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Project Two-Stroke Pt 1: Watch Aaron Colton Fully Rebuild a 2006 Yamaha YZ125

► Watch Aaron put the rebuilt bike to the test:

Ever been to buy a used bike we all of our inspection strategies look for scratches how are the case covers is it clean tire wear and most importantly does the throttle work so can i give this thing a little rip this is a 2006 yz125 a found on craigslist like all bikes you find on there it’s obviously clean and fast but all riders know it’s worth nothing without

A test-drive oh by the way my name is erin colton i’m a professional motorcycle rider but my normal office is the paper i’m test-riding this yz125 give this old two-stroke the royal treatment for one of the sickest races of the year it’s called red bull day in the dirt every thanksgiving weekend thousands of southern california mota heads flock to glen helen

Raceway for a weekend of partying racing and plenty a good time i think we got a winner i feel like i got ahead of myself so let’s rewind a little bit when i was younger i really really wanted a no 5 or newer yz125 because they were super badass and they had aluminum frame on them so i’m trying to find one of those the thing is about oh 5 is an oh 5 or newer in the

Price range i’m looking for is already 12 plus years old yah wah why is he won 25 clean title fast fun and powerful runs great ready to go so finding one that’s hopefully maybe where it’s at more than it’s been ridden it’s kind of what i’m looking for they haven’t cleaned 2005 weighs 125 lat and great and never gives me any problems it’s funny how all these bikes

Are clean and fast it’s a lot of kook’s on craigslist i think this could be the one i’m gonna call on this one the first thing in the morning today sunday the 13th dan the dirt realistically is just over a week away that basically have 10 days to get this bike from picking it up to race ready from moncks getting ready for it picking up the trailer motorhome set up

Rolling to the track although you probably get the guys asking for 45 minutes that’s five for five on the no answers hi how’s it going i’m calling about the 2006 yz125 whist adverse ale on craigslist is it still available and that’s how we wound up with this beauty would you just look at it she’s still crusted with dirt has some scratch plastic warp rims and

The pipe is rusted to all hell she’s perfect we got a bike we got a perfect candidate for the build the first step and almost anything that i do as far as when i get a bike working i want to clean bikes a fast bike so before i bring some of the dirt and grime into my shop i started taking it apart i like to do a big top-to-bottom wash down then take it in and then

Start detailing it from there so i’m just gonna go through my wash and song-and-dance this thing tweaked out for a little bit and get after it how things were in rotation at the shop is the bike on the lift is the one that’s priority and the fc freestyle bike is all done and ready to rock and roll for the next adventure it’s time to get the y z up in here a

Real works watch again bikes watch the bikes clean it’s coming in it’s kind of go full detail full stripped down and it’s going to be a big monday the teardown day is one of the most gratifying processes because when the build happens it’s a slow way coming with tearing the thing down you can have a frame and engine on the stand within and you know a couple hours

So we got here is like a sore back some elbow grease and some prune hands it’s been a big day of centered it in the shop we started with an entire motorcycle this morning and ended with a box of parts that are going all over the place tomorrow so you made huge headway everything is looking great it’s looking better and better as i keep going on friday morning

Here garage 93 it’s the first big build update spent the past couple days stripping everything down cleaning all the parts doing some running around picking stuff up ordering some last-minute pieces here and there today’s can we pull send it and we should have the majority of everything done with the chassis today so the engine this process isn’t actually all

That hard the nice thing about for one being that it’s a dirt bike and not a street bike and then it’s a two-stroke and not a four-stroke it’s so incredibly easy to tear it apart and put it back together today went a little bit slower than i wanted it to go we had some hiccups in the guinea realized when i actually didn’t have the swing arm pivot bearings after

I pulled all of the bearings and was reinstalling them so kind of having to do a rebuild a little bit in different order than i normally would kind of starting even even by putting the link into swing arm together forks together and work on a balanced bite but making the best of it and going to rip it it’s day seven and it’s starting to look like a fine motorcycle

We overnighted some swing arm bearings and it’s time to put it all together it’s going to be another 16-hour day but the finish line is right in front of us i don’t know if we finished the easy part of the hard part because i have a lot of time that i have to send this and i’m planning an ironman the whole event on this year 125 but i’m ready yeah this is just

The beginning of the bike build and we got we got some practice to do some racing and doing a whole bunch of good times to have so it’s almost halfway there on the next episode of project two-stroke it’ll be time to send this thing and this is the dirty bike that needs a lot of work testament you

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Project Two-Stroke Pt 1: Watch Aaron Colton Fully Rebuild a 2006 Yamaha YZ125 By Red Bull