities all the hardware is perfect i could keep going but guys basically it’s like pulling a dirt bike out of the crate brand new if you have any questions about it call us 860-454-7024 bit high bit often is the finest 06 50th anniversary i’ve seen cut up come

Up since 2006. thanks for watching and god bless america one more wheelie for old time’s sake over there

Transcribed from video