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Race bike for CITY riding? | 2021 Yamaha MT-09 sp City Review

The 2021 Yamaha MT-09 sp has all the guts of a race bike but in the form factor of a bike you can ride on the daily. What we are wanting to know after today’s video is can it handle your daily commute! Let’s fine out how the MT09 does as an everyday bike.

What’s going on guys chase on two wheels here and in front of us we have yamaha’s 2021 mt09sp do you find yourself loving the way this bike looks and all the things about it and you do a lot of city writing and you want to find out is this beast of a motorcycle capable of taming itself down and handling itself respectfully in a big city if you’re looking for that

Kind of information i’ve got it for you today guys we’re going to be testing out the mt-09 sp down in atlanta georgia to see what a performance machine handles in the city like you know this thing is made to ride hard you don’t get to ride hard in a city you can’t write it crazy all the time so does it handle itself well let’s find out in today’s video ah my

Friends welcome to the city of atlanta i don’t know why i love doing this turn that’s why i like doing this turn in the beginning of these uh city review videos love that big city shot all right guys so you’re looking into an mt-09 sp and you’re going to be doing some city riding like that guy in the slingshot or what why is there a km that’s not road legal at

All so guys first off with the mt09 sp for the city we find ourselves at a red light now this is going to be the first of what i know will be many red lights because we are in a city setting and that’s where i want to talk about weight on a motorcycle because the weight is going to be so important most motorcycles unless they the the weight is very misplaced on

Them most bikes when you get going the weight drifts away you know most of them but in the city that’s not the case it’s a lot of stop and go situations this is where weight is absolutely key having a light motorcycle that’s both light to ride and to stop you know is going to be extremely important and it’s going to keep you from getting really uh tired of riding

In a city setting i find i don’t really know how but yamaha has done an incredible job with making the mt-09 and the sp model specifically feel very light i have no problems with just throwing this weight around and that also helps the bike be really maneuverable and we’ll talk about maneuverability in a minute as far as weight wise this thing is primo when it

Comes to having to do stop and go and holding the bike up all right guys up here is the infamous road that i always take on our city tests and that’s because it is an absolute piece of that is like most roads uh in downtown environments that i’ve noticed the roads are not good and now here’s the thing the mt9 sp has the super nice racy suspension you can adjust

The suspension both the front and the rear we have the bike set up to be slightly harder which means you feel more bumps tbh i’m a little worried about this road up here because uh this is a more higher spec bike it’s made to go faster it’s easier to go faster with a harder set suspension but in a downtown setting it’s it’s probably it’s probably gonna be gross

My back’s gonna just be vibrating violently all right here we go suspension i don’t have faith in you but i believe in you if that’s a thing all right oh that curb sucked i hate this part so much oh i eat this part that wasn’t that bad honestly the big bumps though there’s no cushion man you feel every bit of it honestly though i thought that would be a

Little worse i am a little happy that the suspension is isn’t as bad now the thing to know about the suspension like i said it’s adjustable so if you live downtown and you got an mt09 sp i might recommend you adjust it to be a little softer but honestly off the rip even with the more aggressive settings that we have in here that wasn’t that bad at all that’s a

Total pass for me honestly sitting in traffic again this is good i’m glad we got this red light that’ll let us see what the heat is like on this bike i mean it’s a beautiful day today it’s like 80 degrees but i am interested at what the heat feels like here’s one thing i’m not a fan of the mt-09 when i stop the bike and i’m standing here i don’t love how much the

Clutch case sticks out my legs touching it and it does get a little warm but as far as the bike in general this thing disperses heat extremely well like i was saying it is a naked bike it doesn’t have a lot of fairings on top of it and having to funnel heat so the heat just gets to go out but you know we’ve been sitting at this red light for a hot minute i got no

Heat problems whatsoever you know guys one thing that i’m loving about this bike is the body position you know we talked about the body position in the first try but it’s a it’s a relatively relaxed body position my arms are kind of up high my back is up straight but something that that’s super good for here in downtown is that with my back up straight i can look

Over my shoulder very easily when you’re in a body position where you’re kind of leaned forward you have to like look up and over your shoulder it might not seem like a big deal but that does take extra time and when you’re downtown or you’re in a city setting you’ve got so many things going on just being in this position where you can easily shoulder check it’s

So nice and also between the each of these shoulder checks and these mirrors these are the stock mirrors here on the mt-09 so between the good mirrors on here and the body position where i can easily like head check like there’s so many things going on i get a good sense of what’s around me and in a situation like this where dude there’s constantly stuff going

On i really appreciate head checking you don’t even know how how big of a deal it is when you’re downtown until you ride like a super sport or something where you have a forward leaning body position that’s when you realize dang it is harder to like look up and over your shoulder as opposed to this my head can just stay on a swivel another thing i have to give

This bike props for and this this goes for yamaha in general you know if you watch a lot of my review videos on bikes the yamaha they’ve got the transmission down man when you’re at these stop and go situations there’s a lot of times where you’re going to be going from first to second to neutral i have not had this bike fall into neutral on accident at all and

The transmission feels really solid like when it pops into first i know it when it pops into neutral i know it and for an action that you’re gonna have to repeat over and over and over again it’s really nice to have a transmission that goes where you want it to being downtown if you had a bike that you know maybe it didn’t like getting into neutral it would be a

Nightmare you know guys one thing i gotta give this bike props for is the power one of the things is power delivery right i wanna have the power to if i need in an emergency situation to like jump power through and get you know get to an exit route of where i am or what cars are around me i have that ability i knew the mt-09 sp had that right we know that this

Cp3 engine is no slouch it has got power and it’s got power down low uh which is where you kind of need it for the city so it’s great there one of the things that’s impressive to me is with how compliant this bike is with just riding regular and we’re in mode two for power uh that’s next to the highest mode so we’ve got all the power here we don’t have it you

Know really chilled out that much at all the bike is just super compliant with riding like this just kind of not pushing it barely giving it anything and it’s totally okay with that that’s not that normal when you have motorcycles that have a lot of power and i think this bike is doing phenomenal job for just kind of partnering around town this thing has power

Mode so i can go one two three and four if i go to four the power is basically dead it’s worse than an mt-07 because in mto7 at least it’s uh you know torquey and punchy so even if i if i wanted to go to an even more relaxed power mode i’ve got four but even in mode two it’s doing great really happy with the power really happy with that throttle delivery of that

Power as well i wouldn’t have thought that on a motorcycle that is more kind of i don’t really want to call it race spec because this is a naked motorcycle but you guys know what i mean a more performance driven motorcycle i kind of would have expected a little bit twitchier of a throttle if i’m gonna be honest man we are you just gotta maneuver lane the lane

All through the city and that’s that’s one of the topics i wanted to bring up is maneuverability on this bike it kind of goes back to our uh body position conversation it goes back to our weight conversation that i was saying earlier in the video i feel like this bike is super light and maneuverable but one of its weaknesses i feel like is the range of motion of

The front handlebars there are situations in a downtown setting those are going to be the main situations where you need to make really tight turns and if you guys look at the handlebars that’s as far as they go now that hasn’t led me to have any problems while moving you know like just maneuvering through the city like this but if i went into a situation where

I was maybe in a parking lot and i had to maneuver around a lot of cars i think that would kind of hinder me that’s only gonna be when you’re going so slow that you need to like almost like hand uh tiptoe the motorcycle around that’s gonna be when you need to make maneuvers like that but you know inevitably there are situations where you’re gonna have to do that

In a city setting especially these tight ass parking lots you guys might find an issue with how uh the range of motion is with the handlebars we’ll just kind of squeak through here this is that maneuvering i’m talking about man you don’t really have a problem per se until you got into that one situation all right guys getting more into our downtown environment

This is typically where a lot of clutching is gonna go on this is you know goes with the whole stopping and going situation clutch feels relatively light and uh for this situation that is a great thing my fingers are not getting tired at all you know i’ve been riding downtown for a couple hours now i’ve had no problem with my my clutch fingers getting tired out

Just one of the things you’re gonna have to do when you’re down here but yeah like feels really good it’s adjustable so you can kind of set it to wherever you know feels comfortable for you i i think i could ride this bike with this clutch all day downtown and i’d have no problems you know guys something else i’ve noticed that hasn’t really been a problem on the

Mt-09 is people coming over in my lane and you know maybe not seeing me we’ve had this problem with a couple motorcycles where they just kind of blend in a lot and i don’t know if that’s the exhaust note or if that’s the looks of the motorcycle but i guess what i’m commenting on is visibility right if you’ve got a really loud exhaust people hear you and you’re

Visible to them because they’ll know to look for you if you have a very flashy looking motorcycle um i feel like they’ll notice you and i do feel like the uh golden the gold front and forks and that uh brushed aluminum swing arm i think this is a pretty eye-catching motorcycle i don’t think the exhaust is particularly loud you know it’s got like a lower tone so

I i think this exhaust sounds good but we’re talking about like is it something that people are gonna notice you for and i don’t think the exhaust is there enough at least at the speed you’re gonna be going in downtown to really get you noticed if the whole point is visibility i do think the looks help you out a lot and regardless of what you think it looks like

You know good or bad the thing is about visibility you want people to know you’re there and i think the mt-09 does a really good job of it that being said blacked out motorcycles look dope i don’t think i’ve touched on the brakes yet so far i’ve just been kind of one finger two fingering the brakes we haven’t had a situation where i really needed a slam on them

But they do have a pretty light feel up front and they get progressively stronger i’ve been pretty happy with the brakes you know i i don’t want super performance brembos that just bite instantly in a downtown setting you know you’re trying to be smooth the road and all the things going on around you are already chaotic enough i prefer to have everything just like

Have a smooth touch on it the brakes have been doing a really good job with that i feel like i don’t need much more than you know one finger situation with brakes so far this has been this has been good i did not expect a performance bike to to do so well so guys one of the last things i’ll touch on is uh the seat here on the mt-09 really have loved it and this

Has been the stock seat it’s got a really good mix of hard and soft the seat’s been good man i got no problems butt’s not sore or anything and we’ve been down here for a hot minute one of the final things we can uh mention is uh gear ratios i feel like the mt-09 set up pretty well for city riding i find myself in second and third the majority of the city first

Gear does seem pretty short i feel like first gear has a lot of power that i just don’t want to use so i find myself shifting up on my shelf shifting a little early but i feel like second gear and third gear feel really good for the city the power is really smooth uh it works well with the throttle and the weight of the motorcycle really uh really happy with with

Second and third so guys that’s about all i’ve got for the mt-09 sp city review the things that surprised me the most about this bike one i feel like it’s a phenomenal bike for city riding well let’s get that out of the way a couple of the surprises is probably one how light and smooth this bike is it’s easy to just maneuver around but the thing that surprised me

Probably the most is that the body position is so conducive for you know keeping an eye out for what’s around you head checks are easy you know like moving around doing whatever you got to do uh just keeping a good idea of what’s going on around you i’m kind of surprised at how well the bike did i didn’t really think about that coming into this review it’s kind

Of one of the things that has has been the most uh helpful for me riding around the city is just how easy i can keep up with my presence as a rider you know what cars are in front of me beside me behind me what’s in my mirrors i think this bike has done a phenomenal job with that and being a more performance driven motorcycle it has been oddly tame or it has the

Ability to be tame here in the city and i’m i’m totally here for that i’m i would not have expected this from a bike like this but i’m i’m super happy to get it if you guys enjoyed this video please make sure to hit that like button it is actually far more helpful for us youtubers than you guys might realize and if you enjoyed this video we would love you to subscribe

To the channel we make a ton of motorcycle content we’ve got this mt09 as a sp as a loaner bike from yamaha so we’ve got a lot more content on the channel to check out so we’d love you to subscribe to get more videos uh in your subscription feed in the future and i’m chased on two wheels i appreciate you guys riding around with me and we’ll see you guys on the next

One later outro crew what’s going on everybody uh thank you guys for getting to the end of the video if this is your first time getting to the end of one of my videos uh we like to call you guys the outro crew that means you got to the end of it you watch the whole thing leave us a comment in the description down below guys when you do that put oc in the comment that

Stands for outro crew that’s way i know that the people commenting actually watch the entire video do you all have this mentality where an mt-09 or any other like high-spec bike do you guys just automatically make the assumption that it’s going to be terrible in the city and then are you surprised that this one wasn’t it kind of makes me rethink my uh my thought

Process on high spec bikes i feel like i shouldn’t make as many assumptions on them as i typically do but anyways guys don’t chase on two wheels i love you guys a little bit longer for me getting into the end of the video and i will see y’all on the next one y’all go ride safe out there people uh people be crazy out here i want to make sure my outro crew is safe i guess later you

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