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My Secret to Drifting, Wheelies, and Burnouts | Yamaha Bolt | Bolt Headz Unboxing

On this episode we are going to show you a secret way to improve your stunting ability for only $25.

Come here buddy hey you guys didn’t come here for a fashion show what you want to see is if these improve my wheelies and my stunting ability and my coolness oh dang bro let’s let’s start with this dang dude it’s got a little tag right there this is a sick bag i’m definitely gonna be using this on the motorcycle pretty heavy material too this is pretty cool

This is the shirt i’ve been waiting for now the other shirt i did not expect him to have that in stock and i am so stoked about that i don’t the camera’s not doing it justice it’s like a squash i i don’t know this thing is dope it’s not yellow oh oh he does such a good job with the emblems always puts them in the right spot dude that’s on the front of it this is

The back tell me this is not the sickest shirt so freaking dope look at that oh boy let’s go so i’m six foot and i weigh 180 pounds 185 dude this thing fits great ride down the road latest it’s pretty dope i actually feel really awesome right now these shirts are really cool because if you’re fat and you want to be skinny they make you skinny and if you’re

Skinny and you want to be fat then here’s number two so this one is substantially thinner but i like it for like the summer months actually fits really well too the other one is dope honestly it’s hard to choose between the two i think for winter the other one’s gonna be like my go-to under my sweatshirt type deal but uh this one’s gonna be my summer shirt man it’s

Gonna be the one i wear today all right so enough messing around in the garage you guys didn’t come here for a fashion show what you want to see is if these improve my wheelies and my stunting ability and my coolness factor i just got back from my trip to colorado it was just literally mind-blowing like it was insane carl uh one of our really good friends and he’s

A killer on the mountain bike killer on the dirt bike he’s just nasty at two wheels like he’s super good you’ll see it on the video but he had an injury occur on ramps that i literally said i didn’t want to ride because i knew i was gonna hurt myself but we had so much fun we did dirt biking mountain biking downhill but now that i’m back here in beautiful sunshiny

Hot steamy i am ready to try out these shirts man i am so excited by the way but it is like 90 degrees out right now and i feel absolutely super cool in this shirt uh this is the i think it’s like squash or something like that the thinner one the black one is the on the thicker side it’s probably gonna be my like i said earlier in the video um it’s probably going

To be my winter time underneath the sweatshirt uh type of shirt i want this guy to rip it dude come on you got a nice car do something in it and the coolest thing about this shirt is that it doesn’t fit so like baggy and loose like it doesn’t fit super tight but it doesn’t fit so baggy and loose that i feel like the wind is just pulling me around i feel like i’m

Basically not even wearing a shirt right now because it’s so soft and uh thin is one of those shirts that i almost feel bad wearing it like to drift and stuff like that and the off chance that i do end up falling what are you doing dude in the off chance that i do end up falling um i just don’t want to rip it it’s so nice and for 25 bucks you really can’t beat

It you’re going to be paying 25 across the board for any decent shirt that’s brand new from the store it’s really over this oh my gosh dude i hate these freaking stop things they literally are so annoying but either way guys if you’re going to spend 25 bucks on a shirt you might as well support a company that you actually want to see thrive wow that is gorgeous

Bullheads has not only been so awesome to work with dude super nice guy literally doing all this on his own working super hard finding people to do the designs his designers are awesome people sometimes the artist that designed this shirt and dude super cool guy literally i want to hit him up to do some of my designs for our shirts speaking of shirts i think we’ll

Be coming out with some merch soon but this is not about us this is about gold heads so the shirt feels great the shirt looks great i don’t want to see how the shirt performs when i’m doing stunting now when i want to see the the needy greedy of it i want to see how it does under pressure so we’re going to do that i’ll see you guys in a second so i scouted out

This area and it looks to be a bunch of back roads people so i’ll just do a couple wheelies for you hopefully uh we keep one wheel on the ground at least no that’s not gonna that’s not gonna do it no it wasn’t bad that one wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best holy crap that’s a plane what the heck you’re not gonna be able to see it because of the fish eye but

That is a freaking plane dude do a little roller for you guys it is insane to think that we are closer to a thousand than we are to zero it’s not that impressive but for us it’s honestly crazy and like i i cannot thank the people who have supported this channel throughout the entirety of it i know there are times that i have so much going on that i’m not able to

Make a video and i just make time to do it you know it’s crazy i literally met up with a subscriber this is weird to think about but i literally met up with a subscriber and wrote with him to daytona bike week never in a million years would i think that that would that would happen you know so i just want to thank you guys real quick um while i’m cruising around

For all the support and just just everything you guys have been awesome um i appreciate all the comments i appreciate all the support um haley just called me and she’s not going to be happy so i’m going to call her back oh i’m going to catch up to the guy in the drz see if he’ll do a wheelie oh yeah oh it’s a dad no oh these crash bars man i’m telling you i

Cannot wait to do the review on these i’m gonna bring these to a lot on sunday and next sunday i’ll have you guys out of video is it disrespectful to drift in a church parking lot is that bad like when i get in extra trouble for that well that kind of answered that quickly there was literally a sheriff sitting right in that parking lot waiting so either way i

Go into the gas station pay and i realize i don’t have my wallet so i got to go all the way home to get gas i hope i don’t run out before then i mean my gas light hasn’t come on but also my gas light was just flickering for months so i don’t know if it’s very reliable come here buddy hey it’s so cute have a good day all righty guys i pet a dog i didn’t get gas

We tried out the shirts they’re freaking amazing i’m gonna wear one when i go to the lot later on i am out of breath i am tired out of shape we’re going to destroy these crash bars next week i promise you i will push them i will push them hopefully my bike doesn’t break hopefully the crash bars break first or i don’t know we’ll see but i’m going to test them out

Either way guys my name is aaron this is tardy productions i’m out i’ll see you guys next week when i see like junkyard kenny or like sea bear stunts ripping wheelies down the highway 100 mile an hour wheelies i’m never like oh where’s their helmet i’m like you got other things to worry about

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My Secret to Drifting, Wheelies, and Burnouts | Yamaha Bolt | Bolt Headz Unboxing By TARDY PRODUCTIONS