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Oil Changing Yamaha R1 2015-2019

Today I’m showing you how to do an oil change on a 2016 Yamaha R1! Hope you enjoy AND MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE ❤️

Hey guys i just want to give you an update this right here i don’t know how it came out i have been riding with my oil cap on for like forever now and it flew out today there’s oil literally all over my wheel i really don’t know who i didn’t go down because me and cam are kind of rolling it’s all over my brake calipers all over my wheel exhaust everything someone

Is watching over my shoulders thank god i didn’t go down she looked so pretty i didn’t want to crash and i got the new carving fanx from monster fairings i love you guys monster fang shout out to you guys and that’s why we’re doing an oil change today got it no i don’t got it i do got it i guess because you don’t live in south africa the gods at it shout out

South africa focus if only you stared at me like that i have vote tool motor motor what did you say you said i keep calling it um moto lu because i just like how that sounds but it’s actually called motool motor but i like calling it moto blue even though they didn’t have the word moto in it i got 15 w50 for my 2016 r1 and i’m going to show you guys how to do an

Oil change today one more bye on my bike is which one because there’s two of them this bike and r1 whoa everyone thinks that r1 is an r6 somehow some way so who thinks that uh clearly the people that took off your oil cap sorry something came across my throat haters get right into it i’m gonna undo this lovely oil cap dave how did you get this one i i didn’t

Even put it on tight no cap i literally just i screwed it on it got a little bit of tension and i stopped i’m gonna get like pliers give me a second give me a second we got it undone now with your wires good job plug this lovely cap that should not just come off and spill oil on you on the track i have to undo my drain plug underneath which is right there i’m

Gonna unscrew this so all the oil drains into the oil pan we have right here this is perfect okay it’s lefty luchy i’m taking my drain plug out that’s underneath your bike what size is it i don’t know it’s small yeah i’ll just help them out it’s a 14 guys i don’t want to get oil on my hand you’re going to get oil in your hands because you didn’t want gloves

You don’t think you’re gonna get oil no yeah we all don’t think that oil where i didn’t get oil on my hand though wow that’s cap you guys saw her lick her hands now we sit and wait for all the oil to drain out of your bike you really just gonna watch it drip now i want to go and do my oil filters and the rest of the oil drains out so we’re going to go to the

Other side of my bike now come on come on that’s fine oil filter is coming off can we talk about that some dudes in the some dudes in the comments like watching this right now in the air right now we’re gonna get our new oil filter right here what in the world all right and then that’s where the oil filter goes what do i do now oh why is it green that’s totally

Green why is it green oil i’m scared now those sound effects oil yes filler up it’s just the awkward silence of the making of the noises all right that was the rest of all the oil we’re gonna put this on make sure that’s torqued now we’re gonna start the bike let’s see if she starts i don’t know why it wouldn’t stop gotta get that oil cycling through the filter

Is it dead i forgot oh you had the lights on the lights killed my battery like will not start now because the bike is dead make sure you guys like comment and subscribe for more videos i have a track video coming too it was a little bit of a struggle with the oil filter but that’s okay definitely get get oil like oil filter pliers next time so you don’t you don’t

Get this why are you giving me the finger no no it’s a chinese isn’t it where is this the middle finger it won’t focus anyway i love you guys bye wait wait wait happy 50k oh my god this is like my 50k special video an oil change video balloons fireworks sparks i love you guys 000 subscribers wait is this the outro yeah it’s it’s it’s gonna like start fading into white like

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Oil Changing Yamaha R1 (2015-2019) By BlondieMotoVlogs