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R Series – All yamaha R series bikes video — Yamaha bikes 2020 – R15 v3 BS6

ইয়ামাহার সব R Series এর বাইকগুলো – All yamaha R series bikes video — Yamaha bikes 2020 -R15 v3 BS6 – R125 – yamaha r1 m – yamaha r3 – yamaha r6

Hello guys cameron essentially ashigaru-sha become a legend among if you today i’mi’m heart sportsbike is yamaha yzf our series a popular bikes from phuket shrunk a pathan unable airmotive r125 take a shoe rookery yamaha r1m por todo charcoal bikes on polkas our ancestor guru – i wonder – a cc limited journal hot dog yamaha r1 by clicking on each – waka havana

Into a modern motor on a guillotine sarah yamaha our she lizard by cooler a krogan pavel octo evan shackle yamaha bob total hagakure a video to show mercy to list their protonated yamaha our she’s a shoryuken is to show the show yamaha r1 to 5j take t actual purchases if sports fight among a bike team mulatto europa this girl or buzzards you know tyagaraja which a

Booty by kartell learn our friend levi keisha way among yamaha r1 to 5/8 poodle fashion ericom dictates helo mm no don’t wash under our 25 oj era home jetta design who boo our mother – she’ll show up – joe no pro sports bike r15 mushrooms free air moto deck they tow away our 1 to 5 k they came no no hook j8e our own fiber j ache to slim even smart looking sports

Bike among a back teeth a apni baahon liquid-cooled actual position sicily engines ashore with jojo – jojo make our horse porsche octopus on jt note on shoes which is excessive it’s your way she shook the shampoo no a16 gated or sadhana-bhakti to office with jose actual jewish kilometer jet i came to extra postage cc reactor by keshia bionic vichy karen

Up rocket booster hebei a tactic yamaha are she white so a bhakti bangladesh a ba india the launch over phone of shaumbra 1 on a go with haruka roger a vectra julie india to launch oi a dumb ho tapir a bloke who fishes a rupee even vanuatu share our mnemonic thumb who the pas de deux loco a she has a ticket in lockup each has a tracker in moto e bummed eto back

To her trip before polish widow ar-15 – juan porque no – encoder get so polarizable i’m monica lina even in one corner by criminy j a vector shawn porque jelena even a mother – about the money indonesian indian duty a la devotional ar-15 posits power washers are on five harsh on 3 lbs six indian marshall modulation shapiro newton water graphics even be no engine

Power a german no tune our own fiber-optic senator josh mckuhn hot spot among actual panzano cecil indian say a bike tikka a mnemonic extra sponsorship last office 50 tice calm even hiruta a back to work – mon mundo hotel at la croix felicia’s a rupee zeta ex-showroom price even bangladesh a8 damn hotel bar a comp okay rachel lakota girl uber a four-way emunah

Hoodie bangladeshi a back to joe cada noche or i take a pin lock taka evam airport back to hotel yamaha r-25 gt-r on fiber bora by whom they taper to authority sports like hotel 80 mm designer price him our own fiber motor dictating to headlight amongst it a design a to poori burton lacunae its hello a bhakti sharma chaka r15 it’s a a promoter german iterative

Eventually actual door section and sokka second ar-15 upon actual sexual chakra toby page soon is same our own fiber motto actual solid sexual chakra bobbin toby aman aman oh hi it’ll ins in himoto on jose pearson on toto actual concert sectional shahada oh chill chill oh it won’t a vector engine mm performance survivor to jose a de bourbon douche upon sir cc a

1.3 slavic pass horse pottery until the ebike tk prior actual ashley kilometer opera copy swedish ah calm my stomach’s why newton meter rocks rumble ooh – a bacteria typical positive hollow even marzotto – ramona hi a bike taeho – indian yamaha factory tutorial – oh no india today back to the moon lahood surprising lakh rupee my mother che back to her – corneas

Gonna probably a slave had show her to art take a – locked auger motor dump motor purring among it was rosie yamaha r3 among the persons him are she lizard or no by cooler motivated resent overrated engine power ache to be she even a by te repaid this growth him moved to victoria schwab says oh no police force work from a bike ticket remote to manage superbike able

To bring him on a bike to the after-party an upside-down suspension among our she lizard oh no by clamato same handlebar even priced same look mm shocker surprise him at a shaman above an extra door section even question above an actual solid sexual java throw by a veggie i mother ot prosciutto are on fibers day after day egg to borrow a bump re it arose on jose

Actual theater kg prob a modular jose a bike tj oh no hide romano’s webber put the part of account at her seat hi to manually adjustable a 1/8 shore one who knows eat hydrogel shot show a she millimeter jetta pulsar easy so past millimeter qualms toshiba average deposits are in show han even pulse hurts a lot apparently a bike tr shows is a lotta bartman among a

Bike tears of the engine etiquette at idaho leap up in the intro a coach even barely horse for officials officially ins in the a bike tk pry action oh boy – kaduche a kilometer a motor to office with leadership from among a art 3yk apni baahon untruth dr. mccoy a newton meter torque even doors are shut upon such rpm japonica actor racetrack hereby claim authority

B cup debate german a bike t should not take a shot kilometer go to the body my throat in sync and remote a among should not take an extra kilometer go to another body multipass door shooing passing in thermal take jake honey ar-15 wave riders take a second remote ocean whale again extra kilometer go do today even a shudder on a entry-level superbike to croak or

Technical school to hobby india 13 lakh oh a condo huzzah droopy even wanna mothership head show how to borrow to guru gulab khatri moto dom jota buried among 80 hotel yamaha r6 even addicted super white even a bhakti design dicta button on it yamaha shops adama superbike aaron and motocorp yegorovich a among fish called a shaman taking a back to jakku be aggressive

Like addicted toby a bacterial disease entity low arrow poem among yamaha r6 bike t pro to delete operations week in csx our 600 kawasaki zx6r a bomb honda cbr 600 our our bike rashad a among a premium superbike tt avnish official bulevar binocular hotel upside down suspension charnel jacket duel disc a moon shot on highway abs a celtic may you know terminal 3 but

Handlebar ashati or no no super wedgie our motto is shabnam i’m an actual beef sectionals as i’m impatient if i’m an actual a she sectional visual motor saga its hello target traction control mm quick shifter shahana orthodontic feature a 1 a by cliff seat height hoods a pulsar you see bike teach a propulsion 3 millimeter be she toshi shibaemon mono high affected

Salata hula after height comp okay pass quick shot by our teensy air opera jota hobby among a back today indonesia way up me parmenter show cc among actual arturo horsepower official shop – ali engine ja a bike takeshi obata do shop or shoot tricky limiter a moto trophy squiddy – ah calm among exiting newton meter mm mm bar show rpm a a bike did acceleration manik

First a bong a bhakti they should know take a extra kilometre go through the show my laghima to teen dosha make x second it won’t show no take a douche a kilometre go to tradition why like a matador should be shot through second they can a our own fibers should not take action limiter go to the tape right edgar take a bar a second ladies i to our own fiber shot a

To luna color karan hotel giraffe not apart takata shows a booster bar in jr6 koto fast even a ausrotten superb actor malhotra varun or lakh rupee even a mother – a bhakti tom had shoukata hotel bar ishita he ship cortically i’m here to boggle raja go tobut our peru emoji timon ahoy mate show affected the motive are a combo capitalistic upon selectively our motto

Maru i’m tomorrow holla holla – h-hello eskimo – video even a twirl were way i’m a super bike joe voted on otomo she wrecked his super bike yamaha r1 e al osuna corvo the politic went russell rahman allah hafiz

Transcribed from video
ইয়ামাহার সব R Series এর বাইকগুলো – All yamaha R series bikes video — Yamaha bikes 2020 – R15 v3 BS6 By Random Video Channel