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Oil change on a motorcycle sitting for years – 1980 Yamaha

How to change oil on a motorcycle, also this bike has been sitting for a long time.

Hi so we’re going to do an oil change on a 1980 yoma ha x as 850 triple yes right now we’re trying to get the drain plug size for it if you can see it yeah it’s in a really stupid place is right is right here and then it’s like all third me to punch me yeah if you know what i got i got some what’s with this use autumn my oh and he got it did you get in it yeah

I got it is such a pain spot what i’m saying but at least the filters a lot easier that’s like the easy filters ever seen well to be honest but it’s okay it’s right there it it look extra cover right there it’s literally so much better you got it with others you next mom’s name then 19 millimeter over there and let’s definitely someone if you think it’s tough

To go so clearly how long it’s probably not that always come back a little bit yes there yeah i don’t always got a built in the eggs i’m gonna drop it oh it’s got a nut on there too or like a little washer complete laundry’s ever dope and sometimes yeah be careful just probably hot you’re like an extender so you can like these right you don’t burn your forget

Extreme like like the walls are the warmest hell man so i can get the right angle on it shake on it so funny i always do all my old native into time ago there goes hope and that’s disgusting and it’s so bad jesus christ we got a little brown to us but yeah that’s because it’s probably not magnetic but yeah that’s the colored wallet like your key to discuss it

Needed an oil change i think i think yeah but now they’ve let’s take the filter off right here dude is there any is there any like you know it’s not a magnetic one is it alright it should be so jenni like merrill’s on or anything any what because sometimes um there be like mineral build-up on it i hope not at all oh goodness no no it’s fine i don’t think there

Will be any but if i get there is internal stuff in it that is what i wanted it’s magnetized in that many i lose my massage ok ok let it be like sticking to my go to my stuff yeah a party you let it drink cuz i usually go down to a little cheerful like this and then cap it oh i want to drink till i take off the filter ok small resin is what i mean this huge sigh

Oh that’s going to be like a 13 but doing like i need to grab it come on with the font all right now it’s actually 12 sorry guy yeah 1200 oh yes bob better flew in a 911 love hello they dragged him over here here oh you lookin awesome oh yeah i gotta forgot about that actually made it so you guys have to realize everything i think you were set here man i told

You you need to come over think i don’t want it to slam down yeah well hey maybe use another egg let me put character on it oh what to get some nut out yeah well i’m just saying i’ll put pressure on the all that filter itself other ones that you feel dirty butt out are you good these things have been through it okay this these are the tools i rebuilt my in time

Left i think that they doesn’t come all the way off it’s been in the cap now okay so here i’m gonna let here grab another rack and grab the other side where we going to put it all hold it on the van de graaff scooby you got it let me just go grab my oh jane worse than death never oh another body listen i got alphabet guy and some we grab it’s going to give this

Looks like a good position there we go really it’s not you to heart still hot still just a little bit do you feel it all right pieces copies i’m still going to drop in it’s so close oh because it has to come off yeah just to get to this whole thing because the filter i’m pretty sure spinning inside of it it is a cartridge there we go cool that’s cool and the bolt

Solna yeah and cool i think it yeah it is cool weird dude i’ve never seen one like that but this is a good thing about this one is it looks exactly like my one other one where this sort of thing yeah i didn’t i couldn’t see you like that oh i can turn that off because um then people know i might i might not replace the gasket though wait i think the hole is simply

Spins good looks that big ol hole well we die to just spin the whole house until i close it off and then you tighten down the bolt yep okay you’re right fit that’s crazy-looking it’s such a dream hole back in yeah most definitely and that’s three quarters of the bell right there what it’s getting all that stuff done yeah know what i’ll back up stead of make

Sure everything goes in right and there’s no leaks oh yeah this bad boy how should go hot still draining dream that out let me get my other one the one that i got from china just kidding i didn’t give us a sign on japan yeah dude i’d be so pissed if it was a different filter oh it does look kind of smaller but then it does it if it’s the same size it has to be

The same size if not i’m going to the same size even if it’s not the same size i don’t really think you matter that much because this type of no it’s not is it all right which i talk i’m just kidding get it now i just almost dropped it in there’s a spring on it okay spring which way the right what is that oh my god seriously oh you get you know heavy oh yeah

Yeah i mean i used to do a lot of changes on cars all as if i never done one like before so new versus beagle oh yeah yeah yeah testing i wonder if i don’t really see a lot of build up inside of it though but i mean it’s just like just not yeah it’s just it’s gross looking yeah this i’m gonna pour it out a little bit more of course the spring comes out again put

This red on here make sure your gas it goes on right and doesn’t pop off so you’re putting this back home there we go it’s got a little bit of a spring to it so if you guys can’t tell this thing is freaking hot hot as hell and then that seems there doesn’t seem to be any i’m just going to do this one of them yeah this one doesn’t look bad though there’s not the

World there’s nothing wrong with it we’ll clean it up a little bit really quickly i mean you want it to have oil that what the gasket yeah a little bit i want any of the like dirt and in it but um it’s just i need to use my new get my new one which is over there somewhere oh we came hey you guys come you don’t really use my book hi where am i turning sir i

Always turn it the wrong way oh yeah heck yeah once i get it started it’s frickin weird just the weirdest thing ever dude oh my oh my ninja it’s so much worse because you have to take off so many fairings and i’m sure oh yeah i should it’s ridiculous hey homo mind up then we’ll just ratchet it the rest of the way so you go one even colder turn laughing are

Just constant last night when i can our driver the ropes over the bed today i know i think it’s supposed to be like 22 foot pounds but it’s like i don’t like that i think that’s about right there huh your bike i don’t care man i’ll let you give the final say man i’m not gonna be responsible that’s good you know is good so you just paint it down to that much

And yeah how many turns that was for room i always forget to add double check dude just do an extra turn for me do an extra turn and i’m getting one for paul and one whole turn the adamski that’s good hands height then just one actress fine and most definitely alright then crank it up no don’t crank it up and what i don’t even think you’d do that at all right

It could be worse than that come up here to still so when i worked at the car dealership actually after i left i want to go visit people there yeah but this from the top of the hill where we change oil back down to the service center which is like quarter mile yeah and then they’re like oh that’s not right and then drove back up put what it’s just for a stupid

Conversions why can’t we be in the metric system help stupid engineers who want to be an engineer engineer do we did that though and this is where you come in to technicians i’ve had to happen i actually let the gasket on my whole bike one and i didn’t notice me i started filling it up you’ll just sort of pouring out i’m going to make sure there’s no leaks happen

On anything you don’t want any leaking at all you will see a little bit of residue left but i mean that’s just from earlier but if you see a constant week that’s really bad yeah don’t do that in and now i’m going to come down here and you want to look right in here unity for the levels on yeah if you even see me freaking you will this only point three different

I jump on straddle it and then you know it’s actually kind of high but it’ll go down in the second row i wonder though yeah once you crank it up and now we pretty much just crank it up and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and then you’re done with your all change you want to make sure that it’s between these two lines right here if you can see them yeah

That’s it that’s all you do all the freaking bad oil and trash trash bike you’re hitting this thing over here my bet look for your sound you may her is the yeah give me hey it’s on it’s on yeah it’s on at some time you this prize they had to stuff in the front oh pull the choke up other side and just crank it up again it’ll you come all the way up yeah all the

Way up just beat not likely yeah you

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Oil change on a motorcycle (sitting for years) – 1980 Yamaha By MotCycRev