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My First Time Riding a Dirt Bike! Yamaha TTR125, Getting my Braaaap On

Learning to ride a Yamaha TTR125 motorcycle with coaching from Trevor of Too Cool Motorcycle School. It’s a very challenging terrain to get used to, much respect to all the off-road riders out there. I now see why MX riders are often injured lol, it would be very easy to get hurt on the soft and unpredictable terrain. You have to ride with no apprehensions or fear! Thanks again to T and L for their time and friendship.

Hi i’m gonna do a little video very fun day here is lan chi and that’s trevor – cool they offered a in the dirts here on fridays so i’m going to have my taste of the dirt just a little zip around goal track i hope great look before the sun goes down trevor no i wish my part nice bike love it you make it look better oh this is like the perfect bike for me i found

It’s i love everything about it yeah i took me a bit to get used to the height and then the engine size and stuff love the way yeah sparkle it gets dirty easily though hey oh there’s a little white means each pickup hi darlings are you little nice day beautiful it’s rien oh is it easier to clean that picture huh yeah i like carroll pipes – yeah they’re all like

Very superficially he gets like this a little film of derek yeah and then it comes off oh it’s just three and adapters i’m okay thank you yeah thanks i’m yeah this thing won’t really play very well in the dirt will it it’ll slip and slide probably we have a ttr 125 you betcha xt 250 c-raf 250 yeah come on yo ld the left-wing star model does having a kickstart

Balloon after worry about that pressure switch to kill the actual engine so you have to hold it down so the new place it’s neutral continuously hold that down with the left thumb down so if you ever fall over something like that then you use that that cow sex here yeah so it’s not up here on the side of toggles which they’d rather not put a toggle on the dirt bike

Test attention would be please branch it’s it might be rather inconvenient to have your bike to stop running on you all right so we got the seed here you’ve seen of course what they call the starting positions where you’re standing guard to put on the foot pegs riding around here’s the trail ride position just going to sit them in the back the back the seeds is

For going down hills and trying to make the front end as light as possible we’re going to show you a different position to position up here we’ll call the central body location we’re going to do a fail right position you’re going to stay in second gear mm second these bikes to stay in second well i really like to use that for taste the dirt just because some of

The top schools in the world rich oliver’s mystery school that we are something porting up to propound a core course recently colin edwards i’ll use 1.5 they tie i’ve learned putty most of my riding on something like this alright so let’s take it down let it down rough i’ll join you on the ptr taking the x so cute they’re nothing on a bike like this in ages

Maybe since your school then your second alright so we’re going to go for the normal trail ride position tuck the central body will go far i have you seen this again you can always check you should you ever look down just be looking over top of your handlebar mountains okay now we’re gonna keep it high elbows down you to absorb bumps and stuff like that drives

Remaining forward what we’re going to practice rise this acceleration so when you accelerate then we’d always pivots for from that set position imagine your chin on the table and just sliding around the table as it looks up out in the distance so that’s your acceleration position and then you’re braking positions normally are now with the pivot straight back to

Your straight arm that’s a breaking position acceleration now motocross only one or two things back and most the time you’d like to leave one finger on the front brake but not necessary in this next drill that’s breaking with one or two fingers so why is why is every time you do a turn you never do with the clutch out always keep the phone and instead you have

To manipulate that clutch to go around the corner make it smooth if you’re lean way over and you start using the problem but then to a pull back and forth like even and do a purpose right there also have a couple fingers on the button operates on the brake is real nice all right so i will be frank pull the clutch in now the one thing about flex wound up having

All the way that’s not very much goal you want to time that now when we accelerate we want to start with falls the feet on the foot peg so the sign of course around great you want me to shoot their body weight back pull in the clutch we’re going to apply a good amount of rear brake as you can be apply the country i want you to think of the rear brake just sort of

Like these wheels on an aircraft when you laugh the rear brakes back tires that probably could sprout and then the nose gear comes down nice and smooth this is the front of the aircraft this at the bottom so when you apply the brakes and want to have your body in position break comes off pretty hard on the front nice is where they are turning or straight straight

Up break relative right when we accelerate you want to come off the brake get away hi as you selling come on that break you start on as you start reaching effects with the big thing about acceleration on the dirt bike is brainless bravo medical war and then let the clutch out you you break pretty hard at a turn and then you get in then you go blah after you go

You break and then your acceleration comes here so different and then we just celery a little bit of this give you company and then we’ll take you through the pretty dismal little arrow acceleration and braking so get accelerate hard braking back i just need some practice as well just even operating this place different that’s essentially how we do so this is

Essentially how into club so just kind of watch me for a second make the turn try to clean the body over lay down grunt things may speak you have some fun with me frank this side when we come to when we breaking get the backfire get back on skin italy gently apply the front brake watch this little example you hit the rear brake pretty hard when you are what

You’re trying to do while the back tire is gently apply the front state that i love the front do that in the back tire and they lock up on the front don’t have to bring it all the way that we’re always going to be using it budget watch all the top i want to stop shopping you better feel the bike actually come on take a walk they never tried right whatever then

A screenplay got it similar yes rison stable this off right now you’ve all board for acceleration more than will take up prefer hill society is favorite fluffy hill back bad all over the place got a whole right behrman i’ll show you how to this hold’em apart it’s harder to take turns but this motocross weight forward turn i mean that verb you got to get

That all my outside my seat get my high elbow for the bike me more than a moisture that would be for practice yeah a profession is one fear to feel poor it’s hard better than it looks for sure hey first my standing i’m doing this bill at first very straight awkward going up a little bit off riding with your pets trying to make that bike clean i didn’t break

At all the last part standing up in the front break why i love to practice a thunder what go wrap up well thanks for the opportunity oh it’s just amazing coming out though it’s not the full version to taste here look sister a mini right there a sip of dirt you

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My First Time Riding a Dirt Bike! Yamaha TTR125, Getting my Braaaap On By CherrieBee